Oppressive! PvdA and D66 to legally protect Islam against Dutch. (Update: motion adopted!)

Translation from original Dutch article by JK

Door Joost Niemöller

Beklemmend! PvdA en D66 willen islam wettelijk beschermen tegen Nederlanders. (update: motie aangenomen!)

Update: This insane motion was passed by a massive majority!

Vote, the motion-Marcouch / Sjoerdsma (29 614, no. 46).

I note that, the present members of the factions of the SP, the PvdD, the PvdA, GroenLinks, D66, Van Vliet, 50PLUS, Small Group Kuzu / Öztürk, Stonemasons, the VVD, the Christian Union, the CDA for this motion voted and present members of the other groups on it, so that it is adopted.

Marcouch, the Labour MP has filed a motion with Sjoerdsma (D66) which calls for a special legal protection of Islam. At least, of ‘religion’, and this is because there would be ‘Muslim discrimination. “The word” religion “therefore falls, but not pathetic Jehovah witnesses or pathetic Calvinists need to be protected, because that’s not the background of the motion .

What then is the problem? There is nothing to worry about.

There would be ‘under reporting of these’ Muslim discrimination. “On that, a report. It is thus made no declaration, there would be discrimination. Oh dude? What ‘discrimination’ then? Here, of course, remains vague. Also, one ‘under-reporting’ not set against the other, namely because it concerns only the so-called science. Under reporting measure specifically is like measuring the black money circuit: It’s a wild guess.

Oh, there will really ever be drawn to a headscarf. And that’s not nice of course. But how many Dutch women are not abused for whore because they wear a skirt and why the PvdA and D66 should there be no motion because women it out of their head to report about it? It has become ‘normal’?

That the Muslims is correct even easier to report, so that the Dutch government is actively working to incite Muslims to declarations evident from the mass of by the supercharged declarations against Wilders, who now lead to his trial.

There is rather a report about Muslim whining than under reporting.

An older woman who wants to report it because she was robbed by a woman with a headscarf, was literally discouraged by the police to report it. Fact! Then you put it in your head to go to the police when you are being robbed by Muslims as the Netherlands.

But on no Marcouch and Sjoerdsma worry. Therefore, they are not even a motion stating that the police reports must take seriously. All returns! That would be perceived problem with the Muslim discrimination also emerge not? Well, that does not come up, because that does not exist to that extent.

And what has that to do any pulling on headscarves with the protection of religious freedom? It is generally breaking behavior, like cussing for whore. That must be addressed, but you D66 and PvdA do not hear about.

No, Islam, which is pathetic in this country. Islam, which, incidentally, not supposed to be in the Netherlands because the values of the Muslim ideology do not match the values in this country, should the PvdA and D66 given special legal protection that Muslims have priority do when declaration their whining.

Crazy. And perilous. Our living space is increasingly limited. Everything is called racism. Everywhere is punishment. Ie: For Dutch.

And now strengthen so that those sneaky motion to increase the space of Islam with the excuse of a report that has nothing to do with it.

I did not invent all this. This is the motion:

MOTION OF MEMBERS AND Marcouch Sjoerdsma

Presented May 25, 2016

The Chamber, a debate heard, whereas freedom of religious expression is under pressure; Whereas it is established in recent research that in the Rotterdam area are more than twice as many cases of discrimination than Muslims are reported to the designated authorities; whereas under reporting of Muslim discrimination elsewhere is a common phenomenon; believes that protection of freedom of religion by the government should be supported; asks the government for the upcoming budget discussions to bring forward proposals to protect religious freedom, defend and propagate, and proceeds to the order of the day. Marcouch Sjoerdsma

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