‘Light Blade’ laser system intercepts nearly 100% of Hamas balloons in its sector

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Looks like the laser system is a success. Jewish ingenuity does it again.

I’m guessing that the MSM – given that the balloons are intercepted and fall while still in Gaza airspace – will blame the Jooos for causing any damage/loss of life to Gaza residents that results… 


'Light Blade' laser system intercepts nearly 100% of Hamas balloons in its sector

It took only 10 days for the two members of Israel’s Border Police who are the only personnel manning the new “Lahav Or” (Light Blade) laser system deployed on the border of the Gaza Strip to shoot down a record number of explosives-laden balloons released toward Israel by Hamas operatives.

The blades of light have intercepted 150 arson balloons. The system’s sensors identity targets, follow their motion, and shoot a focused laser at them until the balloons explode without having reached Israeli airspace.

Israel’s only Light Blade system to date covers only a small part of the Gaza Strip, and while it’s interception rate stands at close to 100%, Palestinians in other parts of Gaza continue to send balloons carrying explosives, Molotov cocktails, and sometimes grenades over the border fence. The prevailing wind carries them into the western Negev.

IDF soldiers deployed near the border intercept some of the balloons, but most land, causing wildfires – sometimes, several dozen in a single day. The fires have burned tens of thousands of acres of open land, nature reserves, parks, and fields.

The Light Blade system, developed by the Israeli firm OptiDefense, the Israel Police, and the Defense Ministry, was first used this past February and scored dozens of interceptions.

Border Police Sgt. Maj. Meni Shalom, one of the Light Blade operators, said that “every interception is a relief.”

“I’m frustrated when a balloon changes its location because of the wind and leaves our sector. The ramifications are painful. Civilians could be hurt. Even though it looks like a computer game, it takes patience, concentration, and coordination to operate the system. In a second, you could see 15 balloons in front of you at once, and in seconds you need to decide which of them could be the first to cross the fence,” Shalom said.

Dr. Udi Ben-Ami, a laser expert and founder of OptiDefense, and Professor Amiel Ishaaya, Deputy Dean of the Engineering Faculty at Ben-Gurion University, came up with the idea for the laser interceptor.

“The idea arose from Zionism,” the researchers say.

“It pained us to see the fields burning and to hear about the farmers’ distress. We checked with friends in the defense establishment, and it turned out that there was no practical, quick solution available,” they say.

While plenty of defense and security officials expressed doubt about the project, commander of the Border Police, Deputy Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, saw its potential.

“The advantage of Light Blade, unlike other similar systems in the world, is its special laser that does not interfere with airspace and does not bother pilots,” Shabtai explained.

“The system was built over the course of eight months, and it has proved itself above and beyond. We are operating it in conjunction with the IDF, and I hope that the defense establishment will soon purchase additional systems,” Shabtai said.

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