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Immigration Officers Union Gives First Ever Endorsement to Trump

September 26, 2016

Immigration Officers Union Gives First Ever Endorsement to Trump, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, September 26, 2016


Obama turned those who should enforce our borders and our laws into coyotes smuggling his illegal alien backers into this country. It hasn’t won him and his political ideology any friends. And has not done Hillary any favors.

The union representing the nation’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and staff is throwing its support behind GOP nominee Donald Trump.

It’s the first time ever that the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council has endorsed a candidate for president, according to a statement posted on Trump’s campaign web site Monday.

“Donald Trump reached out to us for a meeting, sat down with me to discuss his goals for enforcement, and pledged to support ICE officers, our nation’s laws and our members. In his immigration policy, he has outlined core policies needed to restore immigration security — including support for increased interior enforcement and border security, an end to Sanctuary Cities, an end to catch-and-release, mandatory detainers, and the canceling of executive amnesty and non-enforcement directives,” its statement says.

In contrast, the union says Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton supports furthering “amnesty” and is pushing a “radical” immigration plan that will lead to the loss of thousands of lives.

 But Hillary does have the support of millions of illegal aliens. That’s why she’s again Voter ID and why the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail, successfully in many cases, against any anti-fraud measures.