Amid Surge of Balloon Attacks, Israeli Military Deploys Laser-Defense System on Gaza Border

Lasers vs balloons (sometimes inflated condoms).

This is a good indicator of the two cultures involved.

The advanced Nobel Prize winning sophisticated jewish state vs the backwards “sticks and stones” arab culture.

And the jewish efforts go towards saving lives while the arab actions are intended to destroy.

Amid Surge of Balloon Attacks, Israeli Military Deploys Laser-Defense System on Gaza Border

Amid a surge of in incendiary balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip, the IDF has deployed new interception technology on Israel’s border with the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

According to Israel’s public broadcaster Kan, the aerial defense system employs lasers to destroy incoming balloons.

The Algemeiner reported in January that the Israeli Defense Ministry had made a major breakthrough in using lasers to thwart aerial attacks.

The technology enables long-range targeting and stabilization of laser beams, allowing them to intercept targets at great distances.

The new system’s deployment came as dozens of fires were set in the Gaza border area in a single day and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz vowed forceful retaliation.

Tuesday marked the sixth straight day of incendiary balloon attacks from Gaza.

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3 Comments on “Amid Surge of Balloon Attacks, Israeli Military Deploys Laser-Defense System on Gaza Border”

  1. Jesus Schwarzkopf Says:

    i pray that the flames fall on to gaza. hopefully on those who’ve launched the balloons.

  2. Jesus Schwarzkopf Says:

    i see a generator, and the laser arrow device, and an enclosed area for operators and support personnel to take shelter.

  3. Jesus Schwarzkopf Says:

    this installation is, I suspect, relatively primitive, compared to what will most likely be the norm, in a few years. Eventually, this system will probably operate autonomously, with remote monitoring. I can envision it being vehicle mounted, mobile, and therefore more difficult for enemies to target.

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