Stealth Jihadists are Hiding Their Identities Behind the Islamic State

Stealth Jihadists are Hiding Their Identities Behind the Islamic State, Jihad Watch

(Imam Obama and many others have told us, repeatedly, that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. Therefore, mass slaughters by Muslims in the name of the Islamic State must have nothing to do with the Religion of Peace and Tolerance either; to say or think that they are based on Islam is Islamophobic. Islamists are the principal victims. That’s the message pushed by CAIR and related Islamist organizations, highly regarded and relied upon by Obama, et al. — DM)


An American-born man, reported to be 29-year-old Omar Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and went on the deadliest mass shooting in American history, described as the worst terror attack since 9/11.

Robert Spencer has been following the media in its the defense of the indefensible, including: ACLU lawyers blaming the Christian Right and the GOP for the Jihadi rampage, while Obama babbled that it was too early to know the precise motivations of the killer. Too late, Mr. President! You already knew that the gunman had identified himself to police and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State on a 911 call, and Mateen was also said to have recited prayers to Allah during the attack.

The victimology machine, as expected, went into high gear, with warnings about the backlash of “Islamophobia” before the crime scene was even cleaned up. The nefarious display of insensitivity on the part of by agenda-driven cads toward the families of the victims who were targeted in this monumental Jihadist attack, as well as the rampant political posturing, is grievous — and sure to continue. Even some of those who were directly affected in the attacks have been regurgitating the “Islamophobia” agenda, which has been shoved down their throats by means of a propagandist message about Muslim victimhood, racism, the past sins of European colonialism, the Crusades, and the present sins of right-wing foreign policies that supposedly provoke Jihadists. I’ll be surprised if the Jews don’t thrown onto the villain list somewhere, somehow.

Combine that focus with the media emphasis on the Islamic State’s “un-Islamic doctrine,” and its fears about where the next target could be. In all this, one group escapes mainstream scrutiny virtually unscathed, and thus continues in its malevolence virtually undetected. That group is the stealth Jihadists, who are using the presence of the Islamic State to hide behind and conceal their own activities. They did well at hiding almost completely — at least up until the Holy Land Foundation case, in which many of them were designated them “unindicted co-conspirators”, thus blowing their cover and showcasing their ties to jihad terrorism. Nonetheless, the mainstream media still gives them immunity from critique and analysis.

Before delving into some of the trickery of the stealth jihadists, it is important to note that Western water-carriers for the Jihad have been psychologically beaten into forgetting that the worst atrocities worldwide are being committed by Jihadists against innocents. These jihadists, who are both homegrown and foreign, are brainwashed by fanatical Islamic clerics — teaching in Western mosques and Islamic institutions — and linked to foreign entities that provide funding and issue fatwas and commands to conquer and kill infidels, along with their fellow Muslims who are deemed apostates. The anti-black racism in the Arab world, discussed at length in this AlJazeera article by an Arab woman, and the historic and current Arab slave trade, are also conveniently ignored.

June is Gay Pride month in America, and Orlando recently wrapped up a festival reported to have drawn up to 150,000 in the LGBT community to theme parks, gay nightclubs and special events.  The Pulse nightclub is well known for its power party atmosphere and its weekly themed performances. Chances are that it hasn’t gone unnoticed by local jihadists.

To delve into the subject of Jihadists operating largely unnoticed on our soil:

Only half an hour’s drive away from the Pulse Club is the Husseini Islamic Center of Sanford, which recently invited a Sheikh who had once called for the murder of gays as an Islamic act of love. His talk was so shockingly violent that prior to his recent visit to the local mosque,  some locals in Sanford were outraged by his invitation to the Center.

Sheikh Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar stated in 2013 that the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do. See the video here.

Sheikh Sekaleshfar also said, in an eerily calming manner, that:

“Death is the sentence.  We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this.… We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”

He also declared that homosexual sinners are Allah’s creation and that Muslims should never hate, but that the “punishment for the act of homosexuality is one of love”.

Westerners have a hard time grasping how it is that this Jihadist could be welcomed in by the local Husseini Islamic Center of Sanford; a Jihadist who not only believes, but preached that killing homosexuals is an act of love and compassion. And he uttered those vile words using a loving and compassionate tone.

A word to Westerners: when trying to gauge what a Jihadist enemy looks like, or sounds like, preconceived Western notions do not work. Just because a person may be calm, serene, polite, intelligent and charming does not mean that he or she will not murder according to Jihadist ideology.

The Sheikh also justified the murder of gays as a “happy” act, as being something that only looks brutal. So in the mind of Sheikh Sekaleshfar, the Pulse Club massacre only looked violent, but in his ideological belief system, these victims were killed by Mateen as an act of love. He states:

“We see the physical killing as something brutal, and this is the point when human hatred toward the act has to be done out of love….You have to be happy for that person … we believe in an afterlife, we believe in an eternal life … and with this sentence, you will be forgiven and you won’t be accountable in the hereafter.”

Organizations invite speakers that espouse their views, and Sheikh Sekeleshfar was invited by the Husseini Islamic Center of Sanford. What does that reveal about the Center?

The Sheikh also noted that you can’t enter homosexuals’ houses to murder them because they are free inside their houses, and you can’t prove their act, because according to Islamic law, there must be four witnesses to convict a homosexual. Disturbingly, he went on to claim that Islam is not homophobic because there is no hatred against such people.

Anti-gay violence is rooted in Islamic law, so the Pulse massacre is not an aberration of normative Islam. Indeed, there are those Muslims who are genuinely kind, pluralistic, and democratic-minded, and mortified by what took place at the Pulse Club. These Muslims are routinely deemed apostates by their co-religionists, and do not deserve to be targeted as a fallout from Jihadist violence.

One such person is Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Subhy Mansour, founder of the Koranist sect in Egypt, who warned about the danger of blindly accepting a jihadist organization as mainstream without question. He used CAIR as an example of a terrorist organization, warning that the “culture of CAIR is the same as Usama bin Laden, but they have two faces.”

Mansour was ejected from his professorship at Al Azhar University in Egypt for preaching against traditional Islamic doctrines of violence and subjugation. He was subsequently tortured in prison under then President Hosni Mubarek and eventually exiled from Egypt. He settled in Boston, only to report that he found the same violent ideology in a Boston mosque. He stated in an interview:

“I passed by the old mosque and attended the sunset prayer. I found materials in Arabic full of hatred against America and the Jews. It proved that the leaders of that mosque were very fanatical. I have my own painful story of persecution in Egypt from the same fanatics, so I was so scared and I finished my prayer quickly and did not go there anymore.”

The most effective way to battle Jihadist ambitions is for Western authorities, law enforcement and media to target those ambitions vigilantly and assiduously. The more we try to sweep this evil under the carpet, the more innocents will suffer.

Muslims who speak out against Jihadist violence are not necessarily friends. Stealth jihadists routinely speak out against the Islamic State and against violence committed in the name of Islam to make a show, and Westerners are fooled by them. For example, in a striking display of manipulation and hypocrisy , that same Husseini Islamic Center that invited Sheikh Sekeleshfar (who called for the “loving” murder of homosexuals), issued this statement following the Pulse Night Club massacre:

“Members of Husseini Islamic Center  stand united with our fellow Americans in categorically condemning this attack. We share the grief and sorrow of the nation and stand united with the Central Florida community and City of Orlando. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the families and loved ones who are victims of this tragedy.”

The Orlando regional CAIR chapter also condemned the Pulse Club massacre and called for Muslims to donate blood, a noble gesture — if sincere.

Unfortunately, CAIR is well credited with the bogus “Islamophobia” branding, intended to deflect any criticism of Islam and intimidate those who speak the truth JIhadist ambitions. After the San Bernardino killings, CAIR quickly condemned the violence and once again distanced the murders from Islam. Imam Muzammil Siddiqi, director of the Islamic Society of Orange County, showed up with CAIR in a show of a united front, at which CAIR stated, “We have condemned all violence, everywhere” and urged people to “not implicate Islam or Muslims” at large for the attack. Siddiqi said that “our faith has nothing to do with [the shooting], our faith is against this kind of behavior.”

Muzammil Siddiqi is also the former president of the Islamic Society of North America, an organization (along with CAIR) that was named in the Holy Land Foundation trial as among the entities that were part of the Muslim Brotherhood structure in America.

According to Siddiqi’s current organization’s website, the Islamic Society of Orange County has “earned a prosperous reputation within the Muslim, interfaith, and broader communities”; while Saddiqi is a well-respected and prominent man in the interfaith dialogue business. Some of his impressive interfaith acquisitions……

Current President of the Academy of Judaic-Christian and Islamic Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).  He has spoken at: the World Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Vancouver – Canada, the World Assembly of Religions, the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. He has participated in many seminars organized by the National Council of Churches and National Council of Christians and Jews in USA. In September 2001 on the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance he was invited by President George Bush to lead a Muslim Prayer at the Interfaith Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral. In September 2006 he was again invited by President Bush to lead an interfaith prayer on the 5th Anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero in New York.

Yet, when this acclaimed diversity expert Siddiqi spoke about homosexuality, this is what he said:

“Homosexuality is a moral disorder. It is a moral disease, a sin and corruption… No person is born   homosexual, just like no one is born a thief, a liar or murderer. People acquire these evil habits due to a lack of proper guidance and education.”

Recall a so-called “Intelligence Report” by the Southern Poverty Law Center that listed over 1,000 organizations labeled “hate groups.” 17 “anti-gay” ones were singled out, of which the majority were Christian and conservative, yet they bypassed the sheer scorn spewed against gays among Muslim groups.

Some more about the great diversity expert and Islamic Cleric Imam Siddiqi…..

He converted homegrown terrorist, Adam Gadahn, who was killed in a drone strike. Gadahn was dubbed the American face of al-Qaeda, according to the Orange County Register. The New Yorker describes his conversion to Islam: he was sitting in Imam Siddiqi’s office as he recited the Shahada in Arabic at the Islamic Society of Orange County on November 17, 1995.

Three years prior, in 1992, Siddiqi hosted a lecture in his mosque at the Islamic Society of Orange County, where his featured guest was Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (a.k.a. the infamous“Blind Sheikh”). Siddiqi sat beside him and translated his speech in real time. Sheikh Rahman was a longtime spiritual leader of Egypt’s largest Islamic militant group, al-Gama’a al-Islamiya. Eventually, Omar Abdel Rahman was indicted for helping to plot the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. One of his fatwas, issued from prison in 1998, became central to Al Qaeda’s justification of mass violence, as reported in the Investigative Project.

This is what Imam Siddiqi translated from Rahman’s speech in front of his audience: in his lecture, Abdel Rahman dismissed non-violent definitions of jihad as being weak. He stressed a critical message that revealed the violent call to jihad among Muslims. Worthy of alarm is that this message was not being taught by al Qaeda nor the likes of the Islamic State, but was a message to those living among us, organized also by those living in our midst as mainstream Muslim Americans and fooling us with outward condemnations at the time when their very instructions are carried out.

Rahman continued on as Siddiqi translated:

“If you are not going to the jihad, then you are neglecting the rules of Allah.”

He went on to indicate that this call to jihadist war applied anywhere. He then ploughed into victimology propaganda, stating that jihad must be executed upon “those who are taking the wealth of Muslims from petrol or from oil.” He also passed around a red toolbox with a slit cut into its lid for donations. Videotapes of the lecture were brazenly offered for sale at the Islamic Society of Orange County’s bookstore.

Investigator Steven Emerson wrote about  the continuing efforts to present jihadist Muslims as mainstream voices. Our Western democracies, which have evolved into rule of law societies to protect the rights of all citizens, righteously do not permit Muslim witch-hunts, but with that said, it is expedient for Westerners to educate themselves so as not to be duped by these stealth Jihadists.

Another comment, issued from the mainstream Islamic Center of Orlando (twenty minutes away from the Pulse Club), should raise questions. It was issued by Imam Tariq Rasheed following the massacre:

“Over 1.6 billion people are practicing Islam peacefully, and that’s what Islam is all about…It’s a religion of peace and love and we feel these people [Islamic State] have hijacked our peaceful religion and they are manipulating it.”

The world’s Muslim population is 1.6 billion or close to that, so the balderdash in in this statement is to be rejected. Indeed there are peaceful, law-abiding Muslims in our midst, but let’s stop ignoring the 1400 years of violent history in the name of Islam, and the violence that continues to be practiced today in both stealth and violent forms for the objective of global conquest.

Last year, FBI Director James Comey warned that “hundreds, maybe thousands” of people across the country are “receiving recruitment overtures from the terrorist group or directives to attack the U.S.”

But let’s not be fooled: the Islamic State is a Jihadist force that has dramatically and shockingly revealed the brutality of Islamic Jihad in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere, and Saturday night in the U.S.: its ideology has been brought within our borders long before the Islamic State started grabbing headlines with its atrocities in the Middle East. Jihadists, both stealth and violent, work hand-in-hand toward the same goal of conquest.

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  1. Let’s go over the Democrat checklist concerning gun control and how it relates to the shooter in this case:

    1. Background check – passed.
    2. FBI investigation – dropped.
    3. Legal gun purchase – verified.
    4. Citizen of USA – not an issue.
    5. Terror affiliation – not an issue.
    6. Homeland Security – cleared for employment.
    7. Islamic Radical – how dare you mention such a racist thing.

    Yep, pretty much sums it up. – LS

    Orlando club was ‘gun-free zone’, shooter was investigated by FBI twice, ISIS claims responsibility

    One more thing, this was a ‘gun free zone’. Surprised? – LS

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