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Mossad said to thwart Hezbollah terror plot against Jewish targets in Argentina

November 20, 2018

Israel’s intelligence service reportedly passed information which led to arrest of suspects in Buenos Aires; 3 men said to confirm they planned to attack Jewish targets

By Times Of Israel STAFF November 19,2918

Source Link: Mossad said to thwart Hezbollah terror plot against Jewish targets in Argentina

{Brought to you by the world sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran. – LS}

A terror plot against Jewish targets was thwarted when the Mossad intelligence service passed information to Argentinian security officials which led to the arrest of suspected members of the Hezbollah terrorist group, Hadashot TV reported Monday.

According to the report, police arrested two brothers and their cousin at a hideout in Buenos Aires which was found to contain an arsenal of weapons and explosives. The suspects were said to have admitted they planned to attack Jewish targets in the country.

No further details were given on the credentials or travel, and the discrepancy in the number of individuals arrested has not been clarified.

The two men, aged 23 and 25, were arrested at a Buenos Aires residence, and were also found to be in possession of a “small arsenal” including a rifle, a shotgun and a number of handguns.

A Hezbollah suicide bomber carried out the 1994 attack on the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires. The attack, orchestrated by Iran, killed 85.

Earlier this year the Argentine government targeted a Hezbollah fundraising network in the northern Triple Frontier with Brazil and Paraguay.

Israeli officials have repeatedly stated that the Mossad not only is responsible for preventing attacks against Israeli targets, but also provides intelligence to Israel’s allies around the world.

In October, Israeli officials said the Mossad provided its Danish counterpart with information concerning an alleged plot by Tehran to assassinate three Iranian opposition figures living in the Scandinavian country.

Mossad is also said to be behind the thwarting of an Iranian government bomb plot that aimed to target an opposition group in Paris in June.

U.S. Counterterror Official: Iran Spends $1 Billion Annually Supporting Terrorism

November 16, 2018

by Staff | 11.16.18 11:42 am

Source Link: U.S. Counterterror Official: Iran Spends $1 Billion Annually Supporting Terrorism

{This is nothing compared what the rest of us must spend to counter terrorism. – LS}

The United States Coordinator for Counterterrorism said that Iran spends nearly $1 billion annually supporting terrorist groups across the Middle East, Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe reported Thursday.

Of the total, Amb. Nathan Sales said that Iran gives $700 million to the Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah; $100 million to Hamas and other “Palestinian terrorist groups;” and unspecified sums to other terrorist organizations.

“Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. It has held that dubious distinction for many years now, and it shows no signs of relinquishing the title,” Sales said.

“Sadly, it is the Iranian people who are forced to pay this price. The resources that Iran uses to fund its global terrorist ambitions are resources that come directly out of the pockets of everyday, average Iranians.”

Reuters reported last week that ordinary Iranians are “increasingly” taking to social media and “pointing fingers at the rich and powerful, including clerics, diplomats, officials and their families,” for living privileged lives while most Iranians are suffering from the poor economy.

In addition, Iranian teachers have gone on a nationwide strike for a second consecutive day demanding from the regime in Tehran better working conditions and higher salaries, one month after their last mass protest. Voice of America reported Wednesday that elementary and high school teachers were protesting outside their offices in at least 27 Iranian cities.

In a related development, Brian Hook, the U.S. Special Representative for Iran, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday.

Netanyahu thanked the U.S. for imposing “powerful sanctions against Iran.” The goal of these sanctions, the prime minister asserted, is to take action against “the most aggressive power in the region that has to be rolled back.”

Hook stated that with new sanctions in place, the U.S. is positioned “to really go after all of the revenue streams that Iran uses to fund Hamas and Hezbollah, its missile proliferation, all of the threats to peace and security that Iran presents.” He also thanked Israel for being “a fantastic and committed partner in this endeavor.”

When he announced that the U.S. would pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran this past May, President Donald Trump stated that the U.S. was committed to “efforts to eliminate the threat of Iran’s ballistic missile program; to stop its terrorist activities worldwide; and to block its menacing activity across the Middle East.”

[Photo: U.S. Department of State / YouTube ]

Syrian handler paid Hamas cell $100,000 to attack Israeli cities, Shin Bet reveals

June 18, 2018

Shin Bet security agency says it foiled major terrorist attacks on Israeli cities at “11th hour” after uncovering 20-member terrorist cell with “extraordinary” infrastructure in Nablus • Cell comprised mostly Hamas operatives, paid by Syrian, agency says.

By Shlomi Diaz June 18, 2018 Via Israel Hayom

Source Link: Syrian handler paid Hamas cell $100,000 to attack Israeli cities, Shin Bet reveals

{I assume the Syrian operative paid more than money for his actions. – LS}

Note:  I’ll be taking a much needed vacation all next week.  My grandson is playing in a baseball tournament in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  The cool nights, majestic Smoky Mountains, and Tennessee moonshine will be on the agenda as well.  And then, there’s ‘Dollywood’ for the kids.  The only problem is moonshine and roller coasters don’t mix too well.  I am, however,  looking forward to the trip, but not the drive.  At my age, driving 85mph on the interstate for 700 miles can be quite tiring.

A Hamas plan to carry out terrorist attacks in ‎Israeli cities has been thwarted, the Shin Bet security ‎agency revealed Sunday.‎

According to available details, Shin Bet agents, in collaboration with the military and police, uncovered ‎terrorist infrastructure they described as “extraordinary in its size ‎and level of activity” operating in the Nablus area in the West Bank.

According to the Shin Bet, the leader of the 20-‎member cell was paid $100,000 by a Syrian operative to target ‎major Israeli cities. ‎

The investigation so far has revealed that the cell became operational in October 2017 and ‎remained active until late April, when all 20 ‎suspects were arrested. ‎

According to the Shin Bet, most of the ‎suspects are Hamas operatives and some have previous records that include terrorist activities, ‎especially building bombs.‎

During their interrogation, the suspects revealed ‎that they were tasked with carrying out a number of ‎known terrorist attack attempts, including a bombing in Tel Aviv, a suicide attack in Jerusalem, an attack in the ‎Samaria community of Itamar, and several shooting ‎attacks across Judea and Samaria. ‎

The cell also enlisted the help of a Palestinian ‎‎chemistry teacher to manufacture explosives. ‎

The Shin Bet said these attacks were foiled “at the ‎11th hour.”

Security ‎forces who raided the suspects’ hideouts seized weapons and explosives, and uncovered ‎information leading to other Hamas terrorist ‎cells, the Shin Bet said. ‎

‎”The arrests were carried out smoothly. We surprised ‎them where they least expected it, in places where ‎they thought they would be safe. It was a complex ‎operation,” a Golani officer who took part in the ‎raid told Israel Hayom.‎

The Shin Bet identified the cell’s leaders as ‎Mutassem Muhammad Salem, 35, and Fares Kamil Zebidi, ‎‎33. ‎

Details of the investigation had been under a gag order that ‎was partially lifted on Sunday, when Salem and ‎Zebidi were indicted in a military court.‎

Salem is accused of acting on the orders of a Nusra ‎Front operative in Syria. The two communicated via ‎the Telegram messaging application, which allows for ‎encrypted communications.‎

According to the indictment, the Nusra Front operative offered Salem $100,000 to ‎prepare and detonate an explosive device in Israel, ‎and he agreed. ‎

‎”Discovering this cell demonstrates Hamas’ efforts ‎to establish terrorist infrastructure in Judea and ‎Samaria, as well as its constant desire to carry out ‎terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in an ‎effort to undermine the relative calm,” the Shin Bet ‎said.‎

Commented on the ‎arrests Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  said, “The Shin Bet security agency, ‎IDF and the Israel Police have thwarted a Hamas ‎terrorist cell that sought to carry out horrific ‎attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, from Nablus in ‎Judea and Samaria. ‎

‎”Hamas is trying to attack us both from Gaza and ‎from Judea and Samaria. This is why we will continue ‎to maintain security control of all areas west of ‎the Jordan River.”

FULL MEASURE: June 18, 2017 – Shared Security

June 19, 2017

FULL MEASURE: June 18, 2017 – Shared Security via YouTube, June 19, 2017

(America shares counter-terror intelligence with Germany, but Germany does not share with America. — DM)