Dan Miller is no more

Dan pix
It is with deep sadness that I report to our readers that my good friend and fellow editor of this site, Dan Miller, has passed away.

Those of you who have been with the site over the last three years know  how important his contributions were.

He will be sorely missed by all of us.

May he truly rest in peace… – JW

I received the following from his wife: 


Dear Joe,
Dan asked me to communicate with you should he not make it through the latest of his health problems.  
He felt a deep connection with Isreal, with Warsclerotic, and with you, Joe.  
Please forgive my delay in communicating with you.  It, as you must know, has been a tremendously difficult time for me.  I needed some time to recover even the tinyest bit of perspective.
Please keep him in your prayers.
Best,  Jeanie
Here is what I wrote to our families:

Dan and I started our adventures together almost 26 years ago. Over the years, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve won and we’ve lost. Always, our

​mutual ​

love and respect made it possible to overcome the inevitable obstacles that present themselves over a lifetime.

Dan died last Sunday afternoon. I will miss him forever. He has preceded me in this last and greatest adventure of all.

As was his wish, I will spread his ashes over the finca he loved so well.


Rest in peace

​ and
Namaste, My​Darling

Curriculum Vitae and subsequent life:

Herbert Daniel Miller was graduated from Yale University, cum laude, and the University of Virginia Law School where he was notes editor of Law Review and a member of The Order of the Coif. After he graduated, he joined the United States Army JAG Corp where he was Special Courts Marshall Judge for the Country of Korea. Upon returning to civilian life, he joined the law firm of Koteen and Naftalin in Washington, D.C. until he retired as a partner in 1996.

Thereupon, he and his wife cruised in the Eastern Caribbean as well as Trinidad, Venezuela and Colombia in their sailboat, Namaste. They achieved their Dive Master certificates in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. In 2002, they reached Panama, spending a month in the Kuna Yala Islands on their sailboat before settling in Western Panama.

He leaves behind his wife, Jean Fiester Miller, his son, Nicolas Miller, his daughter, Elizabeth Korchnak and his sister, Margaret Zilm, his nephews Andrew and Gregory Zilm, as well as three grandchildren.

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13 Comments on “Dan Miller is no more”

  1. I’m truly saddened and shocked to hear of Dan’s passing. He was such a great guy. My deepest condolences to Dan’s family in this time of great loss.

  2. Hadenoughalready Says:

    My sincerest condolences to his wife, his family and to all who loved him.
    May he rest in the shade of HaShem’s garden…

  3. I am truly shocked and saddened by Dan’s passing. Together with you, Joe, interesting posts have come my way which I have passed on to Twitter and FB. I well appreciated his work as I do yours. I know that you will certainly miss him. May he rest in peace and watch over us from above as he tried doing here on earth. The soldiers of truth we are who will never give up. GD bless.

  4. NEO Says:

    One of the worst pieces of news in a long time. Dan was one of the early supporters on my blog, and it was always a special day when I earned a like or comment from him.

    He will be sorely missed, and my condolences to Jeannie and the rest of his family.

    Rest in Piece, my friend.

  5. joopklepzeiker Says:

    Sail well on this new journey Dan with favorable winds .
    And our condolences to Jeannie and the rest of his family.

  6. Mike Says:

    I’m saddened by the news. I enjoyed the discussion we had via his site and feel the loss knowing it will not return.

  7. Ira Berkowitz Says:

    so sorry to hear the tragic news. may Dan rest in peace, and may the pain of loss, felt by his family and close friends be brief. Thanks Dan, for having shared with us so graciously and illuminatingly.

  8. Admin Says:

    I am very saddened to hear of Dan’s passing. He used to follow my blog and click “like” on all my posts and that made me feel like what I was doing was worth something. I will miss his long rants at his blog where he often managed to end on a humorous satirical note.

  9. John Prophet Says:

    Rest In Peace Dan…

  10. wingate Says:

    Very sad news ! My condolences to the family of Dan Miller – a very fine / honorable person / a warrior for the truth/ a warrior for Israel !
    The God of Israel loves those who love Israel – so Mr. Dan Miller is very, very well now !
    Its getting darker and darker on this planet – but the jewish holy scriptures tell that soon the Mashiach is back ! So – lift up your heads, all you warriors for Israel / for the truth !

    • wingate Says:

      As an elderly person myself – I would like to tell the editors of this great site and all of those whom I consider my friends :
      You are great / doing a great thing ! Keep on keeping on – you are with the winning team !
      You mean a lot to me – thank you ! May the God of Israel bless and protect you and your families !

  11. artaxes Says:

    Rest in peace Dan.

  12. anneinpt Says:

    I was so sad to read this news. Jeannie wrote a similar letter to em and it came like a punch to the stomach. Dan was such a strong supporter of Israel, and greatly encouraged me in my blogging, always urging me to post here, and sending me items of news that would interest me.

    The world has lost a wonderful man, a gentleman and a supporter of Israel and the Western world in its fight against jihad.

    May his memory be for a blessing and may his family find comfort in the good work that he did.

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