An officer and a soldier killed in Palestinian car-ramming attack 

Source: An officer and a soldier killed in Palestinian car-ramming attack – DEBKAfile

A Palestinian terrorist crashed his car Friday, March 16, into a group of Israeli soldiers killing an officer and a soldier and injuring two others, one seriously.

Doctors are fighting for his life at the Beilinson hospital, to which the victims were evacuated by helicopter. There was a driver and a passenger in the car which rammed into a IDF unit on Highway 585 outside Mevo Dotan, 10km west of Jenin, which was patrolling the highway in northern Samaria. The terrorist, Allah Kabha, 26, from the Palestinian village of Barta’a, was slightly hurt and captured. He is being interrogated in hospital. Kabha was found to have a previous record: he had been jailed for eighteen months on security violations and banned from entering Israel. The second Palestinian in the car appears to have fled.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman vowed after the attack to “take action in pursuit of the death sentence for this terrorist, the demolition of his home and the punishment of his confederates in this crime. There are no lone wolf [Palestinian] terrorists,” he said. “Abu Mazen and the Palestinian Authority pay money to their families. We will stop this.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources: The IDF investigation of the event will also question why the military patrol had no back-up against a vehicular attack.

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