Biden says the world needs genuine leaders such as Trudeau

Biden says the world needs genuine leaders such as Trudeau, CIJ News, Ilana Shneider, December 10, 2016

justin-trudeau-meets-with-joe-biden-photo-twitter-joe-bidenPM Justin Trudeau meets with VP Joe Biden. Photo: Twitter Joe Biden

Outgoing United States Vice-President Joe Biden paid a visit to Ottawa on Thursday, apparently for no reason other than to show the “depth of the relationship” between the US and Canada, Justin Trudeau’s director of communication said.

“I’ve never seen Europe engaged in as much self-doubt,” Biden told Trudeau during the visit. “The world’s going to spend a lot of time looking to you, prime minister, as we see more and more challenges to the liberal international order since the end of World War II — you and Angela Merkel.”

“The world is going to spend a lot of time looking to you Mr Prime Minister,” Biden told a crowd of Canadian dignitaries. “Viva la Canada because we need you very, very badly.”

Biden’s remarks were made two days before a new poll conducted by Forum Research showed that support for the federal Liberals dropped by 9 per cent in one month. According to Forum, if federal elections were held today, 42 per cent of Canadians would vote Liberal, compared to 51 per cent in November.

The same poll also found that Trudeau’s “favourability” rating dropped from 58 per cent last month to 51 per cent in December, while approval rating for Conservative Party’s interim leader Rona Ambrose increased from 30 per cent to 36 per cent.

German Chancellor Merkel, who is running for her fourth term in office, sank to her lowest voter support in five years, primarily due to her handling of the refugee crisis and last summer’s terrorist attacks on German soil perpetrated by Islamic jihadists which included a shooting spree, an axe attack, a suicide bombing and a machete assault that left 13 people dead. Last year, Merkel opened Germany’s doors to more than one million migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

With Trump winning the elections in the US, Britain’s David Cameron’s resigning, France’s Hollande is not seeking re-election and Italy’s Renzi’s leaving after having gambled and lost on a flawed constitutional referendum, Trudeau and Merkel remain the “last two liberal leaders standing”.

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