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Nicholas Winton ! The man who saved hundreds of Jewish children from the Holocaust! Reunion surprise

August 25, 2017

Nicholas Winton! The man who saved hundreds of Jewish children from the Holocaust! Reunion surprise, Via YouTube, August 12, 2017

The Jewashing of George Soros

July 21, 2017

The Jewashing of George Soros, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, July 21, 2017

George Soros hates Jews.

He collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust and insisted that helping confiscate property from Jews brought him no guilt. “There was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets that if I weren’t there of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would.” He described the season of these horrors as “the most exciting time of my life.”

Soros grew up in a “Jewish, anti-Semitic home”. He called his mother a “typical Jewish anti-Semite” who hated his first wife because she was “too Jewish”. After undergoing psychoanalysis, he was able to understand that his shame was rooted in his Jewishness. He had a special contempt for Jewish philanthropies after a failed attempt to defraud a Jewish charity in London.

He was booed when he undermined the presentation of an award to a Holocaust survivor by comparing Israeli Jews to Nazis. Elie Wiesel had declared in disgust, “I heard what happened. If I’d been there—and you can quote me—I would have walked out.”

That same year, Soros blamed the Israeli government for a “resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe”. He might have been more honest if he took responsibility considering his funding of groups that traffic in anti-Semitic smears. And his own anti-Semitic allegations that “attitudes toward the Jewish community are influenced by the pro-Israel lobby’s success in suppressing divergent views.”

Soros has defended Hamas and Hezbollah who have called for the extermination of the Jews. He championed the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt despite or because of its support for Hitler. Yusuf al-Qaradawi had claimed that Hitler had been sent by Allah to punish the Jews. “Allah willing,” the Brotherhood’s spiritual leadersaid, “the next time will be at the hands of the believers (Muslims).”

There’s no denying that George Soros is a warped and twisted man. Especially when it comes to the Jews. But he’s also the money man behind a great deal of leftist activism. Especially anti-Israel activism.

And so he must be defended.

An editorial at New York Times by a figure linked to the +972 anti-Israel hate site decries “Israel’s War Against George Soros”. That’s right up there with Poland’s war on Nazi Germany.

What does this war consist of? Has Israel sent drones to the Soros estate? Did Mossad agents drag George out of his featherbed to face the justice of those injured through his actions?


The “war” consisted of one statement. The Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned Soros for “continuously undermining Israel’s democratically elected governments,” and backing hate groups “that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.” Not only is it true, but it’s underwhelming.

Even by the low fake news standards of today’s extremist media, you expect something more from a headline screaming “Israel’s War Against George Soros” than a single restrained criticism.

Do the thousands of hit pieces from the New York Times count as a “War on Israel? That includes the aforementioned Mairav Zonszein screed on Soros which in true Sorosesque fashion pivots from defending an anti-Semite to launching bizarre and hopelessly factless smears at the Jewish State.

Mairav claims that Israel is now aligned with “illiberal, autocratic states like Russia, Turkey and Egypt.” That would be news to Turkey which just accused Israel of a “crime against humanity” and backs Hamas. Or to Russia, which backs Iran and whose S-300 missiles guard Iran’s nuclear program against an Israeli strike. But using the stopped clock principle, getting one of three right isn’t bad for the New York Times.

Soros and the Times were aligned with the illiberal autocratic Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt under a leader who had urged Muslims to “nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred” of the Jews.

But there’s nothing anti-Semitic to see there.

According to the New York Times, criticizing an anti-Semite whose Jewishness can only be found with a DNA analysis is anti-Semitic, but attacking millions of Jews defending themselves against genocide isn’t.

The government that represents millions of Jews is anti-Semitic for calling out a left-wing anti-Semite. And the millions of Jews, and even the recently deceased Elie Wiesel, probably are too.

According to Mairav Zonszein, Israel’s criticism of Soros aligns it with anti-Semites. “It takes some gall on the part of Mr. Netanyahu to choose this moment to kick Mr. Soros while he’s down — not only because Mr. Soros is, once again, a victim of anti-Semitism,” Mairav fumes.

By “down”, Mairav means he’s the world’s 22nd richest man and dictates policy to entire governments.

Mr. Soros has not refrained from kicking Israeli families when they were being shot and stabbed by Islamic terrorists. He hasn’t stopped funding hate against Jews or blaming Jews for anti-Semitism.

George Soros funds BDS, an organization run by a terrorist and one that defends the murder of Jews. But there’s mean ole Mr. Netanyahu kicking the 22nd richest man in the world when he’s down.

This shameless Jewashing is despicable and typical. The left shrugs at the murderous anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. And at times it even defends it. It loves Jewashing its hatred of Jews by putting activists with a Jewish last name up front in its anti-Semitic activities. And it will defend anti-Semites like George Soros as victims of anti-Semitism at the hands of the government of millions of Jews.

When it’s convenient, George Soros takes a break from fond recollections of the most exciting time in his life, helping rob Jews, to play a victim of the Holocaust. And if it’s useful, he’ll even take a break from defending Hamas and Hezbollah, from funding the types of terrorists who call the murder of Jews “resistance” and from supporting Islamist groups that praise Hitler, to play the victim of anti-Semitism.

George Soros hates Jews. So do his apologists and supporters. They just can’t say so in public. Yet.

There are a thousand euphemisms. They’re not anti-Semites, they’re anti-Zionists. Yes, they just happen to be reviving the Nazi boycott against the Jews. And their favorite Muslim Brotherhood hate groups drew organizational inspiration from the Third Reich. But they’re only concerned for social justice. The social justice they’re concerned with just happens to require the persecution of the Jews. They just happen to disrupt Holocaust memorial events and Jewish holidays to bring attention to the cause of the oppressed Muslim terrorists whose heroic figures had egged on Hitler to wipe out the Jews.

And if you doubt their commitment to opposing anti-Semitism, watch them defend George Soros. Then when the Jewashing is done, they can go back to demanding that we fund the terrorists murdering Jews.

George Soros is not a Holocaust survivor. He has spent much of his life collaborating with totalitarian movements whose goal is the extermination of the Jewish people.

He is not a victim of anti-Semitism. He is a perpetrator of anti-Semitism.

The only thing more despicable than the left’s obsessive hatred of Jews is its Jewashing of anti-Semites. Hating Jews is anti-Semitic no matter what your last name might be. Collaborating with the murderers of Jews is attempted genocide no matter what your DNA may say. When you defend Hamas, fund BDS and defend anti-Semitism, no amount of lies and spin will Jewash your hatred and guilt away.

Jordanian Columnist In Muslim Brotherhood Daily: A Million Hitlers From All Over The World Will Appear And Eliminate The Jews

April 24, 2017

Jordanian Columnist In Muslim Brotherhood Daily: A Million Hitlers From All Over The World Will Appear And Eliminate The Jews, MEMRI, April 23, 2017

(Another brotherly article from the Obama’s friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. When are we going to designate it a foreign terrorist organization?–  DM)

In the last few months, Jamal Al-Shawaheen, a columnist for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood newspaper Al-Sabil, published two virulently antisemitic articles. In an article from March 18, 2017 titled “The Jewish Entity [Is] the Problem of the Whole World,” he wrote that the conflict in the Arab world will not end as long as Israel exists and that the objective of eliminating it will remain on the Arab agenda “generation after generation.” He added that the Jews have nothing in common except their religion and thus do not constitute a genuine nation but only “concentrations of greedy crooks.” Moreover, “history indicates that a million Hitlers from all over the world will [appear and] eliminate them… because they are the problem of the whole world and not just of the Arabs.”

In an article from December 10, 2016, he denied the factuality of the Holocaust and accused the Jews of operating a “meat-grinder for human flesh” in which they exterminate Palestinians and Arabs using British and American tools. He added that the only way to put a stop to this was to eliminate the Jews themselves.

It should be mentioned that, prior to this, Al-Shawaheen published several other antisemitic articles in Al-Sabil that were translated by MEMRI.[1]  

The following are excerpts from his latest two articles:

Jamal Al-Shawaheen (image:

Eliminating The Jewish Israeli Entity Will Forever Remain On The Arab Agenda

In his March 18, 2017 article Al-Shawaheen wrote: “The conflict in the Arab world will persist and intensify in every way so long as the Israeli entity exists. There is no solution except erasing and uprooting [this entity], otherwise the boundless war will continue, moving from arena to arena, and sooner or later [the war] with the enemy entity will flare up [again]… Whoever thinks that the enemy’s power is eternal is surely mistaken, since foreign bodies must be removed from the body, otherwise they destroy it. Foreigners, no matter how powerful, have no hope of survival – that is what history shows us and teaches us.

“The Arab peoples are not in the same situation as the Indians [of America] who were eliminated entirely to make room for other peoples and countries… The times are different and the situation is not as it was in the past, for what force can eliminate the Arabs for good?!

“The elimination of the Jewish Israeli entity will therefore remain on the Arab agenda generation after generation, and even if today [we] are in an unfortunate state of submissiveness, this will not forever be the case. The history of nations teaches [us] many lessons… The Chinese have endured for thousands of years, as have the Russians and all the genuine peoples. It can be said that, of all the peoples in the world, only the Jews lack any [common] features that make them into a people, except for their religion, and throughout history this has never been sufficient to make them into any kind of nation. They have always been, and still are, nothing but concentrations of greedy crooks. Even if wars will not defeat them today, history indicates that a million Hitlers from all over the world will [appear and] eliminate them and get rid of them forever. This will not be long in coming, because they are the problem of the whole world and not just of the Arabs.”[2]

“The Jews Founded [Their] Usurping State Thanks To… The Lie Of The Holocaust”

In his December 10, 2016 article Al-Shawaheen wrote: “The Jews founded [their] usurping state thanks to the sympathy Britain and other countries felt for them, [sympathy aroused] by the lie of the Holocaust. [The Jews] continue to take this criminal usurpation as far as possible, yet [their state] enjoys the support of several countries, chief of them the U.S. This great Jewish crime continues… Now that this crime has persisted, and even intensified, for such a long time, is it possible to see those who abet it as criminals too, given that ‘one who abets terrorism is a terrorist himself’?

“If the Holocaust, assuming it even happened, exterminated dozens of German Jews, then the only way to describe the elimination of tens of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs is as a grinder of human flesh that initially used British tools and later many American ones, as well as funds exhuding the smell of gas.

“Therefore, we must take heed and prepare. The Palestinian people is facing a new phase on the way to this meat grinder, for Trump will certainly not wish to stop it. Moreover, this [meat] grinder also operates simultaneously in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, but with one difference: [in those countries] those who directly operate it are not Jews in terms of their faith but rather in terms of their submission to their [Jewish] masters, [whom they serve] as lackeys [even] lowlier than Al-Alqami…[3]

“There is an American movie called The Meat Grinder, whose main premise involves a gang that murders poor people and grinds their flesh [to sell it] as canned dog food. After this meat becomes popular with dog owners, dogs who become used to [eating] it turn feral and attack [people] to eat them. The movie focuses on how, in order to eliminate the problem, [both] the customers [i.e., dog owners] and the dogs are killed.[4] It appears that, in order to get rid of the Jews’ [meat] grinder, we have no choice but to adopt the same solution. That is what needs to be done, by any possible means, since the goal is a noble one, and then the world will be rid of terrorism, all of which is blatantly Jewish.”[5]


[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No.5733, Jordanian Journalist: Hitler Was A Million Times More Merciful Than Israel’s Leaders, May 7, 2014; Special Dispatch No. 6580, Jordanian Journalist In Three Antisemitic Articles: The Jews Want To Destroy Other Religions And Peoples And Endanger Europe; Depicting Them In A Positive Light Constitutes Brainwashing, August 18, 2016.

[2] Al-Sabil (Jordan), March 18, 2017.

[3] Ibn Al-Alqami, a Shi’ite minister in the court of the last Abbasid caliph Al-Musta’sim (1213-1258), rebelled against the Caliph and is accused of having a hand in the fall of the ‘Abbasid caliphate. His name is often used as a synonym for treason and collaboration with foreign enemies.

[4] Apparently a reference to a 1971 horror comedy The Corpse Grinders, in which a cat food company in financial trouble decides to utilize a cheap source of meat – the local cemetery – and mayhem ensues after the cats develop a taste for human flesh and start attacking people.

[5] Al-Sabil (Jordan), December 10, 2016.

Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Adviser to Holocaust Museum Council

January 18, 2017

Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Adviser to Holocaust Museum Council, The Jewish PressDavid Israel, January 18, 2017

(Don’t be alarmed. It could be worse. Obama could, for example, have appointed his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. — DM)

ben-rhodes-and-president-obama-on-board-air-force-oneBen Rhodes and President Obama on board Air Force One
Photo Credit: Pete Souza – White House, via Wikimedia

Rhodes recently raised many eyebrows when he enlightened reporters about the “tens of thousands” of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria: “Again, I think the question is going to be when history looks at these types of decisions, when people look back and they say, you saw tens of thousands of settlements being constructed, you saw as was addressed in the resolution, incitement to violence on the Palestinian side.”

And so, in his characteristic manner, President Obama appointed a man with serious integrity issues to be on the board of an institution that deals daily with attacks on its veracity by forces looking to denigrate and deny the memory of the Holocaust.


President Barack Obama appointed White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes to a post on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s council, the White House Reported Tuesday. Rhodes was probed by Congress over revelations that he served in his sensitive position as the president’s most trusted advisor despite the fact that he had not qualified for security clearances based on FBI background checks in 2008.

Rhodes, the son of an Episcopalian father from Texas and a Jewish mother, has been attacked by Jewish groups and media outlets over his role in selling the Iran nuclear to the American public. Rhodes admitted to misleading reporters regarding the actual timeline of US negotiations with Iran, saying he used young, inexperienced reporters to create an “echo chamber” in order to sway public opinion (and Democrats on the Hill) in favor of the deal.

Rhodes recently raised many eyebrows when he enlightened reporters about the “tens of thousands” of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria: “Again, I think the question is going to be when history looks at these types of decisions, when people look back and they say, you saw tens of thousands of settlements being constructed, you saw as was addressed in the resolution, incitement to violence on the Palestinian side.”

And so, in his characteristic manner, President Obama appointed a man with serious integrity issues to be on the board of an institution that deals daily with attacks on it veracity by forces looking to denigrate and deny the memory of the Holocaust.

Rhodes’ appointment to the Holocaust museum’s council could raise eyebrows in the Jewish community, which has clashed with Rhodes and the White House over the administration’s outreach to Iran and push to secure the contested nuclear agreement.

Or, as Obama put it in a statement: “I am proud that such experienced and committed individuals have agreed to serve the American people in these important roles. I know they will serve the American people well.” He was referring, besides Rhodes, to Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice whom the president pawned off on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Board of Trustees.

Is National Guilt Making Germany More Vulnerable To Terrorism?

December 23, 2016

Is National Guilt Making Germany More Vulnerable To Terrorism? Investigative Project on Terrorism, Abigail R. Esman, December 23, 2016

(Due to its entirely appropriate feelings of guilt for Hitler’s Holocaust — the imprisonment, torture and murder of six million Jews  —  Germany resolved to import Islamists who share Hitler’s views about Jews and desire to finish his work in the name of Allah. Does their desire to murder Christians as well help to assuage their guilt? — DM)


“All Germans know the history of the murderous race mania of the Nazis that led to the break with civilization that was the Holocaust,” Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said last year. “This is taught in German schools for good reason, it must never be forgotten. …. We know that responsibility for this crime against humanity is German and very much our own.”


From the moment it became clear that the mass killings at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas market on Monday were the actions of a Muslim terrorist, accusing fingers have pointed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And not without good reason.  Beyond Merkel’s “open door” to Syrian refugees has been the government’s general sloppiness when it comes to counter-terrorism.

Germany has seen several small-scale attacks in recent years. Other plots have failed, not because the authorities were so effective, but largely because the perpetrators were so incompetent. In one case, an attack was stopped only because one plotter thought better of the idea and turned himself in.

But the issue is bigger than Merkel. It encompasses the entire spirit of Germany after World War II, and the shadows of its guilt. This has never been clearer than it is now – after the Berlin attack – because unlike terrorist attacks in Brussels and in Paris, this one was entirely predictable and even more preventable. It simply should not have happened.

Throughout the European Union, guilt about the Holocaust has colored government approaches to Muslim immigrants since the rush of guest workers arrived in the 1970s. Concern about “tolerance” and religious rights have repeatedly led to oversensitivity among lawmakers and to a tendency for Europe’s leaders and many of its people to simply look away.

Honor violence was ignored for decades until former Dutch Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced it into the limelight in the years just after 9/11. So were anti-Western sermons given by Arab-funded imams in Europe’s mosques. But nowhere, rightfully, has the guilt been quite as heavy on a country’s soul as it has been in Germany.

Which may explain what the Wall Street Journal describes as “a cascade of mishaps before and since the [Christmas market] attack” that “suggest Germany isn’t geared up for countering the terrorist threat.”

Everything that needed to be known about Anis Amri, the Tunisian-born suspect in the attack was known well before he plowed his truck into the outdoor festivities on Dec. 19, killing 12 people and injuring 48. Authorities watched him for months, though the Daily Beast reports he “managed to slip off their radar” sometime around September. He served time in Italy for arson. He had a history of drug trafficking. He had been convicted in absentia of robbery in his home country of Tunisia. He had known connections to an extremist imam. Germany even rejected his asylum claim, though he managed to escape deportation.

And yet he was still free, roaming the streets of Germany.

Then there was the target of his attack. The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert for Europe last month, warning of possible terrorist attacks at “holiday festival, events, and outdoor markets.” And a child is suspected of attempting to bomb another German Christmas market two weeks prior to the Berlin attack. Yet no barriers were erected to protect the market. There appear to have been no checkpoints, and no heightened security at the event.

For the right person, it was the right place. Amri, shot and killed by police in Milan, Italy early Friday, was the right person.

This isn’t just a “cascade of mishaps.” Much of Germany’s failure to quash Muslim youth radicalization and to defend against terrorist attacks comes from its approach to national security and surveillance. Post-Holocaust Germany has placed tight restrictions on intelligence-gathering, particularly when it comes to privacy concerns.

“Skepticism towards surveillance runs deep in Germany because of the excesses of the Nazi Gestapo and East German Stasi secret police,” Reuters reports. In addition, a Law Library of Congress analysis notes that, “intelligence agencies are not authorized to use force or other types of police powers to gather information.”

And yet, says Reuters, “Intelligence agencies say there are signs that Islamic State may have planted fighters among the hundreds of thousands of migrants who arrived in the country in uncontrolled fashion last year.”

In June, however, Germany announced long-overdue plans to loosen some of those limitations, making it easier for officials to track radicalized teens – a move that followed a series of attacks by 15- and 16-year-olds.

Germany’s past also shapes its migrant policy today. Merkel and her supporters point to the fact that many Germans were migrants after the war, and they speak of the lessons learned during the Shoah.

“All Germans know the history of the murderous race mania of the Nazis that led to the break with civilization that was the Holocaust,” Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said last year. “This is taught in German schools for good reason, it must never be forgotten. …. We know that responsibility for this crime against humanity is German and very much our own.”

Opening the doors to religious minorities escaping war and autocracy is a form of repentance. So, too, is a hands-off approach to religious figures who preach violent or misogynistic doctrines that violate our own. Such approaches may ease German consciences, but they too often go awry. What, after all, are jihadist attacks like the one at the Breitscheidplatz market if not “crimes against humanity”? Germany is right not to forget its past. But in trying to set it right, the country has just gone tragically very wrong.


Washington Post: Muslims Killing Jews Not Like the Holocaust, Syrian Refugees Like the Holocaust

June 10, 2016

Washington Post: Muslims Killing Jews Not Like the Holocaust, Syrian Refugees Like the Holocaust, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, June 10, 2016


When Muslims kill Jews as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing while cursing them as “apes and pigs”, it’s not like the Holocaust. But when Syrian Muslims, at least 13% of whom support ISIS, want to invade America… it’s exactly like the Holocaust.

That’s the shameless abuse of history perpetrated by Ishaan Tharoor at the Washington Post who helped popularize that disgusting, “Muslim Migrants = Holocaust Survivors” meme. As documented by James Kirchick. (There are numerous problems with Kirchick’s piece, but the points he makes about Tharoor are quite valid.)

Ishaan Tharoor, a writer for the Post’s WorldViews blog, concluded, “Today’s three-year-old Syrian orphan, it seems, is 1939’s German Jewish child.” (In September, Tharoor had made the same point about European reactions to the crisis, in a post entitled, “Europe’s fear of Muslim refugees echoes rhetoric of 1930’s anti-Semitism.”…

Tharoor’s sympathetic appropriation of the Jewish refugee experience to shame those who question Western governmental capacity to absorb millions of Syrians is ironic given the sedulous efforts he has made in lecturing others—mainly Jews and Israelis—who dare mention the history of Jewish suffering as a means of contextualizing its present-day manifestations. A survey of his work shows that Tharoor uses Holocaust allegories when they’re suitable to his political goals and dismisses them as cheap propaganda whenever they’re employed to make points with which he doesn’t agree…

Muslims are the new Jews has become an Islamic form of political replacement theology. So when Muslims kill Jews, it’s nothing like the Holocaust. Just ask Tharoor.

Last year, when two Palestinians armed with meat cleavers hacked five Jews to death in West Jerusalem, Tharoor took to his keypad to scold Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for stating that the murders were the result of a “blood libel” against Jews. Such language was “explosive,” Tharoor claimed, while neglecting to describe, never mind attach adjectives to, the hair-raising anti-Semitic incitement emitted on a daily basis from official organs of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas….

In a May post titled “7 things that are not like the Holocaust,” … Tharoor listed “The actions of Islamists” as being “not like the Holocaust.”

“As leader of a state that emerged directly after the horrors of the Holocaust, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may feel he has a particular moral right to invoke the evils of the Nazis when inveighing against his present-day enemies,” Tharoor inveighed. “But that doesn’t mean he’s right in making the parallel. Netanyahu raises the specter of Nazism frequently in speeches criticizing Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, the terrorist Islamic State, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, a geopolitical foe.”

As a purely analytical exercise, a cursory sampling of these entities’ anti-Semitic greatest hits—ranging from a “covenant” that calls for the murder of “warmongering Jews” to the actual bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina that killed 85 innocents—merits at least passing contrast to the ideology of Nazism, certainly as much as the dilemma of Syrian refugees.

But the universalization of the Holocaust has meant its appropriation to serve any random cause of the left while at the same time being routinely used against Israel. Thus it’s not fair to compare Muslims killing Jews to Nazis, but it is fair to compare Jews fighting back against Muslim terrorists to Nazis.

And when Muslims collaborated with Nazis to kill Jews… they also weren’t like the Nazis.

He downplayed the Mufti’s fanatical Jew-hatred by enveloping it within a broader narrative of legitimate anti-colonial struggle. “In hindsight, World War II lends itself to a simple, stark binary as a conflict between genocidal fascists and their opponents. But for myriad communities that experienced the invasions of the Germans and Japanese, the war offered something else—the prospect of liberation from other occupying empires.”

To summarize, Muslims can never be like the Nazis. But they can always be considered victims of the Holocaust… even if they’re trying to kill Jews.

Muslim Leader Advertises that 9/11 was ‘Israeli-Jewish Job’’

June 8, 2016

Muslim Leader Advertises that 9/11 was ‘Israeli-Jewish Job’, Front Page MagazineJoe Kaufman, June 8, 2016

(Just another tolerant, peaceful bunch of warm and fuzzy American Islamists. Obviously, the more the merrier. — DM)


Sofian Zakkout, President of the American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA), is always looking for new ways to promote hatred of Jews. Recently, he advertised on his Facebook page an article about how the Nazi Holocaust was “faked.” Now, he is targeting Jews by posting onto social media a claim that they perpetrated the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Will any of the hate he is peddling do harm to the relationships he and his group have made, both financial and otherwise, with organizations associated with fighting crime?

Usually, anti-Semites — those rabid ones who are violently opposed to Jews — attach themselves to one of two categories, white supremacists or Muslim terrorists. Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout, who is Muslim himself, strongly supports both.

When it comes to white supremacy, Zakkout is a fervent follower of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Zakkout has described Duke as “David Duke, a man to believe in!” and Zakkout has said of Duke, “I respect him for his honesty!” Zakkout’s Facebook page and the websites of his organization AMANA each have been used to promote Duke and his bigoted videos. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has previously cited Zakkout and his group for posting what the ADL described as a “venomous” anti-Semitic Duke video onto AMANA’s official site.

This past February, Zakkout advertised on social media a report claiming that the horrors committed by Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 1940s were fabricated. Aptly titled ‘How the Holocaust was faked,’ it begins: “The alleged ‘Holocaust’ of ‘6 million Jews’ at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany during WWII is the biggest lie ever foisted upon humanity.” It was produced by The Realist Report, an anti-Jew, anti-black, anti-gay independent media outlet, which describes Hitler as “the greatest leader in modern Western history.”

Zakkout is also very open about his strong support for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. In August 2015, he wrote in Arabic on Facebook, “Hamas is in my heart and on my head.” In July 2014, Zakkout organized a pro-Hamas rally held outside the Israeli Consulate in downtown Miami. On video, Zakkout is shown smiling, as event goers repeatedly shout, “We are Hamas.” Following the rally, Zakkout wrote the following in Arabic, above photos from the event: “Thank God, every day we conquer the American Jews like our conquests over the Jews of Israel!”

On April 21st, Zakkout took to Facebook to promote a report discussing Jewish involvement in the September 11th attacks. Attached to the report was a graphic depicting an Israeli flag next to the burning World Trade Center towers, one tower totally engulfed in flames, with the caption, ‘Israeli CONNECTION to 9/11.’ Another photo from the report shows the burning towers with a Jewish Star affixed to one. The report begins, “It ain’t debatable! Soup to nuts, top to bottom, the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. were an ‘Israeli’-Jewish job.”

The report names twelve Jews, who it calls the “REAL planners and executors of 9/11.” According to the report, they include former and current Israeli Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert; then-soon-to-be Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg; and then-head of the criminal division of the Justice Department Michael Chertoff. It labels them “chosenite brethren.”

The website which published the report and which Zakkout linked to is Mouqawamah Music, a site that openly calls for “Death to Israel” and curses the Jewish religion. The site states, “[A]fter 132 some odd years of Jewish colonization in the Holy Land, there are only three words that properly encapsulate our pain, our sadness and our rage: DEATH TO ‘ISRAEL.’” And “What is today called Judaism is NOT a nice religion. It is and has always been a conspiracy against humanity, more of a domination strategy than a religion… [I]t is clearly wicked and filth-ridden…

Sofian Zakkout has, once again, found a way to target Jews. Whether it is organizing pro-Hamas rallies, promoting David Duke videos, advertising Holocaust denial reports, or helping to push the absurd notion that Jews were behind 9/11, if it is a way to spread hatred of the Jewish people, Zakkout will gladly embrace it.

Unfortunately, Zakkout and his group’s anti-Semitic actions have had little effect on how he is viewed by some organizations associated with fighting crime. Zakkout’s name is still found on the official website of Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami-Dade County as a Member at Large on the group’s Executive Committee. Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers has also been reluctant about removing Zakkout from its Board, and Zakkout’s AMANA previously received a $70 thousand grant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — for counter-terrorism purposes, yet!

Nothing affiliated with Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout should receive any legitimacy or funding from any organization, especially those organizations associated with fighting crime. To do so would be a crime in itself.

Iranian TV Report on International Holocaust Cartoon Contest Held in Tehran

May 17, 2016

Iranian TV Report on International Holocaust Cartoon Contest Held in Tehran, MEMRI TV via YouTube, May 17, 2016


The blurb beneath the video states,

On May 15, Al-Alam TV broadcast a report on the opening of the third International Holocaust Cartoon Contest in Tehran. The exhibition features caricatures of Israeli PM Netanyahu, comparing him to Hitler and to ISIS terrorists. The organizer, Shojai Tabtabai, said that the exhibition was “a response to the publication of cartoons by the French Charlie Hebdo magazine, which affronted the Prophet Muhammad, as well as an expression of [our opposition] to the massacres perpetrated against the Palestinian people.”

Latvia’s Waffen-SS veterans march alongside far-right lawmakers (VIDEO)

March 16, 2016

Latvia’s Waffen-SS veterans march alongside far-right lawmakers (VIDEO)

Published time: 16 Mar, 2016 13:53

Source: Latvia’s Waffen-SS veterans march alongside far-right lawmakers (VIDEO) — RT News

Latvian veterans of Waffen-SS units and their supporters have celebrated Legion Day, an unofficial holiday honoring Nazi collaborators during WWII, with marches through downtown Riga, Latvia’s capital.

This year the march attracted hundreds of participants, as seen in the live footage by Ruptly video agency.

Those taking part in the procession, some dressed in old Latvian military outfits, were carrying the national flags of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, reports RIA Novosti.

The Latvian government officially opposes the event, but does not prohibit it on the grounds of free speech.

Latvia’s anti-fascist activists staged a small protest, as they do every year when Latvian Waffen-SS veterans march in the capital Riga.

Latvians who served in Waffen-SS not only fought against the Soviet Army, but also were a part of the atrocities committed against European Jews.

Of the 70,000 Jews that lived in Latvia when the Nazi Germany entered its territory, it’s estimated that 67,000 died in the Holocaust.

Russia says the Nazi veterans’ march is a violation of international law. Anti-fascist and Jewish human rights organizations, such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center, believe such rallies glorify Nazism.

“Some of the people prior to joining the [Latvian Waffen-SS] Legion served in Latvian security forces, which played an active role in mass murder of the Latvian Jews,” Dr. Efraim Zuroff, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told RT. “People who fought for victory over Nazi Germany should be considered heroes.”

The head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center called attention to the fact that thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe were brought to Latvia and exterminated in concentration camps by the German Nazis and their Latvian collaborators.

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Prisoner roll call at KZ Salaspils, December 22, 1941. (Wikipedia/Nazi propaganda photo)

Ahead of the event, Latvia’s State Border Service was reported to be operating on a robust security regime, officially to prevent radicals from abroad from taking part in the Nazi procession.

Yet instead of barring people praising neo-Nazi ideology from entering the country, Latvian border protection refused to grant entry to representatives of three German anti-fascist organizations, co-chair of the Latvian Anti-Fascist Committee Joseph Koren said Tuesday.

Altogether, six delegates from the Association of Victims of the Nazi Regime, an organization of resistance veterans and Germany’s Anti-Nazi League were turned away at Riga Airport and banned from entering Latvia.

The border guards explained their actions by an order coming from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia.

Two days ahead of the Nazi celebration, lawyers of the Russia’s Rossiya Segodnya news agency (the parent organization of RT) were denied entry to Latvia. The lawyers were to attend a court hearing following the decision of the Latvian authorities to deny official registration for Sputnik news agency (another part of Rossiya Segodnya) in Latvia last August.

The Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS consisted of almost 150,000 Latvians and was split into two divisions. The legion was created in 1943 on the orders of Adolf Hitler. On March 16, 1944, the legion was deployed against the Soviet Red Army near the town of Pskov. It was among the last of the Nazi forces to surrender in 1945.

The Waffen-SS march has been held annually on March 16 since 1998.

Tehran biennial to grant $50,000 cash prize to best cartoon on Holocaust

December 17, 2015

Tehran biennial to grant $50,000 cash prize to best cartoon on Holocaust, Tehran Times, December 17, 2015

[A] contest focusing on the portrait of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been arranged on the sidelines of the competition.


TEHRAN – Organizers of the 11th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial has allocated a cash prize of $50,000 for the best cartoon on the Holocaust, the organizers announced on Wednesday.

Three other cartoonists will also receive cash prizes of 12,000, 8,000 and 5,000 dollars respectively, the secretary of the biennial, Masud Shojai-Tabatabai, told the Persian service of MNA.

He added that the competition will be held in June 2016 in Mashhad with cartoonists participating from 50 countries.

“We do not mean to approve or deny the Holocaust, however, the main question is that why is there no permission to talk about the Holocaust despite their (the West) belief in freedom of speech.

“Moreover, why should the oppressed people of Palestine pay the price for the Holocaust? We are also worried about the contemporary holocausts in which a great number of women and children are being killed in Iraq, Yemen and Syria,” he added.

Shojai-Tabatabai also said that a contest focusing on the portrait of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been arranged on the sidelines of the competition.

The Palestine Museum of Contemporary Art will be hosting an exhibition of the works at the time of the competition.