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Who Are the Real Islamophobes?

June 22, 2016

Who Are the Real Islamophobes? PJ MediaRoger L Simon, June 21, 2016

[“Islamophobia”]  is a disease — the real Islamophobia… not irrational fear of Islam, but irrational fear of blaming Islam.


Poor ISIS. The left  in our country — liberals, progressives, the administration and their media cohorts — can’t face up to, or even admit, the evils of radical Islam, no matter what the Islamists do. One wonders if the jihadists set off a dirty nuke in the press room of the New York Times whether the reporters would even object. They’d probably write an editorial about the unhappy childhoods of the bombers and how one of them was once humiliated by a Christian schoolmate in a volleyball game during recess in Beirut.

It’s almost like a disease. In fact, it is a disease — the real Islamophobia… not irrational fear of Islam, but irrational fear of blaming Islam.

Consider Orlando. Not just the uber-lefty slickster Van Jones, who comes off like a re-upped CNN version of the Soviet Union’s old Vladimir Pozner, but Kirsten Powers, playing her “liberal” role on Fox, blathered on about how she didn’t really consider Omar Mateen a radical Islamic terrorist but someone who was mentally ill and an unfortunately guilty homophobic gay.

I hate to be rude to Kirsten, who seems like a nice person, but that is incredibly naive. Of course Mateen was a mentally ill homophobic gay, unfortunate or not. So what? The point is he was a mentally ill homophobic gay who believed in radical Islam. It is radical Islam that gave him the license to kill, indeed urged him to kill with its precepts, all those innocent people. Without radical Islam, they would all be alive today.

If every non-Islamic guilty homosexual in America acted out like that, our country would be a charnel house of human remains in every major city and in a state of mass hysteria. It’s not. Why not? Radical Islam, to repeat myself, is the missing ingredient. Gays — guilty and otherwise — there are plenty.

I imagine if we went to Rakka we would find almost all the ISIS members we met to be mentally ill in some way and certainly homophobic — and not just because they are throwing gays off buildings, but because it is built into their culture, a culture imitated and admired by Mateen.

And what was it precisely that attracted Mateen? The simple, reductive answers of that radical Islam. Call it fundamentalist Islam, if you will.  And is this radical Islam in any way sane? By Western standards, not at all, unless you consider lopping off the heads of people of other religions and throwing their women in rape rooms to be normal behavior approved of by the DSM. ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is no less than a religiously motivated serial killer.

“Liberals” don’t want to face that much of Islamic society is absolutely off its rocker because that would undermine their absurd lib-prog, morally narcissistic, cultural relativist narrative about the Third World.  This would all be funny because, in a certain macabre way, it is, but we are all the butt of this bleak joke. We have to sit there, incredulous, when our own Justice Department, obviously on orders from the top, redacts the transcript of Mateen’s 911 call by omitting the references to ISIS and changing what is obviously the word “Allah” to “God.” It’s hard to decide if the people who do that are stupid or immoral — probably both. Highly political too, of course. But that’s the obvious (and most shameful) part.

Some, like certain State Department personnel and White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, sound as if they have undergone twenty years of the Stockholm Syndrome when they discuss the topic. In a certain way they have. The insularity of the Obama administration does recapitulate the Stockholm Syndrome in the way it reinforces an entirely dishonest world view.

And then where are we — innnocent bystanders in this deadly game? What do we do? Are we next?

Satire | Rabid Rats Disparaged, CAIR Threatens

March 27, 2016

Rabid Rats Disparaged, CAIR Threatens, Dan Miller’s Blog, March 27, 2016

(The views expressed in this post are not necessarily mine, Warsclerotics, its other editors or any other sentient beings. — DM)

The Council Against Inhumanity to Rodents (CAIR) today announced that even though not all of the millions of Rodents on Earth are Rats, and even though not all Rats are rabid, all rats are being mercilessly disparaged due to the un-Rat actions of a few. Ratophobia must cease!

Happy rat

(Please see also, USA Today: U.S. cities face anti-Muslim backlash and Obama Praises “Enormous” Muslim Contributions to Our Country.)

Sadly, there was recently a deplorable incident in which a poor, disenfranchised Muslim woman was bitten by a rat. While hard at work in the kitchen preparing the evening meal for her beloved husband, an Islamophobic Rat jumped on her back and bit her. Unable to get to a hospital for treatment because all of her male relatives were worshiping at the local mosque and hence unavailable to accompany her, she died of rabies.

Because of this isolated Islamophobic incident involving a disturbed Rat, her friends and relatives promptly began to say unkind things about Rats and some even attempted to kill Rats — despite the lack of credible evidence that any of them were even rabid. Islamophobia is bad, and we have often counseled against it.

However, Ratophobia is even worse. Fewer than all Rats are rabid, and to assume that they are — or that the vast majority of non-rabid Rats are somehow responsible for the actions of those that are rabid — is disgraceful.

Our great nation owes tremendous debts to Rats, which have done much to make her grow and prosper. Had countless denizens of our teeming cities not migrated west to escape the rats in their apartment buildings and sewers, there would have been no westward expansion and the United States would now cower along the Atlantic Coast alone. There would be no San Bernardino and no sanctuary cities in California.

Rats, even rabid Rats, have feelings. They are sensitive to disparagements and to the loss of the freedoms they once enjoyed and still deserve. Many peaceful Rats are confined in small cages and used in medical experiments. In consequence, they experience great pain and suffering. We demand that such maltreatment of our brother Rats, and all other maltreatments — the use of Rat traps, for example — cease. Neither we nor our dear brother and sister Rats will be able to control Rat reactions if they are not. You have been warned. You had better change your ways or watch out!