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Hallelujah — North Korea thinks Trump’s nuts

June 24, 2017

Hallelujah — North Korea thinks Trump’s nuts, Washington Times

President Donald Trump speaks during the Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn of the White House, Thursday, June 22, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We want our enemies quaking in their boots, uncertain of how America might react.



North Korea, via its state-run Communist Party newspaper, put out the message that President Donald Trump’s a “psychopath” who needs to be curbed and controlled.

Hallelujah. North Korea thinks Trump’s a nutcase. It’s just such messaging that’s great for America — that’s great for America’s national security.

This is what the Communist Party newspaper wrote: “South Korea must realize that following psychopath Trump … will only lead to disaster.”


The more U.S. enemies regard U.S. leaders as basket cases, one cross word shy of flying off the handle and starting a worldwide war, the better. In terrorist lingo, that’s called Respect. And with respect, comes hesitation to act impulsively — something we surely want terrorists, murderous nations and despotic dictators to keep in mind as they go about planning their terroristic murderous, despotic aggressions.

We want our enemies quaking in their boots, uncertain of how America might react.

Leftists will wring hands and moan, wailing about the loss of America’s diplomatic prowess on the world stage. But let ‘em moan. America’s allies — our true allies — already know Trump’s not a live wire, poised to push the nuclear button. As for the rest? Fact is, diplomacy’s overrated.

We saw diplomacy under Barack Obama, and it brought us red line upon ISIS-expanding red line, with a little anti-Israel, anti-West Iranian treaty thrown in for good measure. North Korea loved America when Obama was in charge. The regime could shoot off as many test missiles as it liked without having to fear anything more than a strongly worded memo from the Obama administration.

Now, with Trump at the White House helm?

Why, there’s “Mad Dog” Mattis — and who the heck knows what he’s up to? The guy doesn’t even allow the press to travel with him. It’s almost as if — and perish the thought — but it’s almost as if he doesn’t care what the world thinks of him.

It’s almost as if he’s more focused on military matters than poll numbers and overseas’ perceptions.

And now Trump’s been labeled a “psychopath” by the brutal North Korean regime?

Well now, national security for America has indeed taken a turn for the better. We can all sleep safely knowing America’s enemies are having trouble sleeping safely.