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Iran sets May 31 deadline to see EU measures to save nuclear deal 

May 25, 2018

Source: Iran sets May 31 deadline to see EU measures to save nuclear deal – Israel Hayom

End European subversion 

May 25, 2018

Source: End European subversion – Israel Hayom

Eldad Beck

For years, the European Union has been funding activities that are detrimental to Israel’s interest and cast doubt on its right to exist.

The apparent paradox between the EU’s commitment to Israel’s existence, security and welfare and its actual policies, which include the generous funding of the most virulent opponents of Israel’s existence both within and outside Israel, is in fact due to the compromising and pacifist policies of past Israeli governments. Those governments shut their eyes to the notoriously subversive activity of the EU, which undermines the foundation of the State of Israel’s existence.

Those past Israeli governments sought, for obvious reasons, to tie Israel’s economy to that of Europe. Israel has much to offer in many fields and the Europeans have a lot of money. Geographical proximity to the continent makes Europe Israel’s main trade partner. While Israel enjoys access to various major EU programs, this relationship, which contributed to Israel’s transformation into a stable and leading economy, came at a heavy price: The Europeans conditioned this cooperation on their involvement in Israel’s internal affairs and a significant role in the promotion of a “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinians. In retrospect, this role was meant from the outset to allow Europe to defend Palestinian interests, at the expense of Israel’s.

This is not just about unlimited and unconditional assistance to the Palestinians in their struggle to “liberate” Judea and Samaria and, in the past, the Gaza Strip from “Israeli occupation.” For a while now, the EU has acted on several fronts to directly undermine Israel’s interests and has grossly interfered in its internal affairs. Its funds have allowed the Palestinian Authority and the U.N. refugee agency education systems to propagate anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement for years.

According to a new report from the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, and many past reports from serious non-governmental organizations like NGO Monitor, the EU and its member counties help fund organizations that aim to delegitimize and bring an end to the State of Israel in a variety of ways. As part of its campaign of delegitimization, the EU encourages the financing of bodies that seek to eradicate the Jewish character of Israel and transform it from an “apartheid state” to a state of all its citizens. This is not about bringing change to the status of the “occupied territories,” but rather a fundamental change to the State of Israel.

The EU also supports groups and organizations that oppose the current government’s policies, in an effort to influence internal Israeli politics.

The Europeans directly fund and indirectly finance these efforts through the funding of governments of EU-member states and institutions or funds that enjoy the financing of those governments, like private funds, cultural centers, movie funds and many others. Such is Europe’s involvement in the campaign to sully and impose a reality on Israel that is incompatible with its Jewish identity.

And yet, all this could not have happened had successive Israeli governments not allowed the phenomenon to develop and intensify.

Israel is not a European colony and certainly has no interest in joining the European Union in its present state. If the EU is interested in good ties with Israel, and there are many reasons and motives for this to be the case, it must immediately cease its subversive efforts to impose on Israel arrangements and solutions that are neither to its advantage nor its benefit. As a sovereign state, Israel must both demand this and make every effort to prevent it from happening.

Hamas military leader admits Iran provides group with weapons, expertise 

May 25, 2018

Source: Hamas military leader admits Iran provides group with weapons, expertise – Israel Hayom

‘I’d put my money on the US and Israel against Iran’ 

May 25, 2018

Source: ‘I’d put my money on the US and Israel against Iran’ – Israel Hayom

Report: Israel attacked a Hezbollah base in Syria 

May 25, 2018

Source: Report: Israel attacked a Hezbollah base in Syria – Arab-Israeli Conflict – Jerusalem Post

According to the Syrian Al-Marsad organization for human rights, Thursday’s attack on the Dabaa military airport in central Syria was aimed at Hezbollah members and militias.

 MAY 25, 2018 13:25
Report: Israel attacked a Hezbollah base in Syria

The Syrian Al-Marsad organization for human rights reported on Friday that Thursday’s attack on the Dabaa military airport in central Syria was aimed at Hezbollah members and militias supporting the regime. According to the report, six strong explosions, allegedly related to missile strikes, were heard in the region of Homs, near the Lebanese border.  Syrian air defense systems reportedly attempted to intercept the missiles. So far, no fatalities have been reported. Al-Marsad did not state whether the attempt was successful.

The report further claimed that the missile attack was carried out by Israel.

Earlier on Friday, the Lebanese army announced that on Thursday, May 24, five Israeli Air Force planes circled above Lebanese territory for some 15 hours altogether. According to the report, most of the flights took place in the southern and northern regions of Lebanon, but one of them was mentioned to have circled above “all regions of the country.” No offensive action or operation was said to have been carried out by the aircraft.

On Thursday, Syrian state media said a military airport near Homs had come under missile attack which was repelled by its air defense systems.

“One of our military airports in the central region was exposed to hostile missile aggression, and our air defense systems confronted the attack and prevented it from achieving its aim,” state news agency SANA said.

SANA earlier reported sounds of explosions heard near the Dabaa airport, about 12 miles southwest of the central Syrian city of Homs and 6 miles from the Lebanese border.

Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Kone Faulkner, when asked about reports of the attack, said the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State in Syria did not carry it out and the coalition does not target Syrian government positions.

British-based war monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said troops belonging to Hezbollah and other militias allied to Syrian President Bashar Assad are stationed in the Dabaa military airport. It had no information on casualties.

Earlier reports on Thursday from the Syrian opposition pointed to an Israeli attack on a Syrian Revolutionary Guard air missile base at the Dabaa airport west of Homs, by the Lebanese border.

An Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment.

In recent months Israel has carried out several airstrikes in Syria, targeting Iranian and Iranian-linked targets.  Israeli leaders have repeatedly asserted that Jerusalem would not allow Iran to gain a foothold in southern Syria.

Satire: Gazans Officially Run Out of Things to Set Fire To

May 25, 2018

Falls into the funny coz its true category.

Gazans Officially Run Out of Things to Set Fire To

by Jamie Yankie

Following weeks of protests and riots along the Gaza border with Israel as part of their “March of Return”, one Hamas spokesman has announced that Gaza has officially run out of things to set fire to, and has declared a state of emergency.

“It’s official”, the spokesman said in a statement, “we’ve literally run out of things to burn. We’ve got nothing, zilch, nada. Frankly, this is a disaster as it will leave tens of thousands of Gazans even more unemployed than they were before, as the closest we ever got to providing mass employment out here was encouraging people to set fire to things. Like Fahrenheit 451, but with more rock throwing.”

It is understood that Hamas is looking for flammable alternatives but is facing problems doing so. “We’ve used up all the tires we could find, and our kids are still crying about the fact that we took all their kites away to set them on fire and fly them into Israel”, one Hamas source has revealed. “Then we went for the fuel pipelines which come into Gaza from Israel. In fact, we set fire to those three times, but those bastard Israelis keep repairing them, so that’s no fun. One operative suggested we resort to hurling flaming kittens over the fence but even though we’re a genocidal organization which deliberately puts children in danger in periods of conflict, we’re not that heartless. Those critters are just so goddamn cute. Plus you get lot more bang for your buck with donkeys.”

North Korea Says It Remains Willing to Meet With U.S. Any Time 

May 25, 2018

Source: North Korea Says It Remains Willing to Meet With U.S. Any Time – Bloomberg

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( Don’t fuck with the Donald… – JW )

Trump Says He Decided to Cancel Summit With North Korea’s Kim.

North Korea said it was surprised by President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel a June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un and it remains willing to meet with the U.S. at any time.

Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan said Friday that his country still wants to pursue peace and said it would give Washington more time to reconsider talks. He added that North Korea “inwardly highly appreciated” Trump for agreeing to the summit, and hoped the “Trump formula” would help lead to a deal between the adversaries.

“The first meeting would not solve all, but solving even one at a time in a phased way would make the relations get better rather than making them get worse,” Kim said in a statement carried Friday by the state-run Korean Central News Agency. “We would like to make known to the U.S. side once again that we have the intent to sit with the U.S. side to solve problem regardless of ways at any time.”

Trump speaks about the canceled summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on May 24.

Photographer: Win McNamee/Getty Images

The statement appeared designed to get the summit back on track after Trump abruptly canceled the Singapore meeting, citing “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent statements from Pyongyang. Asian stocks pared opening losses after the olive branch from North Korea as investors weighed the likelihood of a return to missile tests and military threats that raised tensions last year.

“We will likely see, at best, tensions rise,” said Mintaro Oba, a former U.S. State Department official who worked on North Korean issues. “At worst, we will see renewed discussion in Washington of military options.”
Trump said he had spoken with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the leaders of South Korea and Japan. He called the collapse of his planned summit with Kim “a tremendous setback for North Korea and indeed a setback for the world,” adding that the U.S. military is ready if necessary in the event of a conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. president also held out hope that he and Kim could meet in the future: “Nobody should be anxious. We have to get it right,” he said. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there were “a lot of dial tones” as the U.S. sought to work out logistics with North Korea to hold the summit.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In said that peace on the peninsula shouldn’t be abandoned and suggested that Trump and Kim hurt chances for a successful summit by speaking to each other through statements, tweets and spokespeople.

“It’s hard to resolve the diplomatic issue, which is both difficult and sensitive, with the current way of communication,” Moon said in a statement. “I wish the leaders would have a more direct and closer conversation to deal with it.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that making progress on nuclear, missile and abductee issues is more important than holding a summit. China wasn’t surprised by the collapse of the summit given recent signals that had come from Trump, said a government official who asked not to be identified commenting on the matter.

Kim Jong Un with Xi Jinping in Dalian in early May.

Photographer: Xinhua/Ju Peng via Getty Images

“I can imagine Seoul will hustle to try and bring the two leaders together again because Moon really needs a U.S.-North Korea summit and diplomatic process to happen on the nuclear front in order for him to drive and achieve his peace agenda,” said Duyeon Kim, a visiting senior research fellow at the Korean Peninsula Future Forum in Seoul. “A summit will eventually happen if Pyongyang still wants a summit, shows it still wants a summit, practices restraint, and plays nice before the two leaders meet.”

John Bolton

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

North Korea hardened its rhetoric toward the U.S. earlier Thursday, lashing out after remarks by Vice President Mike Pence and the White House national security adviser, John Bolton, that had linked the country with Libya. Choe Son Hui, vice-minister of foreign affairs, called Pence “stupid” and a “political dummy,” according to an English-language statement from KCNA.

Trump then issued his own threat in a letter to Kim. “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used,” Trump wrote.

The timing of Trump’s letter may be an additional embarrassment to North Korea, as the country made a show of demolishing its main nuclear-weapons test site earlier on Thursday before a select group of foreign journalists. The exercise was portrayed as the destruction of tunnels used for all six of North Korea’s nuclear tests, but there was no independent verification that the site was disabled.

Read more: Ahead of letter, North Korea scraps nuclear site

The site’s closure doesn’t preclude North Korea from using other potential sites for testing or conducting atmospheric nuclear tests, said Van Jackson, a strategy fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies at Victoria University of Wellington.

“North Korea has reached a point with both its nuke and missile programs that testing isn’t essential,” said Jackson, a former U.S. Department of Defense adviser. “Missile reliability would benefit from more testing, but they have a ‘good enough’ strike capability at this point.”

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