About the site


Joseph Wouk, Editor in Chief

I’m the youngest son of the novelist, Herman Wouk (Caine Mutiny, Winds of War, War and Remembrance.)

I’m a graduate of Columbia Law school in NYC and have produced film, TV and theater for 10 years in Hollywood and in Israel.  I am now a writer and have published two books, Scuds, Duds & Tyre and Google LDN !

Born in NYC, I moved to Israel after graduating law school and volunteered to go into the Israeli navy where I fought on a patrol boat during the first Lebanon war and the first Gulf War.  I currently reside in Eilat, on the Red Sea.

Dan Miller, Editor

Dan pix

I was graduated from Yale University in 1963 with a B.A. in economics and from the University of Virginia School of law, where I was the notes editor of the Virginia Law Review in 1966. Following four years of active duty with the Army JAG Corps, with two tours in Korea, I entered private practice in Washington, D.C. specializing in communications law. I retired in 1996 to sail with my wife, Jeanie, on our sailboat Namaste to and in the Caribbean. In 2002, we settled in the Republic of Panama and live in a very rural area up in the mountains.

I have contributed to Pajamas Media and Pajamas Tatler. In addition to my own blog, Dan Miller in Panama, I an an editor of Warsclerotic and contribute to China Daily Mail when I have something to write about North Korea.


Charles (Manos) Artaxes, Editor


Born to Greek parents, I live since my earliest childhood in Germany.
After having worked for about a decade in different jobs I completed my education and got my university-entrance diploma.
During the following side tour in university life, the world of science and higher mathematics I decided to abandon the pursuit of an academic career and instead pursue my lifetime passion which is the programming of computers. A choice that suited my fascination with the abstract world.

Since the late 90s I have been developing software architecture and programming software as a software developer for different companies and industries like manufacturing, trade and educational institutions with a focus on database-, internet- and advanced .Net applications.
Currently I’m working as a software developer for a big multinational company on a permanent basis.

Other than that I enjoy nature, hiking, good food and intellectually stimulating conversations in good company.

The aftermath of 9/11 caused me to study the causes of islamic terrorism and resulted in my awareness and keen interest in Israel’s political situation especially vis a vis Iran.

After having created my own blog I ended up spending most of the time commenting and participating on this site.

That fact and my interest in Israel’s and therefore the West’s future convinced me that I might as well become an associate editor on this great site.