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9/11 Through My Muslim Eyes

September 11, 2017

9/11 Through My Muslim Eyes, Clarion Project, September 11, 2017

(A five part collection of short Clarion Project videos follows, narrated in part by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. They deal with the very real and dangerous efforts of Muslims to take over western civilization. The first video appears immediately below. The next four follow automatically.

We need to be aware of more than “radical Islamic terrorism.” The problems go beyond the “radicals” and terrorism. They include Islamists who seek to undermine western civilization through legalistic rather than violent attacks.– DM)



9/11 mastermind: Al-Qaeda now favors immigration and “outbreeding non-Muslims” to destroy US

November 24, 2016

9/11 mastermind: Al-Qaeda now favors immigration and “outbreeding non-Muslims” to destroy US, Jihad Watch

“Muslim terror groups had a much bigger plan to crush America than just through attacks like 9/11. Instead, the plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through the country’s easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran.”

“Warming to the topic, KSM smiled and said the media, either on purpose or without realizing it, would promote Islam’s cause and champion tearing down the measures put in place to protect the American people after 9/11. He said the media would promote al-Qaeda’s cause by framing the war against Islam (his characterization, not mine) as morally wrong, impossible to win, and fraught with unacceptable losses. He said the media’s response was one of Allah’s ‘gifts,’ one of the ways Allah preordained for Americans to set aside those things which kept us safe and prevented attacks in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.”

This is so close to what actually happened that it sounds like prophecy-after-the-fact. Or may Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is an unusually insightful human being. In any case, this is exactly what is happening.


“9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors ‘immigration’ to defeat USA,” by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, November 23, 2016:

The jailed architect of 9/11 revealed that al Qaeda’s plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and “outbreeding nonmuslims” who would use the legal system to install Sharia law, according to a blockbuster new book.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also predicted that intelligence officials using so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques such the waterboarding he experienced would eventually come under attack from weak-kneed U.S. politicians and media.

In Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell tells for the first time about his role interrogating al Qaeda principals, many like KSM still jailed at Guantanamo Bay. He details accounts of waterboarding and other interrogation sessions of the nation’s most notorious enemies.

None more so than Mohammed. Among the most facinating aspects of the book are chatty discussions between KSM and Mitchell long after the waterboarding and before he was delivered to the prision at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he clammed — and lawyered — up.

In his book, Mitchell is not pushing for a return to waterboarding, especially for run-of-the-mill battlefield prisoners. He does, however, back aggressive interrogation the worst terrorists trained or willed to not cough up any secrets because he said it worked….

Snippets obtained by Secrets from the book set for release next Tuesday from Crown Forum show that Muslim terror groups had a much bigger plan to crush America than just through attacks like 9/11.Instead, the plan is to fill the country with like-minded Muslims through the country’s easy immigration laws and by having babies, and then using the U.S. legal and welfare system to turn the country into a system like Iran.Consider this passage in the book, Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America, where KSM reveals the plan to Mitchell:

“It would be nice,” he said, if al Qaeda or like-minded Islamists could bring America to its knees with catastrophic attacks, but that was unlikely to happen; “not practical” is the wording he used. From his perspective, the long war for Islamic domination wasn’t going to be won in the streets with bombs and bullets and bloodshed. No, it would be won in the minds of the American people.

He said the terror attacks were good, but the “practical” way to defeat America was through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims. He said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the United States, taking advantage of the welfare system to support themselves while they spread their jihadi message. They will wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws for protection, ratchet up acceptance of Sharia law, and then, only when they were strong enough, rise up and violently impose Sharia from within. He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people eventually would become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war that they would just want it to end.

“Eventually,” KSM said, “America will expose her neck to us for slaughter.”

Since the attacks, and during President Obama‘s two terms, Muslims from several countries that harbor terrorists have flooded into the U.S. And Obama has promised to open the borders for Syrian refugees whose backgrounds are difficult to investigate. President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse Obama’s plans.

In talks with the terrorist, Mitchell said that KSM discussed waterboarding and other interrogation techniques and said that if the tables were turned, “he would do the same thing to protect his way of life.”

He also predicted the downfall of the techniques and persecution of those involved.

From the book:

KSM wagged his finger professorially at us and warned, “Soon they will turn on you.” He prophetically predicted that the press and some members of my own government would turn on me and Bruce and others like us who took aggressive action to prevent the next 9/11 attack and save American lives.

Warming to the topic, KSM smiled and said the media, either on purpose or without realizing it, would promote Islam’s cause and champion tearing down the measures put in place to protect the American people after 9/11. He said the media would promote al-Qaeda’s cause by framing the war against Islam (his characterization, not mine) as morally wrong, impossible to win, and fraught with unacceptable losses. He said the media’s response was one of Allah’s “gifts,” one of the ways Allah preordained for Americans to set aside those things which kept us safe and prevented attacks in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

KSM said, “Your own government will turn on you. Your leaders will turn on you. They will turn on you to save themselves. It will play out in the media and strengthen the hearts of the brothers. It will recruit more to Allah’s cause because the press coverage will make the U.S. look weak and divided.”

Senate votes to override Obama veto on 9/11 bill

September 28, 2016

Senate votes to override Obama veto on 9/11 bill, Fox News, September 28, 2016

(97 to 1 — DM)


The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s veto of a bill letting families of Sept. 11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government, bringing Congress within reach of completing the first successful veto override of Obama’s presidency.

The Senate voted 97-1 to reject the veto. The measure heads next to the House, where lawmakers will need to muster a two-thirds majority, as in the Senate, to override. 

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., speaking on the Senate floor moments before Wednesday’s vote, pushed back hard on Saudi government objections to the legislation, which has broad bipartisan support on Capitol Hill.

“It’s very simple. If the Saudis were culpable, they should be held accountable. If they had nothing to do with 9/11, they have nothing to fear,” Schumer said.

An override now appears all but certain and would mark a blow to the president in the final months of his term.

A group of senators pledged to find ways to improve the measure during a postelection, lame-duck session of Congress. With elections just over a month away, many lawmakers are reluctant to oppose a measure backed by 9/11 families who say they are still seeking justice 15 years after the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The White House was still fighting the override attempt in the final stages.

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Obama warned the bill could cause chaos in U.S. foreign affairs, as other countries would use the measure to justify the creation of ways to target “U.S. policies and activities that they oppose.”

“As a result, our nation and its armed forces, State Department, intelligence officials and others may find themselves subject to lawsuits in foreign courts.” Obama wrote in a letter delivered Tuesday.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a letter Monday to a senior member of Congress, said he’s sympathetic to the intent of the measure. But the legislation could lead to the public disclosure of American secrets and even undercut counterterrorism efforts by sowing mistrust among U.S. partners and allies, according to Carter.

If the House also overrides, the bill would become law. During his nearly two full terms in office, Obama has never had a veto overridden by Congress.

The legislation gives victims’ families the right to sue in U.S. court for any role that elements of the Saudi government may have played in the 2001 attacks. Fifteen of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

Courts would be permitted to waive a claim of foreign sovereign immunity when an act of terrorism occurs inside U.S. borders, according to the terms of the bill. Saudi Arabia has objected vehemently to the legislation.

Obama vetoed the measure last week, telling lawmakers the bill would make the U.S. vulnerable to retaliatory litigation in foreign courts that could put U.S. troops in legal jeopardy.

But the bill’s proponents have disputed Obama’s rationale as “unconvincing and unsupportable,” saying the measure is narrowly tailored and applies only to acts of terrorism that occur on U.S. soil.

Kristen Breitweiser, a 9/11 widow and co-chair of September 11th Advocates, criticized Carter’s assessment, saying that the defense secretary had testified before Congress last week that he wasn’t an expert on the bill.

CAIR’s Awad: Anti-Terror JASTA Bill Part of “War on Islam”

September 26, 2016

CAIR’s Awad: Anti-Terror JASTA Bill Part of “War on Islam” Investigative Project on Terrorism,  September 26, 2016

It might be one of the few things on which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agree: President Obama was wrong Friday when he vetoed the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.”

The bill, which passed the U.S. House Sept. 9 after passing the Senate May 17, would allow Americans victimized by foreign terrorist attacks to sue countries responsible. Specifically, 9/11 victims could sue Saudi Arabia, which generated 15 of the 19 hijackers who struck the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field after passengers fought back.

But in an interview with the Arabic-language Al Sharq Al Awsat, Council on American-Islamic Relations Executive Director Nihad Awad cast the legislation as an anti-Muslim attack.

The bill “is a continuation of the series of [actions] attaching terrorism to Islamic societies, the Islamic world and Islamic countries, as well as Islamic personalities, since it aims to demonize Islam,” an Investigative Project on Terrorism translation of Awad’s remarks said. “… so that things have reached the point of attaching the accusation of terrorism against Saudi Arabia, which is the heart of the Muslim world, and accusing it is an accusation of Muslims all over the world.”

He compared the bill to campaigns against mosque construction in the United States and said it is pushed by the same ideology that “supports the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying that those who voted for the resolution in the Congress are those waging war on Islam and they always vote for wars and conflicts, and are exploiting the families of the victims in this crisis.”

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., co-sponsored and advocated for the bill, which enjoyed bipartisan support. In a statement, he pledged to make this President Obama’s first veto to be over-ridden by Congress.

More importantly, Awad’s description that the bill’s supporters “are those waging war on Islam” is especially dangerous and reckless. That message, that the West is at war against Islam, is considered the most effective at radicalizing Muslims.

CAIR officials used to repeatedly invoke that message, but seemed to have backed away from it in recent years. Awad’s revival was directed at an Arabic-speaking audience.
Former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, who served as co-chairman of a congressional 9/11 inquiry, has long advocated for the release of 28 pages of his committee’s report focusing on the hijackers’ connections to Saudi government officials. Those pages were released in July. In a New York Times oped earlier this month, Graham said they raise more questions and advocated for the release of more investigative material still deemed classified.

His motivation for this campaign, and for supporting JASTA, had nothing to do with Muslims, he explained.

“It can mean justice for the families that have suffered so grievously. It can also mean improving our national security, which has been compromised by the extreme form of Islam that has been promoted by Saudi Arabia,” Graham wrote.

President Obama claims he vetoed the bill out of concern for unintended consequences, that it might open the door to similar litigation against U.S. military and government officials in other countries and “would neither protect Americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks.”

Both Trump and Clinton said they would sign the bill if elected president, CNN reported.

FULL MEASURE September 11, 2016: S2E1 (P1)

September 13, 2016

FULL MEASURE September 11, 2016: S2E1 (P1) — 9/11 and the continuing impact on America

Black Lives Matter Disrupts 9/11 Commemoration by Protesting for Muslims

September 12, 2016

Black Lives Matter Disrupts 9/11 Commemoration by Protesting for Muslims, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, September 12, 2016



blmtweetWith @NQAPIA on the streets of DC today raising awareness of profiling & surveillance in MASA comms. #15YearsLater
11:44 AM – 11 Sep 2016

Vile racist hate group Black Lives Matter is at it again. After attacking everything from cafes where white people eat (aka “white spaces”) to the Thanksgiving Day parade, the radical anti-American group was bound to target 9/11. And they did not disappoint.

The media is frantically spinning this as a “commemoration” by Black Lives Matter. No sorry, media apologists, it’s a protest.

BLM borrowed the Muslim anti-Israel campus handbook of anti-Semitic hate groups like the Muslim Students’ Association and Students for Justice in Palestine to set up “checkpoints” in D.C. protesting the supposed “harassment” faced by Muslim settlers and migrants in America.

Despite attempts by NBC’s Frances Kai-Hwa Wang to dishonestly misrepresent the hate group’s actions as a “commemoration”, Black Lives Matter DC (which, confusingly, calls itself Black Lives Matter DMV) was clear that what they were doing was a “demonstration”.

The Black Lives Matter DC social media account contains anti-American hate such as, “give America back to the First Nations you stole it from.”

 (Video at the link — DM)

Despite the “Black” brand, much of the reporting on the hate rally seemed to come from Lacy MacAuley, a white woman who has worked with left-wing groups such as ACORN, and who spews hatred at the Jewish State.

The whole thing is yet another reminder that Black Lives Matter is both a racist hate group that holds nothing sacred and that it is eager to provide a platform to other hate groups, particularly anti-American ones, in their campaign against this country. Like many of the “outsourced” BLM events that use the hate group’s brand, but pursue other left-wing agendas, this didn’t have very many black people.

But then again plenty of black people died on September 11. Hating America is not a black project. It’s a left-wing one.

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the Memorial Observance Ceremony

September 11, 2016

President Obama Delivers Remarks at the Memorial Observance Ceremony via YouTube, September 11, 2016

(Obama’s remarks begin at approximately 46 minutes into the video. He tells us that our strength is in diversity and does not mention who brought us the September 11th attack or about their Islamist ideology. Please see also, Can We Remember the Americans Murdered on 9-11 Without Mentioning the Murderers? — DM)

How the world has changed since 9/11

September 11, 2016

How the world has changed since 9/11, Israel Hayom, Clifford D. May, September 11, 2016

The 15th anniversary of 9/11 should be a time to think hard about what happened and why and what we are prepared to do to stop those determined to do it again.


The 15th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 should be a time for mourning, commemoration, reflection — and strategic planning.

But many people prefer to avoid thinking too much about how life was interrupted on that sunny Tuesday morning: mothers and fathers making one final phone call to their children; office workers who moments earlier were deciding where to have dinner now deciding whether to be consumed by flames or leap to their deaths; dutiful police and firefighters rushing into the World Trade Center, never to come out again; a long plume of smoke rising from the grey rubble of what had been great edifices bustling with commercial activity, as America-haters, domestic and foreign, began to babble about chickens coming home to roost.

In much of the media, what happened will no doubt be described as a tragedy, rather than what it was: an act of war and an atrocity. We’ll hear only a little about al-Qaida’s current status, and next to nothing about its relationship to the Islamic State group and the Islamic Republic of Iran, about how the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Shabab, Boko Haram and Lashkar-e-Taiba fit into the picture.

President George W. Bush responded to 9/11 with energy and determination. But his approach was flawed: “Terrorism” is not the enemy; it is only a weapon deployed by the enemy. As for the misused word “terror,” it is a synonym for fear, and a “war on fear” is not a serious concept.

President Barack Obama’s approach has been worse: He has maintained that we face nothing more than “violent extremists” motivated by “grievances.” That obfuscates rather than explains who our enemies are, what they believe, and what they intend.

Fifteen years ago, most of those who watched the passenger planes crashing into the twin towers and the Pentagon understood that the world was about to change. And it has. For one thing, it should now be apparent that the vision many people had of the world becoming a “global village” — with everyone interconnected and interdependent, holding similar views, and wanting more or less the same things — was incorrect.

On the contrary, the world is divergent.

The civilization that has evolved in the West is pluralistic and tolerant. Go to any major city in America or Europe or Israel, for that matter: You’ll see a broad variety of religious and ethnic groups coexisting, their basic human and civil rights protected.

The same cannot be said about what we have come to call the Islamic world.

In what used to be Syria and Iraq, Christians, Yazidis and other minorities are facing genocide. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Ahmadi Muslims have been fleeing Pakistan for decades. Jews were driven out of Baghdad, Cairo and Damascus more than half century ago, and the small Jewish community left in Iran, along with the remaining Zoroastrians and Christians, are inferiors under the Islamic republic’s laws, while the Bahai suffer unrelenting persecution. Wherever Islamists establish themselves, from Mali to Bangladesh to Indonesia, Muslims with moderate rather than militant interpretations of their faith are targeted.

The divisions are only deepening between the multicultural world, where those who wield power accept and even welcome the “other,” and the increasingly monocultural world where medievalists enslave, expel and slaughter the “other.”

Those who argue that the waves of Middle Eastern and North African migrants arriving in Europe are simply an inevitable aspect of “globalization” have been misinformed. There’s nothing “global” about it. Raqqa, Tehran and Gaza City are not becoming more like Western cities. Western cities could, however, end up more like Raqqa, Tehran and Gaza.

Of course, many of the migrants in Europe will treasure the freedom they find. Many will embrace human rights and what we call “universal values” — which are, I’d argue, actually Western, post-Enlightenment values — as well as “modernization,” by which I suspect we really mean “Westernization.”

But some will not. Instead, they will live in separate communities that also may be thought of as ghettoes, or colonies. They will insist on the supremacy of their divinely inspired laws over rules made by mere mortals.

They will not engage in respectful debate with those who disagree. They will label them infidels or apostates or blasphemers. They will threaten them and, if that does not produce acquiescence, they will murder them (as they have done several times in Paris and Nice). From their perspective, the democratic experiment of recent centuries has been a mistake and a failure. They will do what they can to hasten its demise.

Their success is not inevitable. But it is hardly impossible. And, if Western leaders continue on the present course, it may be likely.

The 15th anniversary of 9/11 should be a time to think hard about what happened and why and what we are prepared to do to stop those determined to do it again. Many of us are tired of fighting. Many of us — including many on our campuses, of all places — are no longer inspired by what previous generations called “liberty.” Such people talk about “rights” and “social justice,” but what they really mean are “entitlements.”

But some of us are convinced that nothing is more urgent than defending Western civilization, its diverse cultures and ways of living. If we do not, on the 9/11 anniversary in a generation or two, the world may indeed look like a global village — with those in power celebrating, rather than mourning, what happened on a sunshiny Tuesday morning long ago.

Can We Remember the Americans Murdered on 9-11 Without Mentioning the Murderers?

September 11, 2016

Can We Remember the Americans Murdered on 9-11 Without Mentioning the Murderers? BreitbartTom Tancredo, September 10, 2016

(Caution: “Islamophobia!” — DM)

twin-towers-640x480Spencer Platt/Getty Images

At a community college in California last week, a student group was denied permission to hold a 9-11 commemoration because it would make some students “uncomfortable.”

We shake our heads in bewilderment at such extremes of political correctness. And yet, the rest of the country is not far behind in towing the line.

Many of the prominent 9-11 “remembrance” ceremonies announced for the 15th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack have something missing. The really uncomfortable thing is that we all know what that missing something is: there will be no naming of Islamic radicalism as the motivation and the instrument of the murder of thousands of innocent people on that beautiful September morning fifteen years ago.

Yes, there will be mention of this documented fact in some news commentaries and obviously, in personal conversations by millions of Americans — because we all know it to be true. But it is significant and profoundly disturbing that in the OFFICIAL 9- 11 commemoration ceremonies across the country, it will be considered “islamophobic” to name Islamic radicalism as the reason for that horrific loss of life.

What is going on here? Do we commemorate the sinking of the Titanic without mentioning the iceberg? Do we commemorate the Civil War without mentioning slavery? Do we commemorate Pearl Harbor Day without mentioning Admiral Tojo or D-Day without mentioning Hitler? No. But we are commemorating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on American soil without mentioning who attacked us. Why?

The answer is as simple as it is troublesome: We are allowing the political establishment to hold our 9-11 remembrance ceremonies hostage to political correctness. Everyone laughs at political correctness run amok in our entertainment industry, our universities, and our news media, but who will stand up to it when it captures and corrupts our national recognition of both our loss and a war that is not yet won?

My home state of Colorado is no different. Our Governor will preside over a colorful and patriotic ceremony at Denver’s Civic Center Park involving a flyover, bell chimes commemorating the 9-11 victims, and special recognition of the over 400 firefighters and law enforcement officers who died at the World Trade Center.

And, of course, there will be rock music bands as part of the “remembrance” — how else can they attract 40,000 citizens to Civic Center Park on a warm Sunday afternoon in September? But in between the rock music and the military spectacles and the chimes, there will be no mention by the Governor of Colorado of the identities or motivations of the 19 terrorists who attacked our nation that day– or of the continuing jihad waged against America by radical Islam.

Like other ceremonies across the nation, the afternoon of September 11, 2016 will be a recognition of the bravery and sacrifice of our military and our first responders, and all that is all good and necessary. Every day we have reason to be grateful for their sacrifices. But on this very special day, any mention of the REASON for this event, the REASON we gather in solemn remembrance, would be considered in bad taste. No one must spoil the festive atmosphere by reminding people of who killed thousands of Americans fifteen years ago and who continue to plot more bloody massacres while we celebrate the healing powers of diversity.

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado represents dozens of religious faiths in dedication to social justice and human rights. Presumably, human rights are threatened by terrorism, but the progressive organization’s web page is silent on terrorism. The organization’s events calendar finds space for listing a late September event held in support of a higher Minimum Wage, but strangely, it has no room for mention of the September 11 remembrance rally in Denver. Evidently, the rock bands were not enough.

Making some Americans “uncomfortable” by the mention of Islamist radicalism is a small price to pay compared to the price our military and first responders are asked to pay every day of the lives.

College students or young urban millennials who demand we love all mankind and all religions equally might not be as “uncomfortable” as the first responders rushing into a burning building, the police officers confronting an Islamist terrorist armed with a suicide belt, or the parents of a soldier killed in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, an Islamist outfit not well known for its celebration of diversity.

Mentioning radical Islam as the culprit in our remembrance of both heroes and victims of the 9-11 attacks would indeed make some people “uncomfortable.” But forgive me for thinking that maybe that is what we need this September as much as candles, chimes and rock music.

On 15th Anniversary Of 9/11, Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Urges Mujahideen To Focus On Targeting U.S., Incites Black Christians Against U.S. And Calls Them To Islam

September 9, 2016

On 15th Anniversary Of 9/11, Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Urges Mujahideen To Focus On Targeting U.S., Incites Black Christians Against U.S. And Calls Them To Islam, MEMRI, September 9, 2016

On September 9, 2016, Al-Qaeda’s media wing Al-Sahab released a video message by the group’s leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Al-Zawahiri reiterates the reasons behind the attacks and their impact on the U.S., and urges the mujahideen to focus on targeting the U.S. and its allies, and to bring the battle onto their own soil as well. Appealing to non-Muslim African-Americans, he blames their woes on the U.S. and calls to them to convert to Islam.


Most of the 20-minute video consists of Al-Zawahiri’s message, and the final several minutes feature an archival address by Osama bin Laden. Additionally, archival footage of a Malcolm X address is played as Al-Zawahiri appeals to African-Americans.

Below are the main points of the message:

Al-Zawahiri praises the “blessed raids” of 9/11, noting that they managed to strike deep within the U.S. and to attack its economic symbols, i.e. the Twin Towers. He also notes that the final and fourth hijacked airplane, United Flight 93, was heading towards “the biggest criminals in the White House or the Congress.” Al-Zawahiri boasts that 9/11 was a wakeup call to the U.S., reminding it that its crimes against Muslims won’t go unnoticed. The attacks’ impact, according to Al-Zawahiri, continues to be felt today, and its memory will forever be remembered by the Americans.


Addressing the U.S., Al-Zawahiri reminds it: “The events of 9/11 were a direct result of your crimes against us, your crimes in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Islamic Maghreb, and Egypt [and] the result of your occupation of Muslim lands, theft of their resources, and support for the murderous corrupt criminals, who rule over them.” He further threatens the U.S.: “As long as your crimes continue, the events of 9/11 will be repeated thousands of times, by the will of Allah. And we will follow you – if you don’t cease your aggression [against us] – until the Day of Judgment…”

Moving on to the subject of the mujahideen, Al-Zawahiri informs the U.S. that their strength is increasing by the day: “There it is, the jihadi awakening [movement] increasing – thanks to Allah – many times over what it used to be before the blessed raids,” he says.

Addressing the mujahideen, Al-Zawahiri urges them to focus on attacking the U.S. and its allies, and on trying as much as possible to shift the battle onto these countries’ own soil. In that regard, he notes that the defeat of the U.S. will lead to the defeat of its lackeys. He also urges the mujahideen to unite, pledge allegiance to the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan (the Taliban), support the revolutions across the Muslim world, and urge prominent Islamic leaders to form the nucleus of a future council that will be tasked with appointing an imam (leader) for all Muslims.

Speaking to the Muslims in general, Al-Zawahiri implores them to rise up against their rulers: “It has become clear to you that your rulers are tools in the hands of the secular Safavid Crusader alliance, the alliance of the devils, headed by American and the West,” he says. He also urges them to disavow these rulers, and to adopt the path of da’wa and jihad: “Your true soldiers are your mujahideen sons… who wish for you to live free and honored in the shade of the righteous caliphate, in which the ummah chooses, holds accountable, and ousts its imam.”

Al-Zawahiri also lashes out at the various Islamic movements that have emerged in the awake of the Arab Spring, calling them “sheep” and agents of the U.S. who have hijacked the sacrifices of the Muslims. He also calls on the Muslims to be the real lions – like the mujahideen – who refuse to live under these corrupt and apostate regimes.


Finally, Al-Zawahiri appeals to non-Muslims, particularly African Americans, blaming their woes on the U.S. and calling them to Islam. His message is augmented with an address by Malcolm X. Al-Zawahiri says: “We inform every weakened [person] in the world: America is the source of calamity and the head of evil in this world, and it is the thief of nations’ aliment, and it is the one who humiliate the Africans [i.e. African Americans] until this day, and no matter how much they try to reform and obtain their rights according to the law and the [U.S.] constitution, they will not attain it, for the law is in the hands of the white majority, [who] control it as they wish. And they [i.e. African Americans] will not be saved but by Islam.”