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Judge Reinstates Hamas/AMP Lawsuit

January 8, 2018

Judge Reinstates Hamas/AMP Lawsuit, Investigative Project on Terrorism, Abha Shankar, January 8, 2018

At a conference last week hosted by the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Abuirshaid tried to erase Jews’ historical claim to Israel. He claimed the “Zionist Project” is a “form of apartheid” that seeks to “Judaize” Palestine. “In creating false Zionist historical and religious narratives, it’s a deliberate attempt to deny the indigenous people of Palestine, us, from their rights and their own land. And Jerusalem is the bedrock to forge and falsify the history of Palestine and Judaizing it,” he said.

That’s the kind of message that would have fit right in with any of the Palestine Committee groups. When the suit was originally filed last May, the Boims’ attorneys issued a statement explaining that Abuirshaid and the other defendants “directed and controlled the organizations in 1996 … that are legally obliged to pay the judgment won by the Boims.

“These defendants cannot escape their legal liability and accountability for murder by merely changing the names of their organization.


A Chicago federal judge on Thursday reinstated a lawsuit alleging that a virulently anti-Israel group and several of its activists are “alter egos and/or successors” of a defunct U.S. based Hamas-support network previously found liable for the murder of an American teen in a 1996 terror attack.

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) routinely sponsors conferences that serve as a platform for Israel bashers, and openly approves “resistance” against the “Zionist state.” One AMP official acknowledged the goal is to “to challenge the legitimacy of the State of Israel.”

AMP is also one of the principal advocates of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the Jewish state. Its BDS campaigns include: Ramadan Date BoycottSodaStreamStop the JNFStolen Homes/Airbnb, and Stop G4S. Because they include groups dedicated to Israel’s elimination and single out Israel for criticism while they ignore other nations with severe human rights abuses, BDS campaigns are considered inherently anti-Semitic.

U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman not only vacated her earlier dismissal of the case, she also authorized limited discovery in the case. “[T]his Court placed too much weight to defendants’ declarations without providing plaintiffs with the opportunity to conduct limited jurisdictional discovery on the existence of an alter ego relationship. Accordingly, this Court will vacate its previous order dismissing the case … and permit plaintiffs to conduct discovery solely to address jurisdiction.”

This is a major victory for the family of 17-year-old David Boim. He was shot dead in Israel in May 1996 by Hamas terrorists. In a historic judgment, Boim’s parents Stanley and Joyce Boim won $156 million in damages against the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and other members of the U.S. Hamas support network called the “Palestine Committee.” The Committee was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to advance Hamas’ agenda politically and financially in the United States.

The IAP was the first to publish the genocidal, anti-Semitic Hamas charter in English. Its fundraisers benefited the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), which – along with five former officials – was convicted in 2008 of illegally routing millions of dollars to Hamas. IAP fundraisers featured overt praise for Hamas, and skits in which Palestinians murdered Israelis.

A 1996 Dallas Morning News story captured the scene at one IAP rally:

Inside a Kansas City auditorium in 1989, a masked man stepped to a lectern and described in Arabic the “oceans of blood” spilled in Hamas’ armed attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians.

He thanked two nonprofit organizations for being early allies: the Islamic Association for Palestine, sponsor of the conference, and the Occupied Land Fund [an early name for HLF].

An internal 1992 IAP document, “Islamic Action Plan for Palestine,” makes at least four specific references to Hamas, including its leadership role in the Palestinian intifada through “a lot of sacrifices from martyrs, detainees, wounded, injured, fugitives and deportees…”

IAP was among the first organizations the Muslim Brotherhood created in North America to specifically focus on the Palestinian cause, even preceding the Palestine Committee, the document said. Among the Palestine Committee’s tasks, “Asking the countries to increase the financial and the moral support for Hamas.”

At the time of the Boim judgment in 2004, IAP and other defendants claimed they were no longer in business and had no money to pay the damages. But that was a ruse, the Boims’ attorneys say, alleging that the defendants formed new organizations like the American Muslims for Palestine to escape their legal responsibility to pay damages. Successor groups, or alter egos, of organizations previously found liable for providing material support to Hamas need to pay the remaining judgment, the new litigation argues.

In 2015, the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) first identified at least five AMP officials and speakers who worked in the Hamas-supporting “Palestine Committee.”

An April 2014 AMP-sponsored conference in Chicago, for example, featured former IAP Chairman Sabri Samirah.

“We are ready to sacrifice all we have for Palestine. Long Live Palestine,” Samirah said. “We have a mission here [in the U.S.] also to support the struggle of our people back there in order to achieve a free land in the Muslim world, without dictators and without corruption.”

The Boims’ attorneys say that AMP’s current leadership and donors are “significantly identical” to their Palestine Committee branches, including the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), and the American Muslim Society (AMS) which served as another name for the IAP.

Rafeeq Jaber, a defendant in the new lawsuit, is a former IAP president and is now AMP’s registered agent in Chicago. AMP President Abdelbasset Hamayel was IAP’s secretary general. AMP’s conferences and other events are identical in their pro-Hamas message to conferences held earlier by IAP, including overlapping speakers’ lists.

AMP board member Osama Abuirshaid, a target of the current lawsuit, has close affiliations to both the IAP and the Northern Virginia think tank called the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), a Palestine Committee branch that was headed by senior Hamas member Mousa Abu Marzook.

Abuirshaid served as editor of IAP’s Arabic periodical, Al-Zaytounah, a mouthpiece for pro-Hamas propaganda. The magazine also published advertisements by terrorist-tied charities, including HLF, the Global Relief Foundation (GRF), and the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF).

UASR published an academic journal that prosecutors in the HLF case say was “involved in passing Hamas communiques to the United States-based Muslim Brotherhood community and relaying messages from that community back to Hamas.”

Abuirshaid has openly expressed support for Hamas. He criticized Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in a 2015 tweet for designating Hamas as a terrorist organization. Calling Egypt’s capital “Cairo Aviv,” Abuirshaid dismissed the move: “Look who’s talking!? A terrorist murder regime.”

In a 2014 article written in Arabic, he praised the “Palestinian resistance” against the “Zionist aggression” in Hamas-controlled Gaza: “The facts of the current Zionist aggression have clearly shown that the Palestinian resistance is no longer in the position of receiving slaps without the response of some of them, and even many of them responding. It also showed the creativity of the resisting Palestinian mind, consistent with the severity of its being unyielding with long-range rockets, high-explosive missiles and bombs, and unmanned aerial vehicles, most of which are domestically manufactured, being designed to attack the enemy at the doorstep of its military bases by sea, landing behind its lines through tunnels, etc. It is a slap that Israel receives from the Resistance every day, and it finds no response except through the cowardly weapon of targeting civilians with artillery, air and sea missiles to raise the human and economic costs of the Palestinians.”

Abuirshaid has also praised Hamas war tactics: “There is a difference between Hamas, whose youth renewed their adherence to their starting point determined on liberalization, and Fatah, which has grown old after deviating from the creed of liberation and resistance upon which it was established.”

“There is a difference between those who resist and those who compromise; between those who constitute an army for liberation, and those who ready battalions of lackeys; a difference between those who rise up for the blood of martyrs, and those who spill it in the wine glasses of Israel,” he added.

At a conference last week hosted by the Muslim American Society (MAS) and theIslamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Abuirshaid tried to erase Jews’ historical claim to Israel. He claimed the “Zionist Project” is a “form of apartheid” that seeks to “Judaize” Palestine. “In creating false Zionist historical and religious narratives, it’s a deliberate attempt to deny the indigenous people of Palestine, us, from their rights and their own land. And Jerusalem is the bedrock to forge and falsify the history of Palestine and Judaizing it,” he said.

That’s the kind of message that would have fit right in with any of the Palestine Committee groups. When the suit was originally filed last May, the Boims’ attorneys issued a statement explaining that Abuirshaid and the other defendants “directed and controlled the organizations in 1996 … that are legally obliged to pay the judgment won by the Boims.

“These defendants cannot escape their legal liability and accountability for murder by merely changing the names of their organizations,” they said.

Trump Ends Temporary Protected Status For 200,000 El Salvadorans

January 8, 2018

Trump Ends Temporary Protected Status For 200,000 El Salvadorans, BreitbartNeil Munro, January 8, 2017

Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s deputies are ending the often-extended ‘TPS’ temporary refugee status for up to 200,000 El Salvadoran migrants, which was first granted when earthquakes hit their home country in 2001.

The TPS decision — reported by numerous media outlets — underlines Trump’s determination to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, and to push his “Buy American, Hire American”  inauguration-day promise, despite growing pressure from the GOP’s business-first wing, Democrats and their allies in the establishment media.

The decision also pressures Democrats to accept Trump’s immigration reforms —  or else run as the pro-amnesty political party in November 2018.

The secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for deciding whether or not to extend TPS status, based on whether the original disaster is still damaging the country. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is Trump’s DHS secretary.

Most of the 200,000 El Salvadoreans will return home by September 2019, likely boosting the small nation’s economy with savings and skills earned in the United States during the last 17 years.

The decision will free up jobs for American citizens and other legal immigrants.

Many of the El Salvador migrants were living illegally in the United States when the earthquake hit their home country in 2001. Since then, the “Temporary Protected Status” has been 11 times by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

TPS. An official at the Comite Hispano de Virgina in Falls Church takes a photo of Salvadoran national Douglas Garcia Martinez 11 November, 2002, to attach to his paperwork to extend his Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

The Washington Post offered several examples of illegals who have used the TPS program to establish themselves in the United States:

Losing TPS “would be catastrophic for my family,” said Edwin Murillo, a 41-year-old father of two reached by phone at his home in Texas …

Murillo had studied business administration in El Salvador but left in 1999 because, he said, jobs were scarce. He entered the United States on a visa, which he overstayed, and in 2001, following the earthquakes back home, he and his wife jumped at the chance to apply for TPS.

A second  Washington Post article quoted two more illegals who used the TPS program:

[Oscar] Cortez, a father of two, said he came to the United States in 2000, after he dropped out of college in El Salvador because he couldn’t afford the tuition and was downsized out of a job at a textile factory. Undocumented at first, he worked low-wage, sporadic jobs laying carpet or cutting lawns …

His co-worker Jaime Contreras, a welder on the project that will extend Metrorail to Dulles International Airport, said his job has transformed his family’s lives, both in Maryland and in El Salvador. As a child in El Salvador, Contreras went to school in the mornings and to work in the afternoons, painting houses at age 7 and welding at 11.

At 20, he moved to the United States seeking higher wages.

Trump’s deputies have also ended TPS status for migrants from several other countries, including Haiti and Nicaragua. DHS deputy secretary Elaine Duke, however, gave a short extension to 57,000 Hondurans in late 2017.

Democrats and pro-migration advocates strongly criticized the decision to end temporary protected status for the El Salvador migrants:

The Trump administration’s decision to end TPS for El Salvador breaks with our country’s moral obligation to care for our neighbors who desperately need our help and safe refuge. 

DHS has ended TPS for El Salvadorians – another step of Trump’s racist agenda to force people of color into the shadows.

Congress must act now to save TPS or they’ll be complicit in mass expulsion of people who have lived in the US for nearly 20 years. 

Demonstrators march Dec. 6 in Washington during a rally in support of the Deferred Action for the Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status programs. (Jose Luis Magana/AP)

OK some thoughts on today’s cruel decision to terminate  for 200K Salvadorans. This was completely unnecessary and leaves hundreds of thousands of people in limbo (not to mention their families.) 

TPS for El Salvador was ended this morning, with an 18 month extension. This devastating news affects 200,000 individuals. This TPS group makes up about 60% of all TPS holders & have 193,000 US citizen children. This decision is going to break families apart.

DHS ends TPS for Salvadorans, continuing their assault on immigrants in America with deep ties and strong equities. Expelling Salvadorans and others with TPS, many of whom own homes and have US citizen children, is cruel and heartless. It’s now up to Congress to step up.

Iran’s cyber war over 48 million smartphone users was sparked by protest demos

January 8, 2018

Iran’s cyber war over 48 million smartphone users was sparked by protest demos. DEBKAfile, January 8, 2018

Tehran’s Internet shutdown, its doomsday weapon for breaking up the new year’s anti-government protests, was routed with astonishing speed.

The successful cyber campaign, waged against Iran by certain Western and Arab intelligence agencies led by the US, during the week-long protest rallies across Iran, is gradually breaking surface. Two new comments shed light on this contest and the future direction of Iran’s protest movement after it petered out last Thursday.

Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo corrected Fox Sunday interviewer Chris Wallace on Jan. 7, who noted that the wave of demonstrations was over. Pompeo put in firmly: “They are not behind us” – meaning that, according to his information, more are on the way.

And in Tehran, new Iranian laws have cut English classes out of the primary school curriculum after supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ruled that learning English at an early age paves the way for the West’s “cultural invasion.” The Shiite theocracy is clearly engaged in another desperate bid to segregate the population from external influences. Khamenei hopes to achieve this by depriving the next generation of the essential key for accessing the world web – the English language.

But when every second Iranian holds a smartphone complete with apps in his pocket, totally shutting down social media communications proved beyond the powers of the regime’s cyber experts last week. They tried and failed to block Iran’s most popular Telegram app, which has 40 million users, in order to disrupt communications among the protest rallies.

Before the eruption of this upheaval, Western intelligence agencies had ranked Iran as the sixth cyber power in the world after the US, Britain, China, Russia and Israel. But when Western and Arab agencies operating behind the anti-government movement acted to reverse the government shutdown and restore the networks, they were amazed to find how easy it was. The US State Department played its part by encouraging virtual private networks to help users gain access to blocked websites. In no time, the cyber weapon had slipped out the grasp of the ayatollahs’ regime.

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources were not surprised to learn that Tehran was sending out feelers to Moscow and Beijing appealing for expert assistance to combat Western raids on its communications networks. This has put Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in an awkward position. Neither is inclined at this moment to run slam up against President Donald Trump on Iran, certainly not in the field of cyber warfare. For Russia, which is already entangled in siding with Iran’s military positions in Syria, the cyber issue is an ultra-sensitive subject for his overt and covert relations with Washington. The Chinese president is in the same boat as Putin.

The Hive Mind

January 8, 2018

In between dodging the rockets being shot from Gaza to Sderot, our Israeli correspondent MC found the time to write this essay about the timeless lure of the totalitarian collective.

The Hive Mind
by MC

Rudyard Kipling wrote a story about the hive, and, of course there was the Borg (and it didn’t play tennis).

But just maybe we should think more about the concept of hive consciousness. Is Islam a hive mindset? Is socialism a Borg mentality controlled by the BBC/MSM and its ilk?

It is a fascinating concept: you assimilate into the hive, or you die. The Soviets did it with their gulags, the Nazis with their Concentration Camps, and Islam with its Ummah.

Yes, folks, we are fighting a Borg-like mentality, and we are the ones who don’t want to be assimilated and thus we are demonized.

One thing that has always mystified me is why Islam appears to be successful, but is not successful — it is just oil-rich. It is more comfortable for most who are born into it to be inside the Islamic hive mind than outside it. As for the new converts: a wealthy hive is not without its attractions

The socialist hive is more subtle than the Islamic hive, more nuanced and much more dangerous. The socialists have taken the Marxist ideas of class and transposed them into a layering system based on eugenics and a perverted meritocracy. In pre-WW2 socialist thought, the stock of humanity could be cleansed, subdued and perfected by brainwashing, by supervised breeding and by sterilization (or culling) of those considered unfit to join the breeding pool. The Nazis had one solution for this, and the Communists a slightly different one.

Once in the Gulag or Stalag, social Darwinism applied (read One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich). Life and survival was predicated on all sorts of small random events such as the size of one’s food bowl.

The despised class (or race) hierarchy becomes transformed into a hive hierarchy of the despised, the drones and the elites, where the despised are disposable slaves, the drones are part of the hive but have no individuality, and an elite whose word is law even if it is whimsical or downright wrong.

The resulting hive resonates to its own self-abnegation. It is more than a religion; it is an obsession where conformity is taken to murderous extremes. An obsession that counts mass murder as a totally acceptable tool in the hive’s arsenal of process and protection.

As the Age of Reason passes away, and the Enlightenment dims, so the emotional takes hold as the prime human need and desire. The safe space of cradle-to-grave welfare and protective encapsulation is enforced; play the game or die. The truth is too painful. It is stark and unbeautiful and uncomfortable. It means taking responsibility for one’s actions: better the make-believe of the hive mind. If everybody believes the same thing, then it must be true!

The hive used to have barbed wire fences and guard towers with searchlights and machine guns, but now it has a more effective cage, a mind-cage called visual media. We started with the movies telling us how to think, but television brought the mind-gulag into our homes, and sprayed our brains with pixilated scopolamine, imprisoning us in a controlled virtual environment. Walls? Who needs walls when electronic prisons are far more effective?

Then came mobile phones and the hive mind made a great leap forward.

The cultural Marxists specifically targeted the media, and they successfully infiltrated it. Now what was once seen as leftist propaganda has been totally absorbed into our psyche, particularly the idea that our Judeo-Christian heritage is not only of no value, but has positively damaged the ‘global’ society. The whole ‘global warming and climate change’ issue was configured to the illusion that ‘the West’ had robbed the rest of the world of its rightful share of resources and thus the white man should be made to pay it all back.

This and many other Marxist-derived memes were fed into the hive mind, along with the idea that those who resisted were somehow deranged.

The liberal-conservative right operates on a shoestring. It has few resources and those who contribute time and talents tend to do so voluntarily. But the hive, in contrast, is very well-funded indeed, so much so that it can deny a platform to any opposition. In my country of birth, England, I know that I no longer have any kind of freedom at all. My ‘rights’ are dictated by (manipulated) public opinion, and there is no longer any statute that cannot be massaged by those public servants charged with keeping people docile. The authorities in England provide a hive-friendly environment in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, where the Islamic hive is given a free rein to exploit and plot its expansion at the expense of the automatically guilty indigenous Judaeo-Christian who must pay the price for his past exploitation (‘colonialism’), supposedly on the understanding that he will not cause trouble because of the constant re-education he is subjected to.

My feeling is that the English people are seething, but the Marxist hive is moving heaven and earth to keep the lid on the pressure cooker. The whole of the British mainstream media is goose stepping to the strains of a elitist Horst-Wessel-Lied whilst selling out to the threat of terrorism. They actually believe that the Muslim hive is benign and not at all to blame, that the Muslims are the supposed victims of years of colonial oppression, and it is thus their absolute right to kill and maim whitey and take revenge on the Jew because everybody knows that it is all a Jewish plot.

This is a tangled message, with the nits combed out by the teeth of the accusation of ‘racism’ against anybody who points out that the emperor’s new clothes are somewhat skimpy.

The propaganda walls of the hive give rise to all sorts of cognitive dissonances. A relative of mine supported Brexit but did not vote because she thought that one of the leaders was a sleaze ball. It is much like a kangaroo courthouse where the (leftist) defense has only to demonstrate possible reasonable doubt but the (conservative) prosecution has to positively prove its every statement.

The hive is a literally an imprisoned audience which has its every move and thought governed by its media tormentors. As for the dissenters — we too are not immune to the hive influences. They appear regularly in the comments section here and I cannot guarantee that I am absolutely free of its honey; it is sweet and pervasive.

Like the Bereans of the Bible we should test everything. The hive mind is very powerful, and its influences are not always easy to recognise. For a modern child it starts at a tender age: father is a bumbling idiot, mother is stressed by her job, the teacher is upright and reliable and b-lie, b-lie, b-lie.

While the Internet is a wonderful tool, it is also a terribly dangerous one. Used judiciously it exposes the lies, but that is not an easy skill to acquire. To perceive the differences among fact, conspiracy theory (which often turns out to have an element of truth) and the pure out-and-out lie is hard, but to the hive mind, truth is predefined anyway, and there is simply no need to make any effort at validation. The hive is ‘truth’; it exists, therefore it is.

In the Kipling story was written at a time before education was freely available for all. In it the hive is penetrated and poisoned by mind-bending alien creatures (in our case it is a ‘conservative’ hive penetrated by Marxists). That availability of low-cost high quality education made a huge difference to Western society, and I was one of its last recipients. The government of the UK actually paid me to go to University, and the tuition was free.

However, this became very threatening. Too many free-thinkers.

Most Marxists I have met had privileged upper-middle-class backgrounds. They felt that they could justify the big house and the expensive private education only by organising the workers. When they finally discovered that the workers did not want to be organised, they switched to the immigrants etc. — anything rather than actually working for a living.

Kipling was right: the penetrated hive goes insane and dies, and the Marxists move on, happy with their destruction — Zimbabwe a mess, Venezuela a disaster, South Africa heading that way.

Next stop Europe, where the long march through the institutions has reached its apogee. Almost every government department in UK is staffed by followers of the socialist religion.

We should no longer regard political religions as separate entities from theocratic religions. Fanatics are fanatics, wherever and whatever they believe. If you are prepared to kill and maim for the cause then you are a terrorist, whether political or religious.

The Nazis settled on genocide as a political solution. Muslim fanatics want the same thing, so why do we treat them differently? The Nazis were socialists who were slightly to the right of the communists, Muslims, too, are basically socialists, but because they claim to be a theocratic ‘religion’ so everybody gets moonstruck and we have to use different words.

And we compound the problem every time we allow a jornolist to get away with the greatest hoax of the 20th century: that Nazis are from the conservative ‘right’.

The great ‘conservative’ hive so well described by Kipling has been fragmented into tiny little islands of reason, each of whom cannot agree upon reasonable behaviour because they still do not reject wholesale the smears of Nazism. And while the right accommodates the idea of Nazi ‘racism’ rather than Nazi socialism, the right will not recover.

Did the racial genocide arise out of the Nationalism or out of the Socialism?

It is very easy to put that to the test. Even if we charge the eleven million butcher’s bill of the Nazis as ‘nationalism’, it is miniscule when seen against the abattoir of the socialist slaughter…

There is nothing much wrong with Nationalism; MAGA has not yet produced any monsters. But there is a very bloody history to socialism; within the first three months of both communism and Nazism, the barbed wire, the watch towers; the camps and the political prisoners to fill them all begin to appear.

If we continue along the path defined by their hoax, and acquiesce to its taint of racism, and remain good men who do nothing, then all is lost.

At the top of the socialist pyramid is an eye, but whose eye would that be?

Just whose is the ‘all seeing eye’? Does it belong to Jesus, to Allah, to the chief Rabbi? Does it belong to the chief Atheist (whoever he is)? Or does it belong to the guy who has set out to destroy Western culture and society? We can bicker over this forever and a day; all the while the tide of tyranny sweeps in to swamp us with the raw and unpleasant truths of slavery, shackles and starvation.

Western culture’s unique gift to the world was the abolition of slavery, but it seems to me that the world wants to return to its shackles: Nazi shackles, communist manacles, or the ball and chain of Islam.

Or we conservatives can forget our differences, we can unite and fight, make war against those who wish to inundate us with their modern versions of the failed fanaticisms of yesteryear. We CAN drain the swamps — if we work together!

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

Iran warns world to prepare for US nuke deal withdrawal

January 8, 2018

Today, 3:11 pm

US Secretary of State John Kerry sits across from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif on July 1, 2015, in Vienna, Austria (State Department photo)

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran warned the world on Monday to prepare for the possible withdrawal of the United States from the landmark nuclear deal agreed in 2015.

“The international community must be prepared for the US possibly pulling out of the JCPOA,” said deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi, using the technical name for the nuclear deal.

Iran signed the accord in 2015 with six world powers, agreeing to curb its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of many international sanctions.

US President Donald Trump openly despises the deal — a central foreign policy achievement of his predecessor Barack Obama — but has so far continued to waive the nuclear-related sanctions at regular intervals as required to stay in compliance.

The next deadline for Trump to waive sanctions falls on Friday.

“It’s been more than a year that the US president has sought to destroy the JCPOA with all his efforts,” said Araghchi, speaking at the Tehran Security Conference.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghassemi (YouTube screenshot)

“We in Iran are prepared for any scenario. The international community and our region will be the biggest loser, since a successful experience in the international arena will be lost,” he added.

“Our region will not become a safer region without the JCPOA.”

A withdrawal by the US will lead to an “appropriate and heavy response,” added foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi.

“The US administration will definitely regret it,” he said on state television.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is due to travel for talks with the European parties to the deal — Britain, France, Germany and the EU — at the end of the week.

Zarif denied reports that the talks would focus on the recent protests in Iran that claimed 21 lives, saying such claims were “baseless and unfounded”.

“Given the importance of JCPOA these days, and in particular considering the US destructive policies, based on talks we’ve had, we agreed to have a consultative meeting between Iran and the three European Union members,” said Zarif, according to state broadcaster IRIB.