Jason Kenney mocks Trudeau with eulogy for “Korean icon Kim Il-Sung”

Jason Kenney mocks Trudeau with eulogy for “Korean icon Kim Il-Sung” CIJ News, November 27, 2016


Justin Trudeau’s controversial eulogy for the late Cuban President Fidel Castro continues to draw criticism in Canada and the US.

Jason Kenney, former federal minster of Defence, Immigration and Multiculturalism who runs for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, mocked Trudeau with an eulogy for “Korean icon Kim Il-Sung”:

We mourn the death of Korean icon Kim Il-Sung, who continues to serve the Korean people as Eternal President of the DPRK.”

Others offered alternative eulogies for Castro and other notorious tyrants throughout history #trudeaueulogies:

Mr. Castro inspired generations of innovative boat makers.”- gnorwreven‏ @tlynnleggie

Bin Laden was charismatic leader who helped revolutionize airport security in his lifetime.” – Liars Never Win‏ @liars_never_win

Bin Laden was a wonderful demolition expert. A true aviation and building savant. He’ll be missed but never forgotten.” – Gad Saad‏ @GadSaad

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of Saddam Hussein. His advancements in chemical research live on.” – Mikhail Menuck‏ @MischaMenuck

As you know Mr. Hitler‘s life has come to an end, he was known as a dog lover and a strong supporter of his race” – Alberta View🌎👀‏ @Uwork4It

Today we mourn painter and animal rights activist, Adolf Hitler. His death also highlights the need for suicide awareness” – Curtis‏ @FowlCanuck

It’s with a heavy heart that I learn Stalin passed, only he was able to acheive full employment for his people” – Alberta View🌎👀‏ @Uwork4It

Mr. Stalin‘s greatest achievement was his eradication of obesity in the Ukraine through innovative agricultural reforms.” – Melissa Lantsman‏ @MelissaLantsman

Today we mourn the passing of Joseph Stalin, a man who greatly raised the GDP for Soviet citizens…” – Gaulois‏ @Le_Gaul

my condolences to the family of Joseph Stalin. Through controversial, his policies in agriculture & industrialization….” – Mikhail Menuck‏ @MischaMenuck

Today we say goodbye to Mr. Mussolini, the former Italian prime minister best known for his competent train-management.” – J.J. McCullough‏ @JJ_McCullough

Let us acknowledge Mr Pol Pot‘s achievements in reducing overpopulation and building global sustainability” – Mikhail Menuck‏ @MischaMenuck

While a controversial figure, even detractors recognize Pol Pot encouraged renewed contact between city and countryside.” – Andrew Coyne‏ @acoyne

We’re saddened to hear the passing of Pol Pot. We are fondly reminded of his remarkable excavation techniques” – I’m the bubba‏ @Imthebubba

Let us acknowledge Mr Pol Pot‘s achievements in reducing overpopulation and building global sustainability” – Mikhail Menuck‏ @MischaMenuck

Though not universally liked by his compatriots, Mr. Ceausescu was a leader in urban design and affordable housing” – Cam Vidler‏ @camvidler

Today we say farewell to Adi Amin who help so many non African Ugandans immigrate to Canada” – Dan Fraser‏ @FraserFraserdw

I’m saddened to hear of supreme leader of N Korea Kim Jong-il passing, he fought childhood obesity like no other” – Alberta View🌎👀‏ @Uwork4It

Today we remember Pablo Escobar‘s advances in spurring youth interest in pharmacology.” – Chris Magill‏ @cmagill

We mourn the death of Vlad the Impaler, who spearheaded initiatives which touched the hearts of millions.” – Conservosaurus‏ @conservosaurus

Today we bid farewell to Genghis Khan, the former Mongolian leader best known for opening new trade routes to China.” – Don MacLeod‏ @DonWMacleod

Dauntless globetrotter, diversity-lover: Attila the Hun was indefatigably committed to advancing the East-West encounter.” – Rod Dreher‏ @roddreher

While Emperor Nero was controversial, his dedication to song and writing poetry signaled a Roman artistic renaissance.” – Jason Hickman‏ @jasonhickman

Today we say goodbye to Caligula former Roman emperor best known for his love of horses” – JSheehan‏ @TuesCheek

If nothing else can be said for Hannibal Lecter, at least he had great taste in people.” – Prufrock‏ @Kansokusha10

Though he didn’t shy away from controversy Pharaoh will be remembered for enhancing labor productivity in Egypt.” – Sohrab Ahmari‏ @SohrabAhmari

Diane Forsey‏ @peterdiane01 tweeted an eulogy for Trudeau’s victory in last federal election:

Today Canada mourns the election of Justin Trudeau. You will be remembered as this countries biggest mistake!”

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