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Israel’s Guardium UGV G Nius autonomous ground vehicle in action 

March 6, 2020

The Guardium-LS UGV™, is a versatile multi purpose autonomous unmanned ground vehicle develops by the Israeli Company G-NIUS, replenishes forward troops with up to 1.2 tons of ammunition and supplies without endangering manned vehicles over IEDs stricken routes.

Data Sheet and pictures about the Guardium and Guardium-LS to Army Recognition website, online defense magazine.

Data Sheet Guardium-LS :….

Guardium UGV Data Sheet and picture:


Threat of Hezbollah — LTC Jonathan Conricus IDF

March 6, 2020


Address given at AIPAC 2020.

Address given at AIPAC 2020. SHOW MORE

Israel reportedly strikes Syria; Cancels joint U.S.-IDF drill over COVID19-TV7 Israel News 05.03.20 

March 6, 2020