Black Lives Matter Disrupts 9/11 Commemoration by Protesting for Muslims

Black Lives Matter Disrupts 9/11 Commemoration by Protesting for Muslims, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, September 12, 2016



blmtweetWith @NQAPIA on the streets of DC today raising awareness of profiling & surveillance in MASA comms. #15YearsLater
11:44 AM – 11 Sep 2016

Vile racist hate group Black Lives Matter is at it again. After attacking everything from cafes where white people eat (aka “white spaces”) to the Thanksgiving Day parade, the radical anti-American group was bound to target 9/11. And they did not disappoint.

The media is frantically spinning this as a “commemoration” by Black Lives Matter. No sorry, media apologists, it’s a protest.

BLM borrowed the Muslim anti-Israel campus handbook of anti-Semitic hate groups like the Muslim Students’ Association and Students for Justice in Palestine to set up “checkpoints” in D.C. protesting the supposed “harassment” faced by Muslim settlers and migrants in America.

Despite attempts by NBC’s Frances Kai-Hwa Wang to dishonestly misrepresent the hate group’s actions as a “commemoration”, Black Lives Matter DC (which, confusingly, calls itself Black Lives Matter DMV) was clear that what they were doing was a “demonstration”.

The Black Lives Matter DC social media account contains anti-American hate such as, “give America back to the First Nations you stole it from.”

 (Video at the link — DM)

Despite the “Black” brand, much of the reporting on the hate rally seemed to come from Lacy MacAuley, a white woman who has worked with left-wing groups such as ACORN, and who spews hatred at the Jewish State.

The whole thing is yet another reminder that Black Lives Matter is both a racist hate group that holds nothing sacred and that it is eager to provide a platform to other hate groups, particularly anti-American ones, in their campaign against this country. Like many of the “outsourced” BLM events that use the hate group’s brand, but pursue other left-wing agendas, this didn’t have very many black people.

But then again plenty of black people died on September 11. Hating America is not a black project. It’s a left-wing one.

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