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RIGHT ANGLE: Political Correctness Kills 49 in Orlando

June 15, 2016

RIGHT ANGLE: Political Correctness Kills 49 in Orlando via YouTube, June 14, 2016

ISIS Takes the Capital of the European Union

March 23, 2016

ISIS Takes the Capital of the European Union, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, March 23, 2016


The European Union was first brought into being to “safeguard” world peace. Today, the employees of the EU in Brussels were told to cower in fear in their government buildings while Islamic Jihadists once again terrorized this city whose population is already nearly a quarter Muslim.

Practicing Muslims outnumber practicing Christians in Brussels. After a search for Islamic terrorists had shut down the city, its Socialist mayor complained, “We will not live under the Islamic regime.”

But it’s too late for that. He already is. There are 300,000 Muslims in the capital of the European Union. It’s estimated that they will become the majority of the population in 14 years.

Brussels is the first outpost of ISIS in Europe. It is a doomed city that will be lost to Islam within our lifetimes. A Muslim terrorist attack in Brussels is as surprising as a car bombing in Baghdad.

Belgium’s home affairs minister announced last year that the government does not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek.” Jihadists rule in this Muslim neighborhood, which is just as much of an outpost of ISIS as anywhere in Syria or Iraq, just 12 minutes away from the European Parliament, 15 minutes away from the European Commission, 23 minutes away from NATO HQ and 22 minutes away from Brussels Airport; today’s target. ISIS doesn’t have to invade Brussels. It just has to take a short drive.

Last year during the European Parliament elections, Brussels became the site of the first terrorist attack by a returning ISIS fighter. The target was the Jewish Museum of Belgium. The Mayor of Brussels said that more diversity was the answer. Next year, Jihadists operating partly out of Brussels carried out a massacre of 130 people in Paris while shouting “Allahu Akbar” at each killing spree.

The dead included French, Belgians, Mexicans, Germans, Portuguese, Romanians and Chileans. The killers were all Muslims.

That is what diversity looks like now.

Over 500 Jihadis from Belgium are fighting with ISIS. There are nearly a hundred Jihadists back from the unholy wars in Syria living in Molenbeek in Brussels. They should be deported, but the EU would object.  And so instead, the European Union and all of Europe remain under siege by the Jihadist next door.

The “organized and living Europe” of the EU’s founding Schuman Declaration isn’t aiding “civilization.” The EU is neither organized nor living. Instead it’s killing Europe and civilization. The dream of uniting Europe isn’t just dead. It’s a virulent cancer that routes hordes of angry young Muslim men from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Eritrea to loot, rape and murder their way across Europe.

At the heart of the EU’s rot in Brussels are No-Go Zones controlled by Jihadists. Despite all of Belgium’s gun laws, in Molenbeek, Jihadists buy and sell at the Great Bazaar of Kalashshnikovs. The bazaar is stocked and the terrorists move in and out of Brussels thanks to the open borders of the EU.

While the EU claims to control Europe, there is no safety, security or control even in its own capital.

Brussels’ Islam Party has elected two Muslim politicians on a platform of creating an Islamic State in Belgium.  Advocates for an Islamic State that would enforce Sharia law hold elected office in Belgium.

Even if the rest of the world only pays attention when the bombs go off and knives come out in Brussels.

When the European Union was created, the foreign-born population of Belgium consisted of some 300,000 people, most of them Italians and Greeks, in a country of over eight million. Today the foreign-born population stands at 1.4 million, much of it Muslim, with a large additional population of Muslim settlers born in Belgium. Belgium once colonized. Now it is being colonized.

The capital of the European Union will be one of the first cities in Europe to fall to the invaders.

We already know how the next part goes. The broken glass will be cleaned away. The bloody wounded will be removed out of sight. The dead will be buried. An Imam will be invited to the memorial service. Everyone will wear t-shirts printed with the latest terrorist tragedy meme. The cafes will reopen. The music will play again. Couples will forget and stroll the streets.

Bureaucrats will sit down in their glass towers and draw up plans for the future of the EU in a city that will be lost in a decade.  Then they will try to ignore all the heavily armed soldiers in the streets.

Islamic terrorism is not the ultimate threat. It is the real world intruding on the progressive fantasy.

16% of young Muslim men in Belgium are willing to say that they believe that terrorism is justified. But they are only the tip of the iceberg. Support for Sharia law hovers around the 60 percent mark. The former may bomb airports or shoot up museums, but it’s the latter who will destroy the country.

On the television screens, the politicians come and go talking of “youthful despair”. But the Muslim terrorists with their guns and bombs haven’t given up. It’s the Europeans who gave up.

This is not a crisis of “hopelessness”, “integration” or any of the other excuses that politicians use to explain Islamic terrorism without dropping the dreaded I-word that invokes the fearful charge of Islamophobia. The Greeks and Italians who used to do the dirty work in Belgium were not bombing subways and museums no matter how bad the “overcrowding” and “joblessness” might be.

This is not a social problem. It is a supremacist problem.

Muslim terrorism is not caused by despair, but by hope. A Muslim suicide bomber does not die out of hopelessness, but because he hopes to impose Islam and earn 72 virgins in paradise. He shouts “Allahu Akbar”, proclaiming the supremacy of his Islamic religion over Christianity, Judaism and all the rest, as he kills his victims because he believes that a different Europe is possible. An Islamic Europe.

The latest terror attack in Brussels has been called “an attack on all of Europe.” But it’s Brussels, with the insistence on open borders and open migrant policies, that is the real attack on all of Europe.

Muslim immigration is its outcome. Muslim terrorism is the outcome of Muslim immigration.

The European Union was born out of despair. Europeans lost confidence in their own nations. They opened their borders and sat on the beach while the migrant waves washed away their future.

Brussels is where Europe’s future died. It is the first real outpost of the Islamic State in Europe. It shows us Europe’s terrible future if the invasion does not end.

There are three visions in Brussels. The vision of an eternal European Union in a doomed city that will be lost sooner than Venice sinks beneath the waves. The Islamic vision of a Caliphate rising minutes away from the ponderous headquarters of the multinational European project and the vision of independent nations and peoples protecting their own borders from the invaders for the future of their children.

Take in the sight of broken glass and bloodied bodies, frightened families fleeing through the smoke, faces covered in ash, and remember that this is the outcome of the progressive vision for Europe.

This is reality intruding into the fantasies of immigration and integration where a new multicultural Europe shines forth as a beacon from Brussels to show us a better world. These people died so that you would know the truth. They were not the first and they will not be the last.

If we do not want to end up the same way, we must end Islamic immigration before it ends us.

16 Killed in Ivory Coast – How It Affects Me

March 14, 2016

16 Killed in Ivory Coast – How It Affects Me, Clarion Project, Elliot Friedland, March 14, 2016

Ivory-Coast-AQIM-Attack-640Soldiers evacuated the wounded following the attack. (Photo: © Reuters)

“The United States strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Cote d’Ivoire in the Grand Bassam,” U.S. Department of State Spokesman John Kirby said of the attack which killed 16 people in the beach town of Grand Bassam. “We send our thoughts and prayers to all affected by this senseless violence.”

The six gunmen were killed by security forces.

Firstly, violent loss of life anywhere in the world is tragic and matters on a human level. But terrorist attacks like this one have more direct political and security consequences for Americans as well as the human tragedy.

So what does this latest terrorist atrocity mean for you?

The group which carried out the attacks, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), previously attacked hotels in Mali and Burkina Faso.

It is trying to position itself to show its ability to hit targets internationally, in an attempt to strengthen itself against the Islamic State and other terrorist groups. An ability to carry out high-profile international terrorist attacks is one of the metrics by which jihadis judge the potency of a group, which helps it in further recruitment. Four of those killed in the terrorist attack were Westerners, including a French and German national, according to the BBC. This will be useful to AQIM in showing it can hit the West.

Problems of violent Islamist movements creating unrest and seizing territory in parts of Africa and the Middle East are extremely detrimental to short-term and long-term American interests.

In the short term, countries like Ivory Coast are developing countries which are seeking to trade more with the West. Attacks like this one are a setback to their economy and therefore detrimental to international trade as a whole.

In the long term, the growth of Islamist and jihadist groups like AQIM must be checked at some point, because they ultimately seek to take over the world. Every victory they gain anywhere in the world is a loss to America because it strengthens their movement.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter which specific group carried out the attack. Attacks will continue across the world until the Islamist ideology is defeated.

The defeat of any given terrorist group militarily will not be enough to halt the violence until the ideology that fuels the growth of these movements is defeated.

Germany: Salafist “Aid Workers” Recruiting Refugees

December 9, 2015

Germany: Salafist “Aid Workers” Recruiting Refugees, The Gatestone InstituteSoeren Kern, December 9, 2015

  • Salafists disguised as aid workers are canvassing German refugee shelters in search of new recruits from among the nearly one million asylum seekers who have arrived this year from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Some Salafists are offering gifts of money and clothing. Others are offering translation services and inviting migrants to their homes for tea.
  • “The absolutist nature of Salafism contradicts significant parts of the German constitutional order. Specifically, Salafism rejects the democratic principles of separation of state and religion, popular sovereignty, religious and sexual self-determination, gender equality and the fundamental right to physical integrity… The movement also has an affinity for violence.” — Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.
  • “Come to us. We will show you Paradise.” — Salafist literature distributed in Schleswig-Holstein.
  • Many young Muslims in Germany “believe in conspiracy theories, cherish anti-Semitic thoughts and do not think democratically.” For these people, “Islam is their only identity.” — Ahmad Mansour, former Muslim Brotherhood member, author and expert on Islam.
  • The main Muslim groups in Germany all adhere to fundamentalist interpretations of Islam and are anti-Western in outlook. — Ansgar Mönter, editor, Neue Westfälische.

The number of radical Salafists in Germany has more than doubled over the past five years, according to a new estimate by German intelligence officials.

Salafists disguised as aid workers are also canvassing German refugee shelters in search of new recruits from among the nearly one million asylum seekers who have arrived in Germany this year from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

1381 (1)A local preacher addresses Muslim refugees in Münster, Germany. Local authorities later cut off contact with the preacher’s organization due to suspicions of radical Islamism. (Image source: Westfälische Nachrichten video screenshot)

The revelations by Hans-Georg Maassen, the director of the Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), come amid growing fears that jihadists linked to the Islamic State have infiltrated Germany by posing as refugees.

In a December 3 interview with the Berlin newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel, Maassen said that the number of Salafists in Germany has now risen to 7,900. This is up from 7,000 in 2014, 5,500 in 2013, 4,500 in 2012, and 3,800 in 2011.

Although Salafists make up only a small fraction of the estimated six million Muslims living in Germany today, intelligence officials say that most of those attracted to Salafi ideology are impressionable young Muslims, male and female alike, who are willing to carry out terrorist acts in the name of Islam at a moment’s notice.

Salafists — who follow what they say was the original Islam practiced in the 7th and 8th centuries — openly state that they want to replace democracy in Germany (and the rest of the world) with an Islamic government based on Sharia law.

In its annual report for 2014, released in June 2015, the BfV said that Salafism is the “most dynamic Islamist movement in Germany.” It added:

“The Salafist scene constitutes a considerable recruitment field for jihad. Salafist ideology purports to be based exclusively on the principles of the Koran, and the example of the Prophet Mohammed and the first three generations of Muslims. The movement also has an affinity for violence. Almost without exception, all of the people with links to Germany who have joined the jihad [Islamic State] had prior contacts with Salafist structures. Also in 2014, Salafists tried to draw attention to themselves with rallies and provocations, including the READ! campaign and the Sharia Police.”

The BfV was referring to an effort by Salafists to enforce Sharia law on the streets of Wuppertal, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, the state with the largest Muslim population in Germany. Salafists have also organized a mass proselytization and recruitment campaign — Project READ! — aimed at placing a German translation of the Koran in every household in Germany, free of charge.

A previous BfV report stated:

“The absolutist nature of Salafism contradicts significant parts of the German constitutional order. Specifically, Salafism rejects the democratic principles of separation of state and religion, popular sovereignty, religious and sexual self-determination, gender equality and the fundamental right to physical integrity.”

Speaking to Der Tagesspiegel, Maassen also defended himself against accusations that his agency has failed adequately to vet incoming refugees to ensure that jihadists are not infiltrating Germany. He said:

“My agency has repeatedly pointed to this possibility. Looking at the overall situation, I am advocating a differentiated approach. It would be wrong to see all asylum seekers as a terrorist threat. It would also be shortsighted to act as if the flow of refugees will not have any impact on our security. Salafists are trying to win new followers in the vicinity of refugee camps.”

Critics say that Maassen is downplaying the migrant-jihadist threat to Germany to protect German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her open-door migration policy.

The editor of Tagesspiegel’s editorial page, Malte Lehming, has accused Maassen of trying to “influence the political discourse for the benefit of the government.” In a scathing editorial, entitled, “German Intelligence Has Been Discredited,” Lehming wrote that three of the jihadists who carried out the November terrorist attacks in Paris entered the European Union posing as refugees and holding false passports.

According to Lehming, this development is “highly inconvenient” for German intelligence, which has been “disgraced to the core.” This is because up until the Paris attacks, Maassen had insisted that the possibility that terrorists could enter the country by posing as refugees was, at best, an “abstract danger.”

Lehming continued:

“The assessment of the German secret services has been discredited ever since the Paris attacks. The question remains, why did they lean so far out on this point?

“Possibility One: They really did not know. This would be appalling. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have entered Germany unchecked. If the security services have no idea who has come here, this country will have a massive problem.

“Possibility Two: The secret services know more than they are publicly saying, but they do not want to stir up panic among the general public that Islamists could be among the refugees.”

Some are attributing the fact that Germany has not suffered a major jihadist attack to sheer luck.

According to Ahmad Mansour, an Israeli-Arab expert on Islam who has lived in Germany for more than a decade, the German government is not doing nearly enough to combat Islamism.

Mansour, the author of “Generation Allah,” a new book about the radicalization of young German Muslims, says that the number of Islamic radicals in Germany is likely to grow to such an extent that German authorities will no longer be able to keep track of them.

In an interview with Die Welt, Mansour — a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for more than a decade until he abandoned Islamism in the late 1990s — said that many young Muslims in Germany “believe in conspiracy theories, cherish anti-Semitic thoughts and do not think democratically.” For these people, “Islam is their only identity.”

Mansour said the German government “lacks a plan” to deal with the problem. He added that much of the blame lies with “highly problematic” Islam teachers who are radicalizing German youth. Commenting on the question of why jihadists have not yet carried out a major attack in Germany, Mansour said: “So far Germany has been lucky.”

This assessment has also been voiced by German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, who has conceded: “So far we have been lucky. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case.”

A poll published on December 3 by the newsmagazine Stern found that 61% of Germans believe jihadists will attack their country in the near future. The poll shows that 58% think the German military should be attacking the Islamic State, although 63% believe this would lead to retaliation in the form of terrorist attacks in Germany. Overall, nearly 75% of Germans believe the government needs to do more to prevent terrorism in the country.

The head of the Federal Criminal Police Agency (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), Holger Münch, hasacknowledged that German intelligence lacks the human resources necessary to track all of the most dangerous Islamists in the country. “Given the number of potential attackers, we must prioritize,” he said.

According to the newspaper Bild, at least 60 police officers are necessary to monitor just one German jihadist around the clock.

Meanwhile, some German Salafists are posing as aid workers and are offering gifts of money and clothing in efforts to recruit asylum seekers. Others are offering translation services and inviting migrants to their homes for tea. Still others are handing out leaflets with information about local Salafist mosques. In an interview with the Rheinische Post, BfV Chief Maassen said:

“Many of the asylum seekers have a Sunni religious background. In Germany there is a Salafist scene that sees this as a breeding ground. We are observing that Salafists are appearing at the shelters disguised as volunteers and helpers, deliberately seeking contact with refugees to invite them to their mosques to recruit them to their cause.”

In the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, Salafists are distributing literature with the message: “Come to us. We will show you Paradise.”

In Frankfurt, city officials are now sending teams of police, translators and social workers to refugee shelters to warn asylum seekers of the dangers of Islamic radicalism. The teams are also educating migrants about the German legal system, religious freedom and the equal rights for men and women.

In Bielefeld, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Salafists are infiltrating refugee centers by bringing toys, fruits and vegetables for the migrants.

According to the editor of the newspaper Neue Westfälische, Ansgar Mönter, “naïve” politicians are contributing to the radicalization of refugees by inviting Muslim umbrella groups to reach out to the migrants.

Mönter points out that the main Muslim groups in Germany all adhere to fundamentalist interpretations of Islam and are anti-Western in outlook. Some groups have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, while others want to implement Sharia law in Germany. According to Mönter, politicians should not be encouraging these groups to establish contact with the new migrants.

PLO minister: We’re the only people crazy enough to be happy our kids are dead

November 30, 2015

PLO minister: We’re the only people crazy enough to be happy our kids are dead, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, November 30, 2015


Some accomplishments you really shouldn’t take pride in. Like being deranged psychos in a death cult who have lost touch with all normal human emotions. You really shouldn’t take pride in that. But try telling that to the psycho death cult.

The Palestinian Authority Minister of Women’s Affairs, Haifa Al-Agha, who is herself a woman, recently praised Palestinian women pointing out their “uniqueness” compared to all the other women of the world because they rejoice upon the news of the death of their sons:

“[PA] Minister of Women’s Affairs Haifa Al-Agha… noted the Palestinian woman’s uniqueness, which differentiates her from the women of the world, as [only] she receives the news of her son’s Martyrdom with cries of joy.”

That thing about them loving their kids more than they love killing your kids, is not happening any time soon.

But there’s some bad news for Haifa Al-Agha, aside from being a horrible monster whose emotions are twisted into something only a serial killer would recognize, what she claims is a unique attribute of “Palestinian” women isn’t.


1. There are no Palestinians

2. This type of behavior is fairly typical of Islamic responses to their kids dying for the Jihad around the world.

The PLO has helped create an artificial national identity for Muslims in certain parts of the Middle East as “Palestinians” based around their terrorism, but it’s just the Islamic theology of terror that celebrates murderers as martyrs and teaches parents to long for the deaths of their children as long as they die while killing non-Muslims.