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The Clinton Degradation

October 30, 2016

The Clinton Degradation, Power Line, Scott Johnson, October 30, 2016

The prospect of a second Clinton presidency lies before us. I find it almost unbelievable. FBI Director Comey’s announcement of the investigation of newly discovered emails is a timely reminder of what a Clinton presidency holds in store for us simply in terms of lawlessness and scandal, not to mention the horribly destructive public policies she advocates.

In her four-minutes press conference this past Friday evening, Clinton was asked what she would say to a voter who “will be seeing you and hearing what you’re saying, saying I didn’t trust her before. I don’t trust her any more right now….” Clinton responded like a Democratic flack mouthing the obligatory talking point of the moment: “You know, I think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. I think that’s factored into what people think and now they are choosing a president.’

Yesterday at a rally in Florida, Clinton vowed: “No matter what they throw at us in these last day, we don’t back down.” She’s proud of it! The shamelessness abides.

With just 10 days until Election Day, Hillary’s on the trail in Florida.

Watch live: 

“No matter what they throw at us in these last days, we won’t back down. We won’t be distracted.” —Hillary: 

The presidency of Bill Clinton was a long day’s journey into corruption, perjury, obstruction and national degradation. Thanks to Paula Jones, we even know the shape of the giver.

The revival of the Clinton investigation courtesy of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin is perfect. Thanks to Weiner himself, we know the shape of the giver as well. And the Weiner/Abedin marriage reflects Bill and Hillary’s arrangement in a funhouse mirror.

Through the first Clinton presidency Hillary Clinton served as Bill Clinton’s faithful enabler and attack dog. We nevertheless remain in her debt. Through her work on HillaryCare she produced the first Republican majority in the House of Representatives in 40 years. Some thought it couldn’t be done.

This is not to mention the rank corruption the Clinton family represents. Jack Engelhard captures an aspect of it in the column “How Hillary and Bill became Bonnie and Clyde.” When it comes to corruption, there is no bottom to the Clintons. We patiently wait “to find out what price/You have to pay to get out of/Going through all these things twice.” Bob Dylan said that.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan spoke of defining deviancy down. With the Clintons we define degradation down.

Former FBI Asst. Director: FBI Has ‘Intensive, Ongoing’ Investigation into the Clinton Foundation

October 30, 2016

Former FBI Asst. Director: FBI Has ‘Intensive, Ongoing’ Investigation into the Clinton Foundation, PJ Media, Debra Heine, October 30, 2016

(The rain on Hillary’s parade may be turning into a thunderstorm. — DM)

comey3April 5, 2016 file photo, FBI Director James Comey

A former FBI assistant director told CNN Saturday night that the FBI has for months been conducting an “intensive” investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The former G-man, Tom Fuentes, also contradicted CNN’s reporting from earlier this year that said the FBI’s attempts to open a public corruption case into the Clinton Foundation were quashed by the DOJ. CNN reported back in August that three field offices wanted to launch an investigation, but DOJ officials had pushed back against opening a case because “the request seemed more political than substantive.” There were conflicting reports at the time, however, which said a joint FBI-U.S. Attorney probe was indeed underway.

Fuentes said, “The FBI has an intensive investigation, ongoing, into the Clinton Foundation.” He added that “the reports that three divisions came in with a request to Washington to open cases, and that they were turned down by the Department of Justice — that’s not true.”

“What was turned down was that they be the originating office,” Fuentes explained. “Headquarters at the FBI made the determination that the investigation would go forward as a comprehensive, unified case, and be coordinated. So that investigation is ongoing and Huma Abedin, and her role in the foundation and possible allegations concerning the activities of the secretary of state, the nature of the foundation and possible pay to play — that’s still being looked at.”

Fuentes continued, saying that “now you have her emails on a computer where the FBI already has a separate case going for Anthony Weiner’s alleged activities with a minor girl — so in a sense it’s almost turned into a one-stop shopping for the FBI. They could have implications affecting three separate investigations on one computer.”

Fuentes said that last week the team looking at Weiner’s computers went to the team that worked on the Clinton email case and showed the emails to them.

“And that team said, ‘this is really significant, we need to take this to the director, maybe we need to take another look at the email case,'” he explained. According to Fuentes,  Comey sent out the letter to the congressional leaders the very next day.

Fuentes seemed to want to stress the importance of the Clinton Foundation investigation: “Intermixed with all of this is still the ongoing foundation investigation … so three separate cases,” he said.

Fuentes told CNN that several “senior officials” in and out of the bureau had been apprising him of what was going on with the investigations.

Anthony Weiner cooperating with FBI on email probe

October 30, 2016

Anthony Weiner cooperating with FBI on email probe, Washington ExaminerDaniel Chaitin, October 30, 2016

weinerThe news that Anthony Weiner is cooperating would help law enforcement with the investigation. (AP Photo/Jin Lee)

Former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is cooperating with authorities in the FBI investigation of his laptop that contains emails that prompted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to reopen its probe into Hillary Clinton‘s use of an unauthorized email server.

The news that Weiner is cooperating, reported by Fox News’ Bret Baier on Sunday, would help law enforcement with the investigation, since officials didn’t yet have a warrant to read through the material found on the device.

Though FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers Friday his agency found emails related to Hillary Clinton‘s private email server, he didn’t yet have a warrant to read them.

As of Saturday night, the FBI had not received a search warrant from the Justice Department, an unnamed agency official told Yahoo News, but the agency was in talks to get one. When Comey wrote the letter, “he had no idea what was in the content of the emails,” said one official.

Neither the Justice Department nor the FBI immediately returned a request for comment.

Comey has begun participating in briefings with the Republican chairman and Democratic ranking members of congressional committees, according to Bill House, a congressional correspondent for Bloomberg News, citing unnamed sources.

Comey wrote a letter to eight lawmakers Friday to inform them that he was reopening the FBI case into Clinton’s unauthorized email server after the agency found emails in a laptop obtained from Weiner as part of a separate investigation into a sexting scandal. Weiner is the estranged husband to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

In his letter, Comey admitted he did not yet have the authority to assess the emails, but said the material “may be significant.”

Reports came out Saturday that Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s department disapproved of Comey’s decision to inform the lawmakers, as it deviated from agency policy not to comment on ongoing investigations.

Officials told CNN that the Justice Department could do little to stop Comey after the controversy that resulted from Lynch’s private meeting with former President Bill Clinton during the summer.

Comey has been hit by backlash for sending the letter to lawmakers just under two weeks before the Nov. 8 election. Democrats in particular have lashed out, adopting Republican nominee Donald Trump‘s refrain that the election is “rigged.”

The Clinton campaign, including the candidate herself, has called on the FBI to release all “relevant facts” they have on the emails.

In an internal memo obtained by Fox News on Friday, Comey explained to staffers he chose to break with normal procedure because he felt “an obligation” to tell Congress because he recently testified that the investigation had ended and that he recommended no charges be brought against the former secretary of state.

Report: Weiner sexting probe led FBI to reopen Clinton case

October 28, 2016

Report: Weiner sexting probe led FBI to reopen Clinton case, Washington Examiner, Sarah Westwood, October 28, 2016

FBI Director James Comey moved to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s treatment of classified material after discovering new materials on devices belonging to Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, and Anthony Weiner, her soon-to-be ex-husband who is presently the subject of a separate probe into sexually-charged messages he allegedly sent to a minor.

Agents seized the devices from Abedin and Weiner’s home during the sexting investigation, and found emails that potentially contained classified information, the New York Times reported Friday.

In a letter to Congress, Comey did not indicate what prompted him to revisit the Clinton email case. He cited only an “unrelated” probe in his letter to lawmakers Friday afternoon as the reason why his agents are again looking into Clinton’s handling of sensitive information.

Comey closed the investigation in July after failing to find evidence that Clinton and her staff intentionally mistreated classified documents.