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Study: Muslim Terrorists in Israel More Likely to Abuse, Rape

June 18, 2017

Study: Muslim Terrorists in Israel More Likely to Abuse, Rape, The Point (Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, June 18, 2017

The Promundo/UN Women Study is trying to show one thing. But instead it shows another.  

The survey assesses gender roles, sexual harassment, etc across a few Middle Eastern countries. Including the part of Israel that is occupied by Muslim settlers, which the occupiers describe as “Palestine”. The “Palestine” part of the survey is littered with attacks on Israel and defenses of terrorism. It attempts, in a rather predictable fashion, to blame Jews for the Muslim abuse of women.

The way that the survey formulates this is by finding that Muslim settlers who report a higher level of “occupation-related violence” are more likely to abuse their wives or “partners”.

22% of those who complain about Israeli “occupation related violence” physically or sexually abuse. As opposed to 15% of those who don’t.

25% of them engaged in sexual assault or harassment in the last three months. Again, vs 15%.

The usual NGO/UN matrix is once again trying to blame Israel for Muslim abuse of women. But what it demonstrated instead is that Muslim settlers who hate Israel and may be terrorists are more likely to abuse women.

These results aren’t surprising. But they are another reminder that backing Muslim terror and the so-called “Palestinian settler” struggle is not just bad for its Jewish victims, but is even bad for Muslim women.