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The Time Has Come to Stop the War on Free Speech

August 28, 2017

The Time Has Come to Stop the War on Free Speech, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, August 28, 2017

Reagan and Eisenhower made it clear that mob violence would not be tolerated. And they were willing to back up the Constitution and our political freedoms with force.

That’s what must be done to restore First Amendment rights in Berkeley everywhere Antifa mobs seek to shut down the free speech of those they disagree with. If leftist governors and mayors won’t protect the rights and safety of their citizens, then it’s up to the federal government to step in and do it for them.


Freedom of Assembly is the first and most important right of the Bill of Rights. Today it is being denied in cities like Berkeley and Portland where local left-wing governments have contrived to deny rally permits while giving the masked thugs of their leftist Antifa allies a blank check to assault those whose views they oppose.

In Berkley, Boston and San Francisco, the First Amendment doesn’t exist anymore.

The threat of violence that shut down the Patriot Prayer demonstration in San Francisco, an event scheduled to feature African American, Samoan and Latino speakers, is a case of fascism justifying itself by flying the false flag of “anti-fascism.” And it is the third such case this week – the others being Boston and Berkeley. The founder of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, is a Japanese American who regards himself as a “person of color” and who had made it very clear that he opposes Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and who has publicly stated that his goal is to promote “love” not hate.

This time the violence and hate were coming from one side, and one side only.

Gibson’s attempt to hold a demonstration to end hate was torpedoed by Nancy Pelosi and Mayor David Lee who falsely claimed that it was a proposed gathering of “white supremacists.” Pelosi insisted that Patriot Prayer should not be allowed a permit for Crissy Field in San Francisco. “The Constitution does not say that a person can yell ‘wolf’ in a crowded theater,” she insisted. But the only people crying wolf were Pelosi and the leftist thugs who caused it to be shut down.

In Berkeley, authorities denied free speech advocates a permit, and did little to prevent the leftist violence that broke out against a handful of individuals who showed up after the organizers had called it off.

James Queally, the crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times, tweeted, “There is a complete mob mentality here. People are randomly accusing random people of being Nazis.” Another Tweet added, “The moderate counter protesters are livid with the violence. ‘We need to get Antifa out of here.’ said man who helped break up fight.’”

The authorities are not going to do it. The choice is simple. Either we have a First Amendment. Or we don’t. If mobs of violent leftists with the complicity of leftist authorities can shut down any protest or speaker they don’t like, then we no longer have a Bill of Rights. All that’s left is leftist tyranny.

In the sixties, Governor Reagan sent in the National Guard to stop the violence at Berkeley. Governor Brown won’t do it. It’s up to President Trump to act.

And there’s precedent.

Mob rule will not be tolerated.

That was the message that President Eisenhower delivered to Americans in the fall of ’57 when he returned to the White House and ordered the deployment of the 101st Airborne to Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Governor of Arkansas, a progressive Democrat who was a product of the radical leftist Commonwealth College, had allowed a racist mob to rampage at Central High School in Little Rock.

Eisenhower warned that “disorderly mobs” operating “under the leadership of demagogic extremists” would not be allowed to terrorize citizens with the complicity of local authorities. He showed that the President of the United States was willing to protect civil rights with armed force.

“The only assurance I can give you is that the Federal Constitution will be upheld by me by every legal means at my command,” Eisenhower vowed.

And that’s what he did.

California, under Democrat rule, has become a rogue state ruled by leftist mobs and their political godfathers, where there are a million regulations, but no rule of law, where there is a code for everything, but where the Constitution no longer operates.

Antifa is a criminal terrorist organization. Its masked thugs know they are criminals which is why they hide their identities. The first responsibility of government is the safety of its citizens.  When violent thugs shut down free assemblies, government is not doing its job.

Reagan and Eisenhower made it clear that mob violence would not be tolerated. And they were willing to back up the Constitution and our political freedoms with force.

That’s what must be done to restore First Amendment rights in Berkeley everywhere Antifa mobs seek to shut down the free speech of those they disagree with. If leftist governors and mayors won’t protect the rights and safety of their citizens, then it’s up to the federal government to step in and do it for them.

The Establishment And Antifa Go Hand In Hand

August 28, 2017

The Establishment And Antifa Go Hand In Hand, Daily Caller, Scott Greer, August 27, 2017

Antifa violence broke out once again in Berkeley, California, this weekend.

On Sunday, a small number of supporters of President Trump decided to gather in the left-wing college town following the cancellation of two similar demonstrations in the area the day before. The reason for the cancellations was due to the large number of violent threats the pro-Trump organizers received.

The day Trump supporters actually showed up in the Bay Area gave leftists the chance to make good on their threats.

The scenes on the ground in Berkeley showed black-masked, red flag-waving thugs taking over the city and assaulting anyone they deemed to be a Nazi. It was a stark contrast to the heroic image Antifa has earned from journalists and politicians in the weeks since the violence in Charlottesville.

There were no clear Nazis in Berkeley, just your average Trump supporters. Yet that didn’t save them from a beating at the hands of Antifa.

Strangely enough, Antifa had drawn praise from the most unlikely of sources within the Trump administration just a few days before they rioted against free assembly in Berkeley.

In a interview with the Financial Times, Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive and current White House economic adviser, publicly rebuked his boss Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence that both sides were at fault. He also praised Antifa as a force for good.

“Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” the top Trump adviser asserted.

There are many odd things about a Trump-aligned Goldman Sachs figurehead praising anti-capitalist rioters. It’s pretty strange to praise leftists who dedicate their lives to suppressing free speech and free assembly as standing up for freedom.

Antifa are pretty open about not liking these freedoms, as evidenced by their actions in Berkeley. So it’s hard to say they’re fighting for liberty — especially when they continually attack average Americans who support the president you work for.

What’s even more bizarre is for a Wall Street power player to stand with guys who fantasize about murdering bankers. Cohn is effectively defending people who see him as an evil monster who deserves violence as much as Nazis do.

The leftsts wish to tear down the whole financial system that Cohn has worked his whole life upholding, so why is he praising them?

The answer is that he doesn’t see Antifa as a threat at all. Wall Street folks don’t have to worry about the black-masked bloc assaulting them or burning down their offices. If they did, the federal government would ruthlessly pursue them as domestic terrorists.

But Cohn only sees them as attacking and harming marginal groups that have hardly any cultural capital. It doesn’t matter if those folks get hurt just expressing their constitutional rights, especially if those attacked might disrupt business.

Besides, how can you be a member of polite society and think even detestable Nazis deserve protection from violence?

But Antifa doesn’t just attack right-wing extremists. They also go after your average Trump supporters and conservatives.

However, that still might not be a problem for Cohn and other elites.

The White House economic adviser has drawn a lot of heat during his time in the administration for representing the opposite of Trumpism. Cohn likes unrestricted free trade. He supports globalism. He’s a fan of mass immigration. He has no time for culture war.

And, as seen by his position leading Goldman Sachs, he’s obviously very pro-elite. Cohn’s influence is often seen by Trump’s supporters on the Right as a major hindrance to the agenda they supported in the campaign.

Which brings us back to Antifa. For an anti-establishment group, they rarely, if ever, go after the establishment. Instead, they consign themselves to attacking random Trump supporters and white nationalists — hardly people close to the halls of power.

If these anti-capitalist leftists just focus on people who are opponents of policies Cohn supports, then why should he have a problem with them?

The chattering class has designated the alt-right, Breitbart, Trump voters, ICE and talk radio as far greater threats to American society than violent left-wingers. Cohn, in all likelihood, agrees with this sentiment.

The only threat that he may disagree with is that of President Trump, who is seen as the biggest threat to our country by America’s elites. Since Antifa also stands against Trump, it makes the group a natural ally to the establishment, in spite of their violence and anti-capitalist rhetoric.

Those qualms can be ignored if the anarchists’ energy is directed solely at enemies they share with the elites.

The violence in Berkeley is unlikely to convince Antifa’s supporters in media and politics to rethink their praise. As long as they don’t disrupt any Democratic Party events or Goldman Sachs meetings, they’ll still be heroes fighting for equality and freedom in the eyes of the elite.

This enabling will lead to more violence and embolden the black-clad thugs to continue their crusade against anyone they deem a Nazi. It’s doubtful that they will rethink their actions in light of receiving praise from Wall Street giants and Mitt Romney.

They just want to role play the Spanish Civil War, not attack the actual establishment.

Legend has Vladimir Lenin stating, “We will hang the capitalists with the rope that they sell us.”

Today’s Bolshevik wannabes likely see their new, powerful allies in the same light.

The capitalists of our age certainly don’t think they are a threat to the establishment, but that might change if the leftists are further emboldened.

When given the blank check to attack all Nazis, things might dramatically change when banks are singled out as havens of fascism.