Netanyahu in 2014: Terror will Come to France

Netanyahu in 2014: Terror will Come to France, Power LineScott Johnson, July 15, 2016

In a nearby post I explore President Obama’s attitude toward Islamic terrorism and its consequences. His attitude is superficially sophisticated and seriously misguided.

Obama of course detests Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in every way Obama’s better. Among other things, Netanyahu is rather more perceptive than Obama about the threats we face and how to deal with them. In the video clip below, he warns a French correspondent in August 2014 that “this terror plague will come to you.”

Paul links to the video via Yair Rosenberg’s Twitter feed in the update to his post on the Nice massacre, but I think it is worth consideration on its own this morning. Rosenberg calls it one of the eerier videos he’s seen. It’s really going to be Twilight Zone material when Iran announces it has nuclear weapons.

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