John Kerry describes how useless the “vetting” of Syrian refugees is

John Kerry describes how useless the “vetting” of Syrian refugees is, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, November 22, 2015

(Mr. Greenfield seems to have missed at least one significant problem. As reported at on November 17th, the UNHCR 

is working “hand in hand” with an international Islamist group of 57 Muslim nations — the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — whose founding charter seeks to propagate “legitimate jihad” and “the norms of Islamic Shari’ah.” Saudi-based OIC, in fact, is tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood. [Emphasis added.]

“We are delighted to work … with the OIC,” said U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres.

So it’s really the U.N. and radical Islamists who are choosing your new Muslim neighbors.

What could possibly go wrong? — DM)


The official talking points about vetting so-called Syrian refugees, mainly Muslims from UN camps, a population that mostly excludes actual refugees, Christians, Yazidis, etc, talk about how “multi-layered” the vetting is.

Here’s John Kerry laying out the process.

First, many candidates for refugee resettlement in the United States are interviewed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to determine whether they meet the definition of refugee…

In the interview, UNHCR identifies any red flags which would render individuals ineligible for resettlement under our laws and security protocols. UNHCR also screens applicants to determine whether they fall within the priorities the United States has established for resettlement those refugees who are deemed most vulnerable.

This means that we outsource our refugee policy to the UN and also the first layer of security screening. UNHCR is both notoriously corrupt and incompetent.

Obama Inc and its media allies try to pretend that we have a more reliable security screening policy than Europe does, but they both begin in the same place, with the overburdened disastrous UNHCR.

But it gets even better…

Second, a refugee applicant is referred by the UNHCR to the United States along with a package of information. At that point, the State Department takes over the process. Resettlement support centers, operated by faith-based and international organizations contracting with the State Department, first interview the applicant to confirm information about the case and collect any identification documents and aliases used by the refugee applicants and initiate security checks, which are exclusively conducted by the US. Government.

When the State Department takes over the process, Kerry means that the next stage gets outsourced to contractors who get paid money every time they resettle a refugee. These groups obsessively lobby for more refugees. They have a basic conflict of interest here… and yet they and UNHCR are the original sources of information used for the vetting.

Whatever interviews happen next, UNHCR and the resettlers have already given the applicant a script to follow, shown him what questions will be asked and helped prep him for them.

Neither organization is looking for “red flags” or has security concerns. Their priority is to move the settler further down the road.

Next, cue the databases.

For every single refugee applicant, the Department of State conducts biographic checks of the refugee?s primary name and any aliases against its Consular Lookout and Support System database (CLASS).

I sure hope we have the right name and the right spelling. If we don’t, the system is useless. If he’s not in the system, which the majority of members of ISIS, let alone assorted members of Jihadist groups in Syria aren’t, the system is useless.

USCIS collects biometric information, consisting of fingerprints, for each refugee applicant, ages 14 to 79. USCIS coordinates the screening of refugee applicant fingerprints against the vast biometric holdings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?s Next Generation Identification system.

That’s really useful for identifying people who have been in trouble with the law before here. But again, the average ISIS member does not have his fingerprints in our database.

At the same time, a team of highly-trained USCIS refugee officers is responsible for personally conducting the refugee status interviews. These officers undergo five weeks of specialized and extensive training that includes comprehensive instruction on all aspects of the job, including refugee law, grounds of inadmissibility, fraud detection and prevention, security protocols, interviewing techniques, credibility analysis, and country conditions research.

Yup. 5 weeks of specialized training.

Our final line of defense, the refugee status interview, the one that unlike the useless UNHCR and the downright destructive resettler interview, is theoretically being conducted by people who have the interests of the United States at heart.

And the folks conducting them have a whole 5 weeks of training in “all aspects of their job”. Somewhere in there they fit in some “country conditions research”. The odds are good this interview will be conducted through an interpreter anyway and a friendly one at that.

But I’m sure the terrorists will just spill that he’s an ISIS member to the guy or gal who has 5 weeks of training in refugee law. Still wait… there’s an extra bonus week of training.

Officers conducting interviews of Syrian applicants now undergo an additional one-week training focusing on Syria-specific topics, including classified intelligence briefings.

That’s right. 1 whole extra week of extensive coffee breaks and snoozing through somebody mispronouncing Al-Nusra Front. What more do you people want?

Fourth, before an approved refugee arrives in the United States, US. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at DHS receives a manifest of all refugees who have prior approval to travel to the United States. CBP receives this manifest eight days before a refugee’s scheduled travel.

Eight days.

No way ISIS is getting through.

To summarize, if the terrorist doesn’t have fingerprints in a database, he’ll get coached in multiple interviews how to respond and the only way he’s getting caught is if he announces during the actual interview that he’s a terrorist.

And even if he does, he’ll probably get a pass. Nidal Hassan did.

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8 Comments on “John Kerry describes how useless the “vetting” of Syrian refugees is”


    You have to be really stupid to accept any vetting by the U.N..

  2. Tyrannovar Says:

    By “faith-based organizations” they mean treasonous Christian organizations that betray their own country for twenty pieces of Saudi oil money. Just go to Refugee Resettlement Watch
    It’s all there, if you can stand to read it.

  3. wingate Says:

    The Titanic ( USA ) is in lethal danger – what do americans do ? One part is washing dishes in the ship’s kitchen – the other part has given up….!
    What they should do is get up and fight to fix the mortal damage to the ship – remove the enemy sitting in the WH…..


      And how do you suggest it be done?He has a little bit over a year left.The most damaging enemy are for the most part the 535 lawmakers.That’s where most of the woes for the country are conceived and created.

      • wingate Says:

        Common sense, Carlos – just common sense ! Its cristal clear that if you let BHO stay another 1.5 years in the WH, the USA is done for sure….So, the answer is : Remove him ! Impeach him ! Do not just talk about a million man march to Washington DC – DO IT ! Use your brain – thats no game – the lethal threat to the USA coming from BHO is no game – its real !

        • CARLOS LIZARRAGA Says:

          First, those million people marches are for the part a waste of time and nothing is accomplished politically or otherwise.Secondly, no one in Congress will attempt to even suggest impeaching BHO.Thirdly The U.S.A. is still a very powerful nation to simply be done as you say by one man which in the instance is according to you BHO.The president has handlers chosen by him and those that are not.The danger of course lies with those handlers he did not choose and can really determine his fate.BHO is not the top dog in the food chain and it was made clear to him shortly after he took his oath.And as it has been done also with other past POTUS.Step out of line and they will shoot you down.So you are just going to have to wait for the next presidential elections.Hopefully, the electorate will choose an experienced and proven leader not necessarily coming from the political ranks.BHO has done is share of damage to his country like all past presidents have done.

  4. Dawn Dolid Says:

    John Kerry said vetting for Syrian refugees could be improved.

    In several interviews, especially by the State Department, ask them whether they prefer to live under the US Constitution or Islamic Law (Shari’ah), and do not prepare them for the question.

    People who prefer Shari’ah say that it is the opposite of democracy.
    That is why militant jihadists oppose democratic governments.%

    I understand that about 50% of Syrian refugees already in the US prefer Islamic law. Just ask them their preference. How did they get in?

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