Updated: Mordechai Kedar destroys Muslim claims to Jerusalem on Al-Jazeera TV – full video with English subtitles

When posted the video of Mordechai Kedar speaking on Al-Jazeera TV, I only had a subtitled version of a 2 minute segment. I noted that I didn’t have the full video with English subtitles and that I would update if I found it.

Reader Gideon Kantorovich very kindly sent me the video of the full interview (10 minutes) complete with English subtitles, which I hereby post below.

Enjoy Mordechai Kedar’s wit and his deep knowledge of Islam and Arab culture:


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One Comment on “Updated: Mordechai Kedar destroys Muslim claims to Jerusalem on Al-Jazeera TV – full video with English subtitles”


    Dr. Mordechai Kedar, “knocks it out of the park”…..again.

    He asks the Al Jazeera commentator, as well as the impudent sheikh of a guest:

    “the Arab world remains silent, incompetent. it has no domestic peace, nor foreign one”
    “we would love to join an Arab peace, but first make peace among yourselves”!
    “between the different tribes, the different religions, the different ethnic groups, THEN we would join the Arab peace”!
    “But the Arab world today is a swamp of fire, of tears, of blood”!
    “Who would want to get close to you?”
    “Who would want to talk to you”?
    “The Arab world is a failure!”
    “The Islamic nation is a failure!”
    “Who, at all, wants you!”

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