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Mossad-provided intel helped Denmark foil Iranian plot

October 31, 2018

Source: Mossad-provided intel helped Denmark foil Iranian plot

Israeli diplomat confirms Mossad helped stop attempted assassination of the leader of the Danish branch of Iranian opposition group blamed by Tehran for attack on military parade in Khuzestan in which 25 Iranians were killed.
The Mossad provided Denmark and Sweden with the intelligence used to thwart a plot by the Iranian government intelligence service to assassinate an Iranian Arab opposition figure on Danish soil, an Israeli diplomatic official confirmed Wednesday.
The official said that due to increased efforts to foil attacks on Jewish and Israeli institutions, the Israeli spy agency collects a lot of information, including intelligence about plots that don’t necessarily target Israel or Jews.It is believed the Israeli-provided information allowed the Danes to stop the assassins, who had explosives in their possession, early on.

 (Photo: AFP , shutterstock)

(Photo: AFP , shutterstock)

According to Danish intelligence chief Finn Borch Andersen, the attack was meant to target the leader of the Danish branch of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA)—an opposition organization that Tehran blames for a September 22 shooting attack on a military parade in Khuzestan in which 25 Iranians were killed, many of them Revolutionary Guards troops.

After the attack in Khuzestan, Iran summoned the envoys of the Netherlands, Denmark and Britain and accused the three countries of harboring Iranian opposition groups.

On September 28, Danish police shut two major bridges to traffic and halted ferry services from Denmark to Sweden and Germany in a nationwide police operation to prevent a possible attack.

A few days earlier, the Norwegian suspect had been observed photographing and watching the Danish home of the ASMLA leader, police said.

On October 21, a Norwegian citizen of Iranian background was arrested in Sweden in connection with the plot and extradited to neighboring Denmark, Swedish security police said.

The suspect has denied wrongdoing and is being held in pre-trial custody until November 8. The Iranian government also denied any connection with the alleged plot.

On Wednesday, Iran expressed a “strong protest” to Danish ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan over what it described as the Danish officials’ “hasty, political” and “uncalculated actions” in the case.

This is the second time in the past few months that Iran has been accused of trying to harm exiled Iranian opposition activists on European soil. In June, France foiled an attempted Iranian attack on an Iranian opposition conference in Paris. That attempt was also thwarted with the help of the Israeli Mossad.

“The Mossad’s efforts have led to thwarting Iranian terrorism in France, Belgium, Austria, Germany and now Sweden and Denmark,” an Israeli official said.


South Korean construction giant cancels $521 million deal with Iran 

October 31, 2018

Source: South Korean construction giant cancels $521 million deal with Iran – Israel Hayom


Iran: US sanctions to have ‘severe consequences’ for global order 

October 31, 2018

Source: Iran: US sanctions to have ‘severe consequences’ for global order – Israel Hayom


Denmark says it foiled Iranian assassination attempt on its soil 

October 31, 2018

Source: Denmark says it foiled Iranian assassination attempt on its soil – Israel Hayom


Trumps pay tribute at synagogue where 11 were fatally shot

October 31, 2018

Source: Trumps pay tribute at synagogue where 11 were fatally shot

President Trump visits the scene of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in US history in Pittsburgh, where he lights candles for each victim, amid demonstrations against his visit; Ivanka Trump along with husband Jared Kushner, who are both Jewish, accompanied the American leader.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump paid homage Tuesday to each of the 11 people slain in the worst instance of anti-Semitic violence in American history. As the Trumps placed their tributes outside the Tree of Life synagogue, protesters nearby shouted that the president was not welcome.
The emotional, dissonant scene reflected the increasingly divided nation that Trump leads, one gripped by a week of political violence and hate and hurtling toward contentious midterm elections that could alter the path of a presidency.

On their arrival in Pittsburgh, the Trumps entered the vestibule of the synagogue, where they lit candles for each victim before stepping outside. Shouts of “Words matter!” and “Trump, go home!” could be heard from demonstrators gathered not far from where a gunman had opened fire on Saturday.

 (Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, who had been conducting services when the shots rang out, gestured at the white Star of David posted for each victim. At each, the president placed a stone, a Jewish burial tradition, while the first lady added a flower. They were trailed by first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, who are Jewish.

Near the synagogue, flowers, candles and chalk drawings filled the corner, including a small rock painted with the number “6,000,011,” adding the victims this week to the estimated number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.The Trumps later spent more than an hour at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where some of the victims are recovering. The couple’s motorcade passed several hundred protesters on the street and a sign that said “It’s your fault.” Inside, Trump visited with wounded police officers and spent an hour with the widow of victim Dr. Richard Gottfried, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.Trump stepped into the role of national consoler, a title he wears uncomfortably, with his visit to the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. More at home waging partisan warfare than assuaging America’s grief, Trump has shied away from public displays of unity in the wake of other tragedies.

Sanders said Trump did not speak publicly Tuesday to denounce anti-Semitism because he has spoken about it before.

“He wanted today to be about showing respect for the families and the friends of the victims as well as for Jewish Americans,” Sanders said.

Questions have long swirled about the president’s credibility as a unifier. Since his 2016 Republican campaign for the White House, Trump has at times been slow to denounce white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other hate-filled individuals and groups that found common cause with his nationalistic political rhetoric.

 (Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

Trump traveled to the historic hub of the city’s Jewish community as the first funerals were held for the victims, who range in age from 54 to 97. The dead include a set of brothers, a husband and wife, professors, dentists and a physician.

Hundreds of protesters assembled to show their displeasure with Trump’s presence, some carrying signs that said “Hate has No Home in Squirrel Hill” and “Trump Loves Nazis.”

Squirrel Hill resident Paul Carberry said Trump should not have visited until the dead were buried.

“He didn’t pull the trigger, but his verbiage and actions don’t help,” Carberry said.

But Shayna Marcus, a nurse who rushed to the synagogue on Saturday to help with the wounded, said she felt that the president was taking an unfair portion of the blame.

“I don’t think focusing on Trump is the answer—or on politics,” said Marcus, whose four yarmulke-wearing boys carried signs in support of the president.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, back in Washington, told reporters: “If people are there to protest, that’s their right. For the president, it was not a moment for politics.”

 (Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

When Air Force One touched down at the airport outside Pittsburgh, the Trumps were not greeted by the usual phalanx of local officials that typically welcomes a visiting president, a reflection of controversy surrounding the visit.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, a Democrat, told reporters before the visit was announced that the White House ought to consult with the families of the victims about their preferences and asked that the president not come during a funeral. Neither he nor Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf appeared with Trump.

Beth Melena, campaign spokeswoman for Wolf, said the governor based his decision to stay away on input from the victims’ families, who told him they did not want the president to be there on the day their loved ones were being buried.

As Trump’s motorcade wound through downtown Pittsburgh, some onlookers saluted the president with upraised middle fingers and others with downturned thumbs.

The White House had invited the top four congressional leaders to join Trump in Pennsylvania, but none accompanied him.

A spokesman for Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he already had events in his home state of Kentucky, pushing back on the suggestion that he declined. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s office said he could not attend on short notice. Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also opted not to participate.


US Mid East forces brace for trouble from Iran over impending oil sanctions – DEBKAfile

October 31, 2018

Source: US Mid East forces brace for trouble from Iran over impending oil sanctions – DEBKAfile

The threat of a forceful Iranian response to the US embargo on its oil sales, which goes into effect on Nov. 5 ,was contained in Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif’s remark on Tuesday, Oct. 30: “Unfortunately, a law-breaking country seeks to punish a country that abides by the law… This method will have severe consequences for the world order.” 

The threat of “consequences to the world order” may be translated into such options as Iranian disruption of world oil supplies, a substantial military attack on US or Arab Middle East targets, on Israel – or all of these actions in successive stages.

Iran has concentrated in Iraq and along its Gulf coast large numbers of Saeghe stealth drones (modeled on the advanced US RQ-170 Sentinel captured by Tehran in 2011). Al Qods Brigades forces operating in Syria have also been armed with these sophisticated drones. UAVs of different types were given to the Iraqi Shiite militias serving Tehran at home and in Syria as well as the Lebanese Hizballah.

The Saege drones have taken over the tasks of the exploding speedboats formerly used by Revolutionary Guards as primary weapons against Western and Arab oil tanker shipping in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian drone attack on ISIS concentrations in eastern Syria on Oct. 1 appeared to many Western and Middle East military experts to have been a kind of dress rehearsal for the use of this UAV for deadly air strikes on US, Israeli or Arab targets.

Then, 11 of these stealth drones were launched from Iran and flew across the entire width of Iraq to reach their targets, without being intercepted or even sighted by US, Israeli or Jordanian forces. The Saeghes hit Syrian base with miniature, precision-guided Sadid-345 glide bombs.

Then, this Revolutionary Guards weapon made its debut performance in real combat conditions and returned safely to base. Al Qods chief Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani has been placed in charge of all forthcoming Iran’s military preparations.


Politicizing the massacre of 11 Pittsburgh Jews must stop

October 30, 2018

Source: Politicizing the massacre of 11 Pittsburgh Jews must stop – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

( The MSM and the Dems have been truly sickening in this regard.  It makes one wonder if they have any standards or ethics whatsoever… – JW )

Famed economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggested that Trump was to blame, at least in part.

 OCTOBER 29, 2018 21:19

Mourners visit a makeshift memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue

This past Saturday, the Jewish day of rest, a middle-aged man burst into a baby-naming service at a Pittsburgh synagogue. What followed was the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history. Eleven men and women, who had come only to celebrate and to pray, were gunned down, their blood pooling around their scattered prayer books.

A heroic team of local police officers charged the shul under heavy fire. Though many sustained severe wounds, the massacre was finally brought to an end. The gunman was captured and should, in my opinion, face the death penalty.

In the days since the attack, President Donald Trump has unequivocally condemned the slaughter as an “antisemitic act of pure evil.” The president declared “the widespread persecution of Jews” to be “one of the ugliest and darkest features of human history,” and one that he vowed to fight. “It will take all of us working together to extract the poison of antisemitism from our world,” the president went on, asking Americans to “unite to conquer hate.”

The shooter, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, announced his arrival at the synagogue by screaming “all Jews must die.” He allegedly later told police officers that Jews were committing “genocide against his people.” Pretty ironic, that. A racist Jew-hater claiming the Jews are guilty of genocide just one week before the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

On social media, Bowers had frequently attacked not only Jews but Trump for his closeness to Jews, to whom he referred in the most grotesque terms. “Trump is surrounded by k****,” the rancid killer lamented, “there is no #MAGA as long as there is a k*** infestation.”

DESPITE THESE facts, however, many people have come close to blaming Trump for the shooting.

Joe Biden, widely expected to run for the presidency in 2020, seemed to do so when he tweeted, apparently to the president, that “words matter” and “silence is complicity.”

Famed economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggested that Trump was to blame, at least in part. Speaking sarcastically, Krugman tweeted a link to the story with the caption, “but none of the white supremacist terrorism has anything to do with Trump, oh no.”

The Washington Post,
 also, featured an op-ed on its home page titled “How Culpable is Trump for the Shooting.” The author of that piece, GQ’s Julia Ioffe, tweeted “a word to [her] fellow American Jews: This president makes this possible. Here. Where you live. I hope the embassy move over there, where you don’t live was worth it.”

To politicize the murder of 11 Jews – let alone the worst antisemitic attack on American soil in our nation’s history – is lamentable.

Antisemitism and its tragic incarnation in this devastating attack are caused by those who actually hate Jews and call for violence against them. Sadly, there has never been a monopoly on antisemitism. It stems from both the extreme Left and the extreme Right.
It was the hard Left that first accused the Jewish state of genocide and the IDF of being the Gestapo, and it has for years depicted Israel and the Jews within it as oppressors and murderers who deserve the waves of terrorism that they are repeatedly forced to endure. Witness Jew-haters like Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who just last week employed the worst Nazi verbiage by calling Jews “termites,” directly implying the need for their extermination.

We dare not forget Students for Justice in Palestine, which holds tributes for terrorist “martyrs,” such as Dalal Mughrabi, who carried out the greatest antisemitic attack in Israel’s history, murdering 38 Israelis, seven of whom were under the age of six.

Then we could point to the extreme Right and the growing number of neo-Nazi filth who march in Charlottesville to the chant of “Jews will not replace us.” We could certainly blame the festering scourge of white-supremacist scum, who have increasingly turned to violence to express their hate-riddled minds.

Both extreme Left and extreme Right have shown horrible strains of antisemitism.

We must also blame nations like Iran that openly call for and fund violence against Jews across the world. We must also point to those who’ve offered them support.

I will not politicize the murder of 11 Jews, so I will not point fingers or name parties. But dare not forget that the Iran nuclear agreement was negotiated by the United States, all while the mullahs threatened Israel with complete annihilation.

Will those who negotiated it expect us to overlook their agreement with Iran, despite the nation’s funding and execution of arguably the deadliest antisemitic attack in modern history at the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, which left 85 dead and hundreds more wounded?

Do the parties that were in power then assume we will forget that they insisted on forking over billions of dollars in cash to this international standard-bearer of antisemitism, while never once condemning those mullahs for their unspeakable sins in both word and action?

AS A Jew I am extremely grateful to President Trump for the unparalleled support he has shown Israel in the Oval Office. But that did not stop me from publicly and strongly criticizing the president for his failure to sufficiently condemn the white supremacists in Charlottesville. There was nothing but evil on the neo-Nazi side.

But if we are to criticize serious failure, as we must, then we must similarly laud significant success.

In defending Israel, Trump has exceeded our expectations.

He and his soon-departing Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley brought the fight for Israel at the UN to the highest bar yet. He moved the American Embassy to the Jewish people’s eternal capital in Jerusalem, which neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama did, despite the latter’s promises to do so in 2008.

Trump has already made the decision to remove our nation from the disastrous nuclear agreement signed with Iran, which he called out as a “rogue state.” As we speak, his administration continues its work to reenact sanctions and clear a way out of the Iran deal, not only for our own nation but for our allies in Europe and across the world.

Trump also signed into law the Taylor Force Act, which sought to put an end to the Palestinian Authority’s sadistic practice of handing out actual monetary rewards to those who’ve killed Jews. Believe it or not, throughout the Obama administration, the PA was giving out enormous sums to those serving prison sentences for murdering or attempting to murder Jews in Israel. In the last year, the PA distributed over $315 million – or 8% of its entire overall budget – through its outrageous system of terrorist-welfare. All this, from the hundreds of millions of dollars the PA receives annually from the United States in foreign aid – or received, considering Trump has finally begun to cut it.

In fact, if Bowers had been a Palestinian and his 11 victims Jews living in Israel, he and his family would have been collecting from their terrorism pension for the rest of their lives. And, until the passing of the Taylor Force Act, he would have thanked us for the cash.
Ultimately, though, what makes the accusations of antisemitism against Trump especially unfair is the fact that beyond just having Jewish friends and associates, he is the first president of the United States to have Jewish children and grandchildren.

Even Trump’s worst enemies would admit that he loves and deeply cherishes his daughter Ivanka, who is herself an Orthodox Jew. He supported her decision to join the Jewish people through the strictest processes of conversion, before throwing her a kosher wedding. Through his daughter, Trump now has three Jewish grandchildren who attend Jewish schools. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka regularly attend synagogue themselves.

For Trump, the looming threats facing Jewish community centers have become, if anything, entirely personal.

As yet more Jewish blood is absorbed into the earth, we cannot allow these events to be sharpened into political spears to be hurled against political opponents. That would only deepen the divides within a nation that direly needs to heal. We must instead take a moment to reflect upon who are the ones truly spreading hateful gospels against the Jewish people, and do everything in our power to ensure that they are weakened, silenced and eventually brought down.

The writer, “America’s Rabbis,” whom The Washington Post called “the most famous rabbi in America,” is founder of The World Values Network, a leading organization defending Israel and the Jewish people in global media. His most recent book is The Israel Warrior. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.