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This Week in Trump

May 28, 2017

This Week in Trump, Power Line, Steven Hayward, May 28, 2017

Normally I don’t traffic in the typical media thumb-sucking about what’s immediately ahead for the President, or other unctuous, subjunctive commands about what the President “must do” if he is going to advance. But I make an exception now because I have a sense that Trump might make some big moves this week following on his highly successful and consequential first foreign trip.

How do I know it was a successful and consequential trip? Because the media was complaining about Melania’s wardrobe and Trump’s supposedly boorish behavior of pushing himself past the prime minister of Montenegro during a group photo setup. I think that was just Trump making clear that the U.S. is done leading from behind. How else do I know it was a successful trip? Because Angela Merkel has her nose bent out of joint. Frau Merkel was quoted this weekend saying, “We can’t rely on the U.S. anymore. I have experienced this in the last days. We Europeans should take destiny in our own hands.”

Merkel and other Europeans reportedly gave Trump the razzle-dazzle about staying in the Paris Climate Accord, which Trump is now rumored to be ready to dump this week. I hope so, though I don’t think it may matter very much. The Paris Accord is so weak that even chief climatista James Hansen calls it a “fraud,” and the fact that ExxonMobil and other major fossil fuel companies support remaining in the Paris Accord is additional indication that Trump might cause more difficulties for the climate racket it he stays in. The great Roger Pielke Jr writes:

“As a symbol, here is how the politics works: Trump pulls out of Paris, Trump wins. Trump stays in, Trump wins. Fun game, huh?”

Roger thinks the smart play for the euroclimatistas would be to kick the U.S. out. I doubt they have that much moxie, and in any case Trump would love it. I can just imagine his tweetstorm now.

Meanwhile, is Trump going to shake up his staff? One analogy to the early months of Trump’s presidency is the first few months of Bill Clinton’s presidency in 1993, which also did not go well for him in terms of public approval and forward progress on his legislative agenda. It’s not exactly the same: no one in the media today is emulating Time magazine’s “The Incredible Shrinking President” cover of June 1993 that Clinton’s fecklessness provoked. The liberal-media complex fear today is just the opposite—that Trump is a fascist dictator.

It was at about this point in 1993 that Clinton shook up his staff, bringing David Gergen on board as communications director (fortunately there is no risk that Trump will inflict that special misery on us), and musing about demoting Dee Dee Myers, one of his early press spokespeople. It didn’t really help all that much. Hillary’s ridiculous and authoritarian health care plan couldn’t even get a vote in a Congress with comfortable Democratic majorities in both houses, and the crime bill that did pass in the fall of 1994, with its trendy “assault” weapons ban and midnight basketball program, backfired on Democrats.

I suppose the cautionary tale here is that today’s GOP Congress needs to pass some things, or else they will suffer (deservedly) the same fate as the Democrats did in 1994. They really need to get their act together—fast—on the replacement for Obamacare and tax reform. They GOP Congress doesn’t need specific direction from Trump to do these things. In fact, it would be a great move back to political health if Congress stepped up and showed that it can lead the nation just as well as a President, which is what the Founders intended. But that’s a subject for a longer, separate post.

My conclusion is that Trump’s foreign trip and events this week will mark a turning point for his first term.

Fake News: No, Trump Never Handed Merkel a NATO Invoice

March 27, 2017

Fake News: No, Trump Never Handed Merkel a NATO Invoice, Front Page Magazine – The Point, Daniel Greenfield, March 27, 2017

(Please see also, Trump gave Merkel $370 billion ‘invoice’ for NATO debt. — DM)

You might think that the media would feel some shame considering the amount of times it ran with a fake story only to learn that it was a lie. But the fake news media feels no shame.

Germany slams ‘intimidating’ £300bn White House bill – The Times

Donald Trump branded ‘international embarrassment’ after handing made-up Nato invoice to Angela Merkel – The Independent

Trump Reportedly Handed Merkel a $374 Billion Invoice for NATO – Slate Magazine

Trump handed $300 billion-plus NATO ‘invoice’ to German chancellor: report – The Hill

Angela Merkel’s White House Visit Was Way More Awkward Than We Knew – Esquire

Donald Trump ‘Handed Fake £300bn Nato Invoice To Angela Merkel’ – Huffington Post UK

Trump’s awkward meeting with Angela Merkel just got more cringeworthy – ThinkProgress

Trump handed Merkel ‘outrageous’ NATO bill: report –

One problem. It never happened. Sean Spicer denied it. But the media insists that he’s never to be believed. Then Merkel’s government denied it.

A spokesman for the German government on Monday denied media reports that U.S. President Donald Trump handed a multibillion-euro invoice to Chancellor Angela Merkel when they met in Washington earlier this month.

“Reports that President Trump had presented the federal chancellor with a kind of bill with a concrete billion sum are not true,” spokesman Steffen Seibert said at a press conference.

The story never passed the smell test. If President Trump were going to stage something like that, he would have done it on camera. But the media is eager to repeat any story that is negative without doing any fact checking. And then it pretends to be outraged about fake news.

BREAKING : Nigel Farage On Trump Meeting Merkel is Clash of Cultures

March 18, 2017

BREAKING : Nigel Farage On Trump Meeting Merkel is Clash of Cultures, Fox News via YouTube, March 17, 2017

(Please see also, Dr. Jasser discusses Pres. Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor Merkel & Politico’s headline. — DM)

Dr. Jasser discusses Pres. Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor Merkel & Politico’s headline

March 18, 2017

Dr. Jasser discusses Pres. Trump’s meeting with German Chancellor Merkel & Politico’s headline, AFID and Fox News via YouTube, March 17, 2017

(Dr. Jasser contends that rather than the “leader of the free world” as referenced at Politico, Frau Merkel is the “undertaker of the free world”. Please see also, A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: February 2017. — DM)