Cartoon of the day

H/t Freedom is just another word


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2 Comments on “Cartoon of the day”

  1. irab Says:

    it wasn’t obama that reduced america. it was the hordes of zombies from hell, all of whom are intoxicated by, “progressive liberalism”. The progressive liberalism virus has had this country infected for more than five decades. that a country that had once been great would accept as it’s, “leader”, such a lightweight and transparently fraudulent purveyor of sophmoric bombast only demonstrates the extent to which the soul of america has been compromised.

    • wingate Says:

      And do the masses of US citizens care ? ”Naa – lets go fishing……..Maybe I’ll call my Senator another day to tell him that I think what BHO is doing is maybe not so good – man, I will not hold back myself……….

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