Violent anti-Semitic Crimes in UK Increase 50%

Violent anti-Semitic Crimes in UK Increase 50%, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, May 1, 2016

(Please see also, UK: The Left’s Little Antisemitism Problem. — DM)


But let’s all keep in mind that the real threat is Islamophobia. Noticing Muslim anti-Semitism is a well known form of Islamophobia. Over in the UK, where various members of the Labour Party are debating the Jewish question of ethnic cleansing, hate crimes against Jews have risen sharply.

Anti-Semitic crimes in Britain rose 25.7% in 2015, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism revealed Saturday night – and a pact between Islamists and the Left is fueling the hate.

2015 remains the worst year on record for anti-Semitism in the UK, CAAS’s National Anti-Semitic Crime Audit reports.

Violent anti-Semitic crime jumped 50.8%, with 16.9% of anti-Semitic crimes being violent in 2014, and 20.3% of anti-Semitic crimes being violent in 2015.

Only 13.6% of all cases are prosecuted, however – with a 7.2% drop in police action against anti-Semitism in 2015.

So the UK goes the way of France. And America slowly goes the way of Europe. I recently visited Los Angeles after an absence of some years and there were guards at every synagogue. In New York, there are police officers at every synagogue. Meanwhile left-wing groups like HIAS and J Street howl for more Muslim migrants without caring about the consequences.

These are the consequences.

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2 Comments on “Violent anti-Semitic Crimes in UK Increase 50%”

  1. Carlos Lizarraga Says:

    “God bless Hitler” says the sign from the photo in this article that is carried by a member of the so called religion of peace.Clearly, no regard for the British lives that were killed by hitler ,of the host country that took in these muslim creeps.

  2. So…how’s that muslim candidate doing in the race for mayor of London?

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