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‘Blinding’ Israel’s defense? Turkish media says Ankara could disable US radar over F-35 deal threat

November 21, 2017

Published time: 21 Nov, 2017 16:16

FILE PHOTO: NATO radar in the Czech Republic. © AFP

An editorial in a Turkish conservative pro-government newspaper said Ankara could leave Israel exposed to an Iranian missile attack by disabling a US radar station, in retaliation for a possible Washington ban on the purchase of F-35 fighter jets.

The editorial was published on Sunday by the Yeni Safak newspaper in apparent response to concerns voiced by a US Air Force official. Heidi Grant, the deputy undersecretary of the USAF for international affairs, had earlier said that Turkey’s deployment of the Russian-made S-400 long-range anti-aircraft missile system may expose vulnerabilities of the US-made F-35 Lightning II fighter jets. Turkey plans to purchase over 100 of the advanced warplanes from Lockheed Martin.

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 S-400 Triumph © Sergey Malgavko

The newspaper called the implication that the planned deal may be frozen “blackmail” by Washington, and suggested that in retaliation Ankara could dismantle the Kurecik radar station. The powerful AN/TPY-2 X-band early-warning radar, which was set up by the US in the eastern province of Malatya in 2012, is part of NATO’s system of airspace surveillance in the region.

The newspaper says that unlike similar surveillance sites in Israel, Jordan, Qatar and the UAE, the Kurecik radar station can detect missile launches from the entire western part of Iran. With the site disabled, that airspace would no longer be properly monitored by NATO, the editorial said.

“In case Turkey decides to dismantle the Kurecik radar in response to the ongoing attempts by the US to use the F-35 jets to blackmail Turkey, Israel will lose its ‘early warning system’ in case of a missile launch from eastern or northern Iran,” the newspaper said.

Turkey’s hosting of NATO radar facilities is a matter of controversy in the country. In 2014, the ruling AKP party of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then prime minister, had to defend itself from opposition accusations which said the site only benefits Israeli security and fails to make Turkey safer. The accusations were part of a heated presidential race laden with anti-Israeli sentiment.

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Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan © Murat Cetinmuhurdar

The deployment of NATO radar was also criticized by Russia since it has contributed to the alliance’s anti-missile system in Eastern Europe, which Moscow sees a threat to its national security.

Likewise, Ankara’s decision to purchase the state-of-art Russian S-400 system was criticized by NATO, which said the Russian SAM was incompatible with the equipment used by the alliance.

Turkey said it chose the Russian system because it was necessary to ensure its security, which had been undermined by members of NATO, adding that the bloc had failed to sell arms that Ankara wished to acquire.

The US and NATO have experienced various barbs from Turkey and Erdogan personally recently. Just days earlier, the Turkish president claimed that his transatlantic ally “paid a lot of dollars to [Islamic State].”

On Monday, Erdogan’s chief adviser, Yalcin Topcu, questioned his country’s membership in NATO, claiming the bloc’s approach towards Ankara was “brutal and dishonorable.”

Black Pete: The Continuing Story

November 21, 2017

Update from H. Numan:

The DA will prosecute the people who blocked the coaches of the ‘peaceful’ demonstrators. The DA takes this form of vigilante justice very serious. Those brave people don’t have to worry about a jail term or even a steep fine.

Immediately a crowd-funding action was started to collect money to pay for the fines and legal assistance. A lawyer volunteered to defend the accused, free of charge. Legal experts have already said the DA cannot charge them with the very serious crime of incitement to riot or racial hatred. All he can do is fine them for delaying traffic. If everyone is penalized to the maximum, €15,000 is necessary to cover it. The crowd-source already has $25,000. Anything over the amount will be donated to a charitable cause.

Every year about this time the Progressive Left in The Netherlands attempts to get Black Pete banned, and every year they fail. This year is no exception.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has the story.

Black Pete: The continuing story

by H. Numan

Folks, it’s becoming a tradition. Our social justice warriors call for racism, and I have to debunk them. Every year it happens again. And again and again. Always about nonsensical issues. For example, the Golden Carriage contains allegoric images of dark people. Racism! Give lots of money to Suriname and the other former colonies for compensation! Remove those images instantly! The Golden Carriage was build in 1898, when values were very different. Slavery didn’t exist anymore, nor did the artists feel particularly racist when they painted their allegory. You cannot look at history with our current view of today. Doesn’t work. But that never stopped progressive ignoramuses.

Another example: the word for waiter in French is garçon. It also means boy. The very few American progressive ignoramuses who do speak (some) French are appalled. This is beyond the pale! They call waiters ‘boy’! The shame! The humiliation! The fact that ‘boy’ has a different meaning in American English doesn’t mean that this word is racist or even offensive in other languages.

Exactly the same goes for Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete, in The Netherlands. We have a centuries old tradition: Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas. You celebrate it too, but a more recent version of it. And on a different date. We celebrate Sinterklaas right now, with the highlight on the evening of 5 December. You celebrate Santa Claus on Christmas. Santa Claus is a mixture of Dutch, German and English traditions merged together into Santa Claus. In the 19th century these traditions crossed the ocean to America where they merged in what Santa is today.

The Dutch version is the original, and much, much older. It was already known in Germanic times. Woden rode his eight-legged horse Sleipnir over the rooftops to toss little gifts or sweets through the smoke holes. The Germanic tribes didn’t have chimneys as yet.

Christianity came along. The festival couldn’t be eradicated, so Woden became Saint Nicholas. Poor Sleipnir lost four legs and became a white stallion. Saint Nicholas then probably got a black demon as helper. That’s how the tradition survives today in Central Europe. In the Low Countries those black demons became Moors around the time of our 80-year war with Spain. Black Pete wears 16th-century Spanish-style clothing; that is not a coincidence.

Black Petes are jet black, and look a lot like American minstrel singers. That is all that socialists need to create pandemonium. If they look like racist minstrels, they must be racist minstrels. What we see is what we want to see. Anything else is ignored, ridiculed and beaten into submission.

The Dutch tradition is much more family-oriented than the American tradition. It still is mainly a children’s festival that grown-ups also celebrate. Every Dutch child (minus our more recent mohammedan imports) knows Saint Nicholas lives in a huge palace in Spain. Not at the North Pole. Together with his Black Petes. Once a year he gets on a steamboat (fairly recent tradition), to arrive somewhere in the Netherlands in the middle of November. This year that was on Saturday 18 November, in the little Frisian city of Dokkum. The arrival is broadcast on national TV. The mayor will welcome Saint Nicholas and his Black Petes, and accompany them when they make their entrance in the city.

Children are wildly excited now. In the evening they can place their shoe in front of the fireplace. Usually with a bowl of water for Saint Nicholas’ horse Amerigo and a carrot for him (Amerigo, not Saint Nicholas) to munch on. Again, the name of the dapple horse is a fairly recent tradition. It didn’t have a name in the past and it wasn’t dapple but white. The saint rides the horse of course, of course, while Black Pete walks alongside him over the rooftops, and drops little gifts and sweets through the chimney. Bad kids don’t receive anything, perhaps a stone or something. But that coal tradition is fading away. This tradition became your sock or stocking with coal or presents on the chimney. The difference is that we do that every evening until 5 December. You do that only on Christmas Eve. The gifts are most often small gifts or sweets for children. Big or expensive gifts are not customary here.

Tomorrow, after the Saint has rested, he will make appearances all over the country in schools, companies and offices. Sometimes, but not often, in malls. He will have ‘het grote boek’, the Big Book, with the deeds of the children in it, naughty and nice. Children know that Saint Nicholas himself may be in Spain, but about Black Pete, they aren’t so sure. All their naughty deeds somehow are known to Santa… so it’s not unlikely a few Black Petes hang around to eavesdrop.

Black Pete himself has changed a lot over the centuries. Originally it was a bogeyman or the devil tamed by Saint Nicholas. Later, during our revolt in the 16th-17th centuries, he became a black moor dressed in the fashion of the time. Back then Sinterklaas was accompanied by one or sometimes two Black Petes. Pete wasn’t a nice character at all: he carried a bunch of twigs to chastise bad children. His bag of goodies was multi-functional: on the way in, presents were stored in it. On the way out, Black Pete would scoop up the bad kiddies and carry them in the bag to Spain. There, children were told, those bad kids had to toil for a year in the marzipan groves before they were allowed back home again.

The story of how Black Pete became the jolly figure he is today is a charming one. It involves Americans and Canadians in World War Two. After Operation Market Garden failed, The Netherlands was split in two zones. One part was liberated, the other part was occupied by the Germans. That part was North and South Holland plus Utrecht. That’s also the part where the majority of the population (+65%) lives. Food became scarce and later non-existent. The biggest famine in the western world took place with lots of people starving to death. The allies helped out with food drops in Operation Chowhound and Operation Manna.

Later in 1945, after the liberation, the mayor of Amsterdam asked the allied commander if they could help out with Sinterklaas. Food and anything else was still scarce. ‘Why, certainly. Of course we can, and we will!’, was the reply. Especially the Canadian troops went for it. Some Canadians soldiers, for the fun of it, dressed up as Black Petes and started clowning around. Nobody asked them to do that; it was spontaneous. The public adored it. From 1945 onwards Black Pete became a kind of funny clown.

Until that time one or at the most two Petes accompanied the saint; from then on the saint had lots and lots of Petes. All have names resembling their jobs: there is the Head Pete, who is in charge of all the others. The Pakjespiet, gift Pete, who handles presents. The Postpiet takes care of the mail. What do you think the Marzipanpete does? There are also lots of little Petes, children dressed up as Black Pete.

Nice tradition, what? It was, until a couple of years ago. I call it the reverse Midas Touch. Whatever king Midas touched changed into gold. Whatever socialism touches withers away to nothing. Regretfully, socialism found and touched Sinterklaas. The festival is under siege. It holds out, because it isn’t the first time party poopers have wanted to spoil the fun. In the Middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church wasn’t too keen on Sinterklaas. They wanted to abolish the festival as it was too much of a party and not enough praying. No luck. A little bit later the next bunch of party-poopers showed up. This time the Calvinists. Calvinists don’t like parties. Period. So when they got into power they tried to ban it. Without any success.

The next bunch of party poopers came from Germany in WW2. The Germans didn’t have any problem with Saint Nicholas. But Black Pete, that was different. They concentrated undesirable people in camps, remember. So Saint Nicholas was okay, but Black Pete was banned. Without any result. What are you going to do? Mass executions in the streets? Shoot at children? Normally not a big problem for Nazis, but they declined, and let it be.

The latest in a long line of spoilsports are progressive socialists. In Holland that means everyone in government, politics, the media and the business elite. Do note that every poll favors Sinterklaas with Zwarte Piet as they are. Every poll, and overwhelmingly so. Even left-wing pollsters can’t get the numbers below 90%. No matter how much they massage and correct the numbers. Reliable polls set the number of Black Pete fans at >95%. Does that stop socialists? Of course not.

For a number of years they’ve done everything they can to terrorize the population into good behavior. By ‘terrorize’, I mean just that. Intentionally going to Sinterklaas festivals with the purpose of creating riots. The media came up with politically acceptable variations of Black Pete. The steamboat of Saint Nicholas sailed through a rainbow, and now all Black Petes became multicolored. Didn’t work. It was flatly rejected by the population. Black Petes were dressed up differently. No go. New Black Petes appeared without traditional black faces but with some soot. Complete failure.

The ratings of the highly popular arrival of Saint Nicholas and the subsequent Sinterklaas programs on TV are seriously down. People don’t want to watch it. Children are asking: ‘Where is Black Pete?’. The media don’t give a hoot about their audience, but the ratings do matter. So they promised to show Black Pete again. But of course they didn’t. For four days in a row. The ratings are down about 25% as a result.

Big supermarkets that try to promote Sinterklaas without Black Pete see their sales go down. And still they hold on. Why? They are giving in to left-wing progressive blackmail. A few extreme left-wing activists, notably Sylvana Simons, milk the (non-)issue for all it is worth. The government tries to look the other way as much as possible. ‘No, we can’t protect Sinterklaas. How? Why? There is no law for that.’ That kind of baloney. But at the same time, they give left-wing extremists permission to demonstrate next to an arrival of Saint Nicholas. I don’t know what you would call that, but I call it willfully instigating riots with malicious intent.

This year the arrival of Saint Nicholas is in Dokkum, in Frisia. Dokkum is rather famous, because another saint, Saint Boniface was murdered there. The progressive PvdA mayor of Dokkum gave activists permission to demonstrate against Black Pete. But she forbade Frisians to block the roads so their ten coaches could’t approach Dokkum. That is legal activism at work. She knows bloody well those demonstrators aren’t going to hand out candy, but blows against the police and the population.

Their ten coaches went on their way to spoil the party. But… no luck. Angry Frisians blocked the roads despite the ban by the authorities. At first the police tried — half heartedly — to clear the road, but gave up. A little bit later the authorities gave in, and ordered the police to turn the coaches around, back to Holland. In a few other cities the authorities also had to forbid previously approved demonstrations to prevent riots breaking out. Popular pressure does work, but you have to do something for it. By the way — if you look at the photos of the pro-Piet demonstrators, you’ll see they wear the proverbial Dutch clogs. I didn’t know people still wore them on a daily basis. But then, a wooden clog makes an excellent and perfectly legal weapon, should you need it…

I saw some interviews with those poor oppressed demonstrators whining about racism, the police state and vigilantes who violated their democratic right to ‘peacefully’ demonstrate. At the same time, the police had to act (without any arrests, of course) against an illegal anti-Piet demonstration in Rotterdam. They had nothing to say about their blatantly violently abusing democratic rights there.

It is in the news, but barely. You would expect this would be on the front pages of every Dutch newspaper. Not so. You can find it, but you have to dig for it. Small wonder people turn to GoV and other sites to read the news as it really happens.

— H. Numan

‘You can’t let anyone preach’: Germany needs to ‘control’ mosques to fight terrorism – UAE minister

November 21, 2017

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This is how compromised the West, and particularly Merkel’s Germany, has become: an official of the United Arab Emirates is telling Germans what they need to do to stop jihad terrorism: monitor the mosques. The UAE can do what Germany and other European nations (as well as Canada and the U.S.) don’t dare to do: admit that the problem of jihad terrorism comes from Islam, and go to the source of the problem, the mosques. Instead, the prevailing policy is denial to the point of suicide. Even as jihad plotting is going on in mosques, as well as the preaching of Islamic misogyny and Jew-hatred and so much more, authorities look the other way and shower money upon Muslim communities in the mistaken belief that poverty causes terrorism and can be alleviated financially.

Mosques do need to be monitored. If they’re preaching jihad violence, sharia oppression and misogyny, they should be shut down. This shouldn’t even be an issue. This should be the same for any organization found to be preaching violence, hatred and sedition. If you let such organizations proliferate, you’re just asking for trouble. As is Merkel’s Germany.

“‘You can’t let anyone preach’: Germany needs to ‘control’ mosques to fight terrorism – UAE minister,” RT, November 14, 2017:

A loose oversight over mosques is what contributes to the rise of Islamist terrorism in Europe, an UAE minister warned. He then called on Germany and its neighbors to introduce stricter regulation over Muslim prayer halls to prevent radicalization.

“You can’t just leave a mosque open and allow anyone to go there and to preach. You need to have licences,” Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al-Nahyan, the minister for tolerance of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), told Germany’s DPA news agency as he commented on the security situation in Europe. He added that the governmental noninvolvement into the activities of religious communities is what has led to the rapid rise of extremism.

Muslims in Germany as well as in the neighboring France, Belgium and the UK had been radicalized exactly due to the fact that authorities in these countries did not pay enough attention to what happened in the mosques on their territory, the minister argued. “Germany and other European states must eventually exert stricter control over such meeting places of Islamists,” he said.

The minister said that the European countries apparently had “good intentions” when they allowed Muslim migrant communities manage their religious issues, including the establishment of mosques and choice of imams, independently. Still, he criticized such approach as ultimately false and dangerous.

Europe must understand that only people who underwent sufficient training, have a profound knowledge of Islam and possess a license, can become imams, Al-Nahyan said, adding all European mosques should be placed under state surveillance. Explaining the idea, brought the example of his own country, where also prayer halls are controlled by the state authorities.

In the UAE, the state exercises “comprehensive” control over mosques while security services have broad powers allowing them to stop radicalization and prevent any terrorist attacks. The minister told dpa that his country repeatedly offered its assistance and experience in the field of managing religious institutions to the European countries but found little enthusiasm on their part.

“We believe that something [similar] should be done in Europe,” Al-Nahyan told dpa. According to the German media, authorities play no role in the appointment of imams. A person also does not need any approval from the state to establish a mosque….

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Boston Islamic Seminary Training Next Gen Extremists

November 21, 2017

Boston Islamic Seminary Training Next Gen Extremists, Clarion ProjectSam Westrop, November 21, 2017

Anti-Semitic Teachers at the Boston Islamic Seminary (left to right): Hisham Mahmoud, Yahia Abdul Rahman, Amr El-Fass and Suheil Laher. (Photos: social media)

New research by the Middle East Forum has uncovered evidence of extreme antisemitism among faculty members and guest speakers appointed by the Islamic Society of Boston to teach and promote its latest project: the Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS).

BIS was established in 2016 to “equip future religious leaders with the intellectual, spiritual and practical training to serve the American Muslim community.” Currently, it offers “continuing education” classes, but it hopes to offer an accredited graduate degree program by 2019, which will “train chaplains, imams, and other leaders to serve in a variety of contexts.”

And what exactly will this next generation of chaplains and imams learn at BIS?

Faculty listed on the BIS website include Yahia Abdul Rahman, who is described as an expert on “sharia-compliant” banking. On his social media accounts, Abdul Rahman has posted stories from “The Ugly Truth,” a website that describes itself as “intelligent ‘anti-Semitism’ for thinking Gentiles.”

Elsewhere, Rahman has shared claims that any Muslim who fails to oppose Israel is no longer a Muslim and is afflicted with a “Jewish heart.” Other posts of his claim the Jews were complicit in the 2008 financial crisis.

Another BIS lecturer, Suheil Laher, previously served as head of the (now-defunct) al-Qaeda charity, CARE International. On his old website, Laher published calls to jihad and linked to an al-Qaeda fundraising website. On his current website, Laher refers to homosexuals as “depraved sinners.”

Other current BIS faculty members include Amr El-Fass, who suggests that Jews are to blame for intra-Arab conflict, and Hisham Mahmoud, whom moderate Muslim groups denounced after he likened homosexuality to pedophilia and advocated that homosexuals should be punished.

Guest speakers are BIS are just as extreme. In June 2016, BIS invited Abdelrahman Murphy to address a BIS audience. Murphy, who is a former employee of the Islamic Society of Boston, works for the Qalam Institute, which hosts a document on its website warning that Muslims who seek “cleanliness” and “purity” should “not resemble the Jews.” Murphy has stated: “There is no such thing as an innocent Israeli.”

Another speaker at the BIS event with Murphy was Yousef Abdallah, who serves as the “East Coast Operations Manager” for Islamic Relief, a prominent Islamist charity. Abdallah has posted jokes on social media about “stinking” Jews, has written that Chris Christie is “down on his knees before the jewish lords” and has shared a story praising “martyrs” who provide guns to “kill more than 20 jews” and “fire rockets at Tel Aviv.”

The Middle East Forum has uncovered several other examples. We asked the Boston branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which often talks about other examples of hate speech — for comment, but it did not reply. Curiously, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston also failed to respond.

For many readers, this must all seem like a familiar story. BIS is a project of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), which, since its founding over 10 years ago, has displayed much evidence of extremism. Inaugural trustees of the ISB included Yusuf Al Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who was praised by Bin Laden, and Abdulrahman Alamoudi, an al-Qaeda fundraiser who was jailed in 2004 for conspiring with the Libyan regime to assassinate a Saudi crown prince.

In 2004, Boston Jewish leaders condemned another mosque trustee named Walid Fitaihi, after he denounced Jews as the “murderers of prophets” and claimed that they “would be punished for their oppression, murder and rape of the worshippers of Allah.” The very same Walid Fitaihi is now listed on the BIS website as a faculty member.

The Boston Islamic Seminary promises to educate the next generation of Muslims in Massachusetts. These chaplains, imams and community leaders will in turn educate Muslim communities all over America for many decades to come.

Thus far, none of Boston’s political or religious leaders has expressed alarm over the extremists behind Boston’s newest Islamic institution. The question remains: Exactly how much hatred for Jews and other minorities must be revealed before leaders will speak out?

This article appeared originally on Middle East Forum and was reprinted with permission.

Putin summons Assad to Sochi, takes charge of shaping post-war Syria

November 21, 2017

Putin summons Assad to Sochi, takes charge of shaping post-war Syria, DEBKAfile, November 21, 2017

President Vladimir Putin and Syria’s Bashar Assad agreed in Sochi on Monday, Nov. 20, to start addressing Syria’s political situation now that the “terrorists” are defeated and the war is drawing to a close.

Putin insisted that diplomacy for a Syrian post-war settlement should go forward under UN aegis. Assad replied that he hoped for “Russia’s help in ensuring that the Syrians themselves lead the process, with help from outside, but not ‘interference.’”

The Syrian ruler would accept an external UN frame, but is clearly opposed to any outside attempts by the UN or anyone else to interfere in the country’s internal political dialogue or try to impose solutions on the parties.

That much is evident from the official accounts of the Sochi meeting. Its real content may be quite different. It stands to reason that Putin leaned hard on his guest to make sure that Assad toed the Moscow line.

The Russian president then announced he would be spending the next day in telephone consultations on Syria’s future with US President Donald Trump and a number of Middle East leaders. Word on what transpired at the Sochi interview and in those phone calls will most likely emerge in reports from Moscow and Damascus in the coming days.

Meanwhile, DEBKAfile’s Middle East and Russian sources fill in some of the context:

  1. Putin and Assad may have shaken hands in token of the Syrian war’s end, but both are perfectly aware that it is not yet over. One main stage, the defeat of the Islamic State and liberation of the territory it occupied, is more or less in the bag. But although most Syrian rebel groups have been broken, the civil rebellion persists.
  2. There is no indication of a silent contest said to be afoot between Russia and Iran for the domination of post-war Syria. For now, they complement each other, which each assigned a slice of territorial influence. The Russian army controls parts of the Mediterranean coastland, while Iran is extending its control of the Damascus region and Syria’s two border regions with Lebanon and Iraq and their highway connections. Close teamwork is also apparent on the battlefield with Russia actively supporting Iran and Hizballah.
  3. The Sochi meeting was only the beginning of a long and difficult diplomatic process that could go on for many months, if not years, punctuated with ups and downs, pauses and outbreaks of hostilities.
  4. Bashar Assad survived more than seven years of a vicious and grueling war and emerged as the winner. He may well try to repeat this feat in the diplomatic contest over Syria’s political future.

On Wednesday, Nov. 22, the next steps in Syria will be discussed at a meeting of Russian, Turkish and Iranian leaders. (It is not yet clear if attendance will be at head-of-state or foreign ministerial level). Syria will not be present. Therefore, this trilateral forum will be in charge.

On the same day, Saudi Arabia has scheduled a meeting of Syrian opposition leaders in Riyadh.

A week hence, on Nov. 28, the UN-sponsored conference on the Syria crisis convenes in Geneva in which the US has a major stake..

Humor | ISIS threatens to behead Bugs Bunny if demands not met

November 21, 2017

ISIS threatens to behead Bugs Bunny if demands not met, Duffel Blog, November 21, 2017

DAMASCUS, Syria — The mystery of Bugs Bunny’s recent disappearance took a troubling turn after ISIS claimed to have taken him hostage, sources confirmed today.

The kidnapping of the iconic Hollywood star comes as a major victory for the so-called Islamic State, as Bunny is the most high-profile American to fall into their hands.

“Taking Bugs Bunny hostage is a victory for ISIS that will send shockwaves around the world,” said Bill Testier, a senior defense analyst at the Pentagon. “It’s even worse than the time they painted a fake tunnel entrance on the side of a cliff, resulting in eight American casualties.”

Bunny had been in Syria for the last two weeks shooting scenes for an upcoming film. When he didn’t show up to the set on time earlier this week, producers initially expressed little concern, thinking he might have had too much Acme-brand scotch the night before.

When they went to his room to wake him, he was nowhere to be found, and his room bore signs of a struggle, prompting a search.

Americans’ worst fears were realized after ISIS released a video showing a captive Bugs Bunny being held at gunpoint. An ISIS spokesman declared they would “hold him up by his dopey ears and slice right through his skinny rabbit neck” if the group’s demands were not met.

“The world will not tah-wah-wate that wascally wabbit being harmed,” said Elmer Fudd, a fellow actor who was filming alongside Bunny. “Those Iswamic wadicals are going to we-gwet this.”

“Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh,” added Fudd.

ISIS has vowed to release Bunny only after the United States immediately withdraws all American troops from the Middle East, renounces Israel’s statehood, and ships them a lifetime supply of goat lube.

“There’s n-n-n-no way the U.S. w-will m-m-meet those d-d-d-d-d-demands,” said Porky Pig, a close associate of Bunny. “B-Bugs is f-f-f-fucked.”

Holding the PLO Accountable

November 21, 2017

Holding the PLO Accountable, FrontPage MagazineCaroline Glick, November 21, 2017

(I have mixed feelings about Secretary of State Tillerson: bad and terrible. He appears to believe that he, not Trump, is the American president. Forget the moribund “peace process,” move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and do it now. Please see also The terrorist had reason to smile as he rammed people. — DM)

Originally published by the Jerusalem Post.

DeSantis argued that until the embassy is moved the Trump administration should take “incremental steps” that move it toward the goal.

Among the steps he advocated, DeSantis said “the American consulates in Jerusalem should report to the American embassy in Israel, not directly to the State Department.”

Tillerson’s letter to Zomlot was shocking because it represented the first time since 1993 that the PLO has been held accountable for its actions. The time has come for the State Department, too, to be held accountable for its behavior. And the best way to start this process is to follow DeSantis’s advice, subordinate the US consulates in Jerusalem to the US ambassador and end their boycott of Jews – US citizens and non-citizens – who live in the Jerusalem area, in Judea and Samaria.


Is the PLO’s long vacation from accountability coming to an end? How about the State Department’s? In 1987 the US State Department placed the PLO on its list of foreign terrorist organizations. The PLO was removed from the list in 1994, following the initiation of its peace process with Israel in 1993.

As part of the Clinton administration’s efforts to conclude a long-term peace deal between the PLO and Israel, in 1994 then president Bill Clinton signed an executive order waiving enforcement of laws that barred the PLO and its front groups from operating in the US. His move enabled the PLO to open a mission in Washington.

Whereas Obama’s PLO upgrade was legally dubious, the PLO’s campaign to get recognized as a state breached both of its agreements with Israel and the terms under which the US recognized it and permitted it to operate missions on US soil.

The operation of the PLO’s missions in the US was contingent on periodic certification by the secretary of state that the PLO was not engaged in terrorism, including incitement of terrorism, was not encouraging the boycott of Israel and was not seeking to bypass its bilateral negotiations with Israel in order to achieve either diplomatic recognition or statehood. Under Obama, the State Department refused to acknowledge the PLO’s breach of all the conditions of US recognition.

Angry at the administration’s facilitation of PLO breaches, in 2015 Congress mandated stricter and more precise conditions for continued operation of the PLO’s mission in Washington. Starting in 2016, the PLO was explicitly banned from advocating the prosecution of Israelis by the International Criminal Court. In 2015 the PLO joined the ICC with the explicit purpose of advocating the prosecution of Israelis. And in conformance with this purpose, in his speech before the UN General Assembly in September 2017, PLO/PA chief Mahmoud Abbas called for the ICC to prosecute Israelis for building communities in Judea and Samaria.

Given his experience with US administrations since Clinton, Abbas had every reason to believe that he would suffer no repercussions for his statement. No US administration had ever called the PLO/PA to account for its open breach of the terms of US recognition. So it isn’t surprising that Abbas and his advisers were utterly shocked when on Friday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent a letter to the PLO mission in Washington informing PLO envoy Husam Zomlot that he could not renew certification of PLO compliance with US law in light of Abbas’s statement in September.

The only way for the mission to remain in place is if President Donald Trump certifies within 90 days that the PLO is engaged in “direct, meaningful negotiations with Israel.”

One of the primary functions of the PLO mission in Washington is to promote and fund the boycott movement against Israel – in contravention of the terms of its operation and the terms of its agreements with Israel.

In written testimony to the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa in February, Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies revealed that the mission is “said to be actively promoting campus BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] activity in the US.”

“PLO operatives in Washington, DC,” Schanzer said, “are reportedly involved in coordinating the activities of Palestinian students in the US who receive funds from the PLO to engage in BDS activism. This, of course, suggests that the BDS movement is not a grassroots activist movement, but rather one that is heavily influenced by PLO-sponsored persons.”

In April 2016, Schanzer informed Congress that the PLO consulate in Chicago is a major funder of the BDS campus group Students for Justice in Palestine. The chairman of the US Coalition to Boycott Israel, which among other things funds BDS, is Ghassan Barakat, an official at the PLO’s Chicago consulate. His colleague, Senan Shaqdeh, is a member of the coalition. Shaqdeh also claims to be the founder of Students for Justice in Palestine, the antisemitic BDS group that operates on campuses throughout the US.

As Schanzer noted, in 2014 Shaqdeh traveled to Ramallah to meet with Abbas and PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

Aside from the fact that the US has refused to hold the PLO accountable for its actions for a quarter century, the PLO has another good reason to be shocked by Tillerson’s letter: the US consulate in Jerusalem operates as almost a mirror to the PLO mission in Washington.

The US consulate in Jerusalem has the same status as an embassy. Like the US ambassador in Tel Aviv, the US consul general in Jerusalem reports directly to the State Department. He is not accredited to Israel. His area of operations includes Jerusalem and its environs within and beyond the 1949 armistice lines, including Beit Shemesh, Mevasseret Zion, Judea and Samaria.

Israeli citizens who live within the consulate’s area of operations are not permitted to receive consular and visa services from the embassy in Tel Aviv. Among the hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews that are required to receive US consular services from the consulate rather than the embassy are tens of thousands of Jewish dual nationals.

And yet, as Yisrael Medad has exhaustively documented, the Jerusalem consulate maintains an effective boycott of both these dual nationals and Israeli nationals who live in its area of operation. All of the consulate’s activities for US citizens are directed specifically and openly toward “Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

Consul General Donald Blome similarly directs all of his efforts toward reaching out to the Palestinians, ignoring as a regular practice the millions of Jews who live in his area of responsibility.

The consulate also openly rejects the notion that Israel and Jews have ties to its area of operations. For instance, Blome went on a hike around Judea and Samaria in July where he effectively erased the Jewish heritage sites in the areas. The consulate echoed UNESCO’s Jew-free version of the history of the land of Israel in a press release that celebrated his walk along the “Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil” trail in celebration of “the connection of the people with the land.” Jews were not mentioned in the press release. And the historical name of the route he took is “Abraham’s path.”

Scholarships to study in the US and jobs listed on the website are open to “Palestinian residents of Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

In other words, while the PLO missions are pushing the BDS agenda in the US, the US consulate in Jerusalem is implementing it on the ground in Israel.

Tillerson’s letter to the PLO mission on Friday came two weeks before Trump will have to decide whether or not to sign a related waiver. On December 1, Trump will either allow the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act to come into force or he will sign a waiver postponing the embassy move for yet another six months.

In a congressional hearing on the issue of moving the embassy to Jerusalem on November 8, Rep. Ron DeSantis said that transfer of the embassy may be delayed due to the Trump administration’s “efforts to pursue a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.”

DeSantis argued that until the embassy is moved the Trump administration should take “incremental steps” that move it toward the goal.

Among the steps he advocated, DeSantis said “the American consulates in Jerusalem should report to the American embassy in Israel, not directly to the State Department.”

Tillerson’s letter to Zomlot was shocking because it represented the first time since 1993 that the PLO has been held accountable for its actions. The time has come for the State Department, too, to be held accountable for its behavior. And the best way to start this process is to follow DeSantis’s advice, subordinate the US consulates in Jerusalem to the US ambassador and end their boycott of Jews – US citizens and non-citizens – who live in the Jerusalem area, in Judea and Samaria.