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New York Times: Muslims celebrated Hitler on Mohammed’s birthday

November 22, 2015

New York Times: Muslims celebrated Hitler on Mohammed’s birthday, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, November 21, 2015

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From the historical file of politically incorrect facts that we’re supposed to pretend never happened. Elder of Ziyon dug up this 1937 New York Times story.

All Arabs Celebrate Prophet’s Birthday

Palestine Arabs outdid themselves today in celebrating Mouled el Nebi, the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed. Never before have there beer such elaborate festivities, decorations and processions as throughout the country today….

Several days prior to the festival all buildings in Arab quarters were elaborately decorated, and pictures of Hitler, Mussolini and Fawzi el Kaoukgi, an Iraqian who came to Palestine during the disturbances last Summer to organize an “Arab revolt” were displayed. The government immediately ordered the removal of Fawzi el Kaoukgi’s picture.

At Jaffa, the swastika was hoisted by Arabs over several buildings and Mussolini was loudly cheered.

Fawzi was a Nazi colonel and an ally of Hitler’s Mufti (he who must not be mentioned). He vowed to throw the Jews into the sea, but instead he failed miserably when he led the Arab Liberation Army, during the Muslim invasion of Israel. The ALA was a sort of ISIS of the day, consisting a motley crew of Muslim Jihadists from around the world, and Fawzi was notorious for brutally executing and torturing prisoners. It had a Muslim Brotherhood component

Much of their venture was unfinished Holocaust business.

 It turned out to be the daily record of Yusuf Begovic of Pale, a town near Sarajevo in modern-day Bosnia-Herzegovina. In it Begovic had described his activities as a cook for the “Arab Army of Liberation.”

Traubner described who Begovic had been serving: “35 Yugoslav Muslims who had a good reason to expect to be among the first to occupy and loot Tel Aviv, were part of a group of some thousands who came to the Middle East to join the jihad against Israel.”…

The plan didn’t work too well. The Muslim Nazi led his people to defeat. But back in the 1930s, he and the Nazis were the great hope for killing Jews.

Nazi flags and pictures of Hitler and Mussolini were being displayed by many Arab shops in the Old City today in connection with the celebration of Mohammed’s birthday.

Arab children thronged the teeming section’s narrow, winding streets, shouting: “Death to the High Commissioner (Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope)! Death to the Jews!”

Nothing Nazi-like about that.