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Guess who was left unpardoned!

January 21, 2017

Guess who was left unpardoned! American ThinkerRuss Vaughn, January 21, 2017

Obama has left town, and guess whom he has left holding the proverbial bag for possible criminality occurring during his presidency?  If you guess Hillary Clinton – and, by extension, her husband, her aide Huma Abedin, and her lawyer Cheryl Mills, among many others who hitched their wagons to the Clinton star – you’re right on the money.  Imagine the ominous sense of impending doom that must be spreading through the Clinton domain as all of them realize that they have lost forever the umbrella of protection from prosecution that a last-minute pardon from a friendly president of their own political party would have afforded them.  They now all stand fully exposed to the elements of criminal prosecution that they had thought themselves immune to during an Obama presidency followed by a Clinton election victory.

Wouldn’t you love to hear some of the phone conversations going on right now within that former empire?  John Podesta’s email revelations likely pale in significance compared to those email conversations underway even as you read this.  You say they couldn’t possibly be that stupid?  Remember, these are liberal Democrat operatives who have already demonstrated their limited grasp of and regard for cyber-security, so don’t be so sure.  What you can rest assured of is that there are a number of those operatives whose minds are working furiously to determine what they can do to save themselves – not their bosses, but themselves.  Surely the FBI agents who have an open investigation into Clinton corruption are at this moment sifting through their perp profiles to determine who will best respond to offers of immunity for cooperation.

Friday, the 20th of January, 2017 has to be a very dark day within the Clinton realm.  Don’t you just love it?

Thomas Lifson adds:

President Trump also has pardon power.  That gives him a lot of bargaining leverage if he ever decides to exercise his artistic skills in deal-making with the Clinton machine.


The crumbling Clinton criminal enterprise

November 10, 2016

The crumbling Clinton criminal enterprise, American ThinkerRuss Vaughn, November 10, 2016

Sadness reigns in progressives’ America – a grief so profound as to provoke outbreaks of acute liberal insanity.  But the grief, anxiety, and outright fear affecting progressive America for the moment must surely pale against those same emotions within Clinton, Incorporated, whose future fortunes have done a disastrous one-eighty since early Wednesday morning.

Think about it for a moment: with no more promise of future access to the presidential inner circle, what third-world government or major global enterprise truly wants to pay a cool half-mil to a now not so cool Bill for his special insights?  Do you suppose that all those Wall Street swells are breathlessly waiting to hear the unique perspectives of a now not the first female president at a tidy 250 grand a pop?  Sure they are.

But of course, the influence-peddling speeches were just chump change, mere walking around money for high rollers like Hill and Bill.  The real cash, the huge multi-million-dollar payoffs that even bought pre-presidential secretary of state access, has until now come in the form of donations to the various non-profit entities the Clintons created to funnel their filthy lucre into – huge amounts of cash that could be washed, rinsed, dried, possibly even nationally dyed before being made available to maintain their one-percent lifestyle.  It occurs to me that perhaps there is no longer a waiting list of sheiks and Middle Eastern potentates eager to pony up petro-dollars to ensure that a Clinton presidency maintains a firm grip on the now closed tap of federal petroleum resources, as the current occupant of the Oval Office long has.

In six months or so, when the new U.S. attorney general appoints a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation and all its related entities, does any of us really believe that Fortune 500 companies are going to be as keen as they once were to have themselves listed as donors to anything that has the Clinton brand on it?  Without the family-White House link, will billionaires feel so warmly inclined toward neophyte investor and Clinton son-in-law Mark Mezvinsky, whose now defunct Greek hedge fund apparently “lost” huge sums of its investments?  Ever wonder just where “lost” investments end up?

What could be even more disastrous for the Clintons would be if many of the major donors to their charities should decide they’ve been sold a bill of goods and demand refunds of very substantial quids, for which there will not now, nor ever, be the much anticipated quos.  With reports that very little of the Clinton charitable donations have actually been applied to charitable deeds, such donors would seem to have a reasonably credible motive for demanding that their donations be returned.  Just a few demands could trigger a financial run on the charity itself and multiple lawsuits against other associated Clinton business enterprises, for profit or not.  How could the Clintons defend against such claims, with the response that the donations were actually made to obtain political favor?

With new donations dwindling and donors demanding refunds, lawsuits piling up, and an aggressive special prosecutor seeking evidence of ongoing crimes, it’s quite likely that the future is not going to be quite as rosy as the Clintons had pictured it prior to Tuesday.  It is even more likely that it’s going to end in a way that at least half of America is going to find extremely gratifying.

It’s my opinion that the idea of Crooked Hillary escaping justice was a hugely motivating factor for voting against her, even by those who didn’t like Trump.  They were adamant they did not want to see the Democrats reward her for her corruption.

And for those of you who will be quick to respond that Obama will simply pardon the Clintons, you will only be partially correct.  He can pardon them for federal offenses.  However, he has no authority to pardon them for future federal offenses, from state offenses, or from civil lawsuits arising from their corrupt behaviors.  That reality leaves a lot of prosecutorial and litigation doors open to a pair of grifters with a long list of political enemies.


New Ad Puts Clinton in a Rap Video: ‘Pay My Foundation for the Keys to the Nation’

November 4, 2016

New Ad Puts Clinton in a Rap Video: ‘Pay My Foundation for the Keys to the Nation’, Washington Free Beacon, November 3, 2016

The Future45 Super PAC is out with an ad depicting Hillary Clinton in a rap video offering the “keys to the nation” to donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Playing off the allegations of pay-to-play and influence-peddling around her State Department and the foreign and financial entities who gave millions to the Clinton Foundation, the narrator raps, “If you want to get to the top, don’t let the rules hold you back. Pay my foundation for the keys to the nation.” Meanwhile, an actress portraying Clinton dances around the Oval Office with money floating around her.

“Money, money, money, you keep it gushin.’ Don’t care if you’re Arab, Wall Street or Russian,” the narrator raps at another point, while Clinton dances with the different interests.

The ad, part of a $1 million online campaign. is aimed at millennials in targeted battleground states, using mobile devices, Snapchat and YouTube.

A separate ad features various media figures’ voiceovers discussing the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and how they were clearly seeking influence, while Clinton dances in glee.

Am I back in Argentina?

November 2, 2016

Am I back in Argentina? Israel National News, Rabbi David L. Algaze, November 1, 2016

I awoke last night from a nightmare dream: I was in my ancestral country of Argentina and I was afraid once again of the dictator named Juan Domingo Peron and his wife Evita. That was scary indeed. The government was dominated by a party that made the laws as they pleased and no one had the power to check them, let alone prosecute their misdeeds. Even the press was muzzled or complicit. Here the wife of the president had a special foundation, Fundacion Eva Peron that accepted donations from wealthy donors and who received special treatment from the government. Anyone who dared to challenge this state of affairs was in trouble and the debate over the propriety of any act was thus ended.

But it was morning now and I relaxed knowing that I was now in a democratic country protected by a Constitution, honest organizations and lack of corruption, where no one is above the law, ordinary citizens are not threatened by any arm of the government and where no special favors are dispensed to high donors or foreign entities. Here the law is equal for all, and we can be sure that no one gets special treatment because they give money to a special foundation. My night was over and with it that awful dream.

Suddenly, though, I saw a high government official who was testifying that she never sent any classified material incorrectly, who lied about keeping a private email server. When the secret was out, she and her staff were busy destroying evidence.  But wait, the government was investigating and we could breathe easily. After months of “investigation” by top enforcers of the law, the government forgave her trespassing. They criticized her for just being “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information but let her off the hook. The FBI did not pursue evidence of any statements that could be false, did not investigate any obstruction of justice and the destruction of evidence.

Even more, the agents gave immunity to people who could have provided evidence of crimes and these people went on to plead the Fifth Amendment refusing to testify before Congress. The entire investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice reeked of willful negligence or favoritism – that is, until this week when the investigation was reopened because of a new set of emails.

Even more striking, I saw that the Clinton Foundation and the State Department headed by Hillary Clinton were one seamless entity, employing the same people and coordinating schedules. Emails discovered by people outside of government — who had forced their release against State Department wishes, showed that Clinton Foundation staff was questioning some State Department decisions by stating that President Clinton “will be very unhappy if that’s the case.”

Donors to the Foundation expected to receive special treatment such as being invited to State dinners or being given special business opportunities. The scandal of President Clinton in Haiti and his business partners, i.e., donors to the Foundation, and the confluence of extraordinarily high speaking fees at groups that later received profitable business deals and special access to the State Department headed by his wife—are these real or imagined?

Donors to the Foundation expected to receive special treatment such as being invited to State dinners or being given special business opportunities. The scandal of President Clinton in Haiti and his business partners, i.e., donors to the Foundation, and the confluence of extraordinarily high speaking fees at groups that later received profitable business deals and special access to the State Department headed by his wife—are these real or imagined?

The Clinton Degradation

October 30, 2016

The Clinton Degradation, Power Line, Scott Johnson, October 30, 2016

The prospect of a second Clinton presidency lies before us. I find it almost unbelievable. FBI Director Comey’s announcement of the investigation of newly discovered emails is a timely reminder of what a Clinton presidency holds in store for us simply in terms of lawlessness and scandal, not to mention the horribly destructive public policies she advocates.

In her four-minutes press conference this past Friday evening, Clinton was asked what she would say to a voter who “will be seeing you and hearing what you’re saying, saying I didn’t trust her before. I don’t trust her any more right now….” Clinton responded like a Democratic flack mouthing the obligatory talking point of the moment: “You know, I think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. I think that’s factored into what people think and now they are choosing a president.’

Yesterday at a rally in Florida, Clinton vowed: “No matter what they throw at us in these last day, we don’t back down.” She’s proud of it! The shamelessness abides.

With just 10 days until Election Day, Hillary’s on the trail in Florida.

Watch live: 

“No matter what they throw at us in these last days, we won’t back down. We won’t be distracted.” —Hillary: 

The presidency of Bill Clinton was a long day’s journey into corruption, perjury, obstruction and national degradation. Thanks to Paula Jones, we even know the shape of the giver.

The revival of the Clinton investigation courtesy of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin is perfect. Thanks to Weiner himself, we know the shape of the giver as well. And the Weiner/Abedin marriage reflects Bill and Hillary’s arrangement in a funhouse mirror.

Through the first Clinton presidency Hillary Clinton served as Bill Clinton’s faithful enabler and attack dog. We nevertheless remain in her debt. Through her work on HillaryCare she produced the first Republican majority in the House of Representatives in 40 years. Some thought it couldn’t be done.

This is not to mention the rank corruption the Clinton family represents. Jack Engelhard captures an aspect of it in the column “How Hillary and Bill became Bonnie and Clyde.” When it comes to corruption, there is no bottom to the Clintons. We patiently wait “to find out what price/You have to pay to get out of/Going through all these things twice.” Bob Dylan said that.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan spoke of defining deviancy down. With the Clintons we define degradation down.

How Hillary and Bill became Bonnie and Clyde

October 30, 2016

How Hillary and Bill became Bonnie and Clyde, Israel National News, Jack Engelhard

The latest news about the Clintons, that Hillary’s case is being re-opened and that Bill got himself tremendously rich while Hillary was in office, gets to me to thinking about Bonnie and Clyde, the 1967 movie starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway about a real couple that worked brazenly outside the law during the 1930s Depression.

Love this line: “This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks.”

How’s that for a familiar ring as to how the Clintons operate? We’re the Clintons. The biggest schnorrers on the planet.

No wonder the FBI is re-examining the files. James Comey, finally channeling J. Edgar Hoover, dropped this bombshell on Friday.

In a few days, after Comey goes public and spills the beans, The New York Times will call for Hillary to step aside. You heard it here first.

In Hoover’s day Hillary and Bill would have their pictures hanging in the Post Office among the 10 Most Wanted.

Bonnie and Clyde did it for the money. Hillary and Bill do it for the money. Same people.

Except that Bonnie and Clyde, the real ones, were small-time. They’re credited with no more than about a dozen hold-ups, mainly banks and grocery stores.

Small potatoes compared to the Clinton Foundation that one way and another fattened the pockets of Hillary and Bill with dirty millions.

That, plus the emails that keep proving disrespect for most Americans and hostility against the State of Israel from members of the Hillary and Bill Syndicate – a crime family that features associates like Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and her sex-crazed (supposedly estranged) husband Anthony Weiner, who apparently kicked off the FBI dragnet from his sexting madness that fell into the wrong hands.

Imagine this confederacy of scoundrels with the keys to our country, starring Hillary and Bill.

Hollywood won’t need bullet blanks or special effects to show how those bandits used every underhanded trick to get away with highway robbery.

If I ever got around to writing the screenplay I’d have a tough time since there is no real action, no shoot-em-ups or car chases, only slippery dealings that find a way to corrupt everything – the State Department, the Department of Justice, the head of the FBI (until today), and finally the American people.

That’s who’s being robbed and most of us don’t own banks. We’re just trying to make a living and we don’t know how some people keep profiting from the sweat of our brow and have the nerve to present themselves as upstanding public servants when in fact they are gangsters and desperados.

Since it’s beyond me to write the screenplay, I do have the power of the vote, and it won’t go to a couple of drifters who ought to be behind bars.

This voter is putting a badge on Donald Trump. It’s time for a new sheriff in town.

Democrats’ organized-crime ring will do anything to maintain power and stay out of prison

October 2, 2016

Democrats’ organized-crime ring will do anything to maintain power and stay out of prison, Washington Times, L. Todd Wood, October 1, 2016

(Reason number 2,587 not to elect Hillary. — DM)

hillandkerrySecretary of State John Kerry speaks with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during the groundbreaking ceremony for the U.S. Diplomacy Center, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, at the State Department in Washington.

When the end came for Russian President Boris Yeltsen, as the Russian economy was crumbling and there was no support left for his leadership in the Duma, one of his main concerns was protecting himself and his family from prosecution for corruption. That is why he appointed Vladimir Putin, an extremely loyal subordinate whom he could trust with his secrets, someone who would not immediately contact prosecutors and hound his family even after he died.  Someone who would not go after the money secreted away in the Caymans.  Someone who would let sleeping dogs lie. 

This is exactly the situation we have with the current political environment in the United States as the 2016 election season nears its conclusion. 

The party in power has shown itself to be nothing more than a massive organized-crime syndicate that has used the levers of power to persecute the political opposition and line its pocketbooks and bank accounts with the taxpayers’ money.  From John Kerry sending millions to his daughter’s non-profit, to Hillary Clinton shaking down the State Department’s clients for money, to public employee unions spiking their pensions, the corruption is complete across all levels of the Democratic Party and their hold on the executive branch.

But I think this rabbit hole goes much deeper.  We are now into corruption that damages the national security of the United States in an existential way.

Every day there is a new “secret” deal revealed where the Obama administration betrayed America with its desire to give the world’s real Islamic State, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the nuclear bomb, along with hundreds of billions in dollars, secretly flown to Tehran in the dead of night.

Hillary Clinton sold 20 percent of America’s uranium to the Russians for money.

The appeasement and downright enabling of the Islamic jihadist agenda by this administration will be written about in the history books.  I suspect, when the cover is taken off the rabbit hole, we will be astounded with what has actually been given away, leaked, stolen and ripped off by Obama and his minions.

This is why they are so scared of Trump.  This is why they are fighting tooth and nail.  This is why they don’t want to give up power and let the American people find out what has really gone on.  This is why the federal Department of Homeland Security is pushing the states to let it “advise and assist” in the electoral process.

I hope President Trump will prosecute the illegality he finds when he takes office.  To not do so would be a travesty of justice and set the precedent for the end of the Republic.

Of course, Obama may pardon all the main offenders but the crime syndicate is huge.  He can’t pardon everyone.  We at least have to find out what happened even if the key players don’t go to jail.

Hillary cannot be allowed into the White House.  This time she will take much more than the furniture.