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Romney’s Attack on Trump Backfires: 31% ‘More Likely’ to Support GOP Frontrunner Now

March 8, 2016

Romney’s Attack on Trump Backfires: 31% ‘More Likely’ to Support GOP Frontrunner Now, Truth RevoltTiffany Gabbay, March 8, 2016


Echoing the sentiments of David Horowitz, I too had always considered Mitt Romney to be a decent man — perhaps not the strongest nor most conservative of the GOP leaders, but a class act in his own right. That notion was stretched to its limits, however, last week when the former Republican presidential candidate played party-attack dog in an effort to detail current frontrunner Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most galling aspect of Romney’s attack last week was its hypocrisy. Not four years prior, Romney was all too happy to take Donald Trump’s endorsement and hefty financial contribution while praising the real estate mogul’s business savvy and success.

What, then, could justify Romney’s complete about face without painting the failed Republican candidate as a complete user and hypocrite?

Apparently, nothing, as polls reveal.

In fact, Romney’s attack-plan backfired and in no small way.

A new Morning Consult survey taken between Friday and Sunday reveals that 31 percent of GOP voters say they are “more likely” to support Trump now, as a result of Romney’s Thursday attack.

Only 21 percent said they are “less likely” to back Trump following Romney’s speech.

With fewer candidates and a tough debate showing last week, Trump still remains in the lead. The NY Post cites a recent poll placing Trump at support levels of 34 compared to Ted Cruz at 25 percent, Marco Rubio with 18 percent and John Kasich at 13 percent.

Indeed, while the overall race is tightening, it seems the GOP’s concerted effort to derail Trump has turned the frontrunner, ironically, into the underdog.


Off Topic | Deserve Hillary? Then vote for her

March 3, 2016

Deserve Hillary? Then vote for her, Dan Miller’s Blog, March 3, 2016

(The views expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Warsclerotic or its other editors. — DM)

Democrats have done a bang up job for their people for the last fifty years. Want more of the same? Vote for Hillary.




How about Mit Romney? Surely, he must be right. After all, the proud godfather of ObamaCare did so well in 2012. His part of the video starts at 23:00.



So, all of you RINOs who prefer Hillary to Trump, have at it. Heck, with the RINOs and the Dems in charge, the country will stay in the very best of hands.