90% of 13-Year-Olds at Italian School Would Convert to Islam if ISIS Came to their Home

90% of 13-Year-Olds at Italian School Would Convert to Islam if ISIS Came to their Home, Front Page Magazine, Robert Spencer, April 25, 2016


From the looks of this, the conquest and Islamization of Europe will be easy.

The German-language site Katholisches.info reports that “90 percent would convert to Islam without hesitation to save their own lives, the Islamic State (IS) should conquer the country. This ‘shock result’ (Il Giornale) came from a survey of 13-year-olds at an Italian secondary school. Only two of 25 students opposed conversion. Both students are from devout Catholic families.”

This “shock result” came during a class discussion on the Islamic State (ISIS): “The teacher gave them information. She told her students also that many fighters of the IS come from Europe. Young Muslims who are the second or third generation immigrants. They are well integrated, come from families with a certain level of prosperity, and several possess a university degree or have begun studies. One of the most infamous executioners of IS was previously a well-known DJ in Europe.”

The teacher reportedly did not sugarcoat the Islamic State’s hostility to Christians and Christianity: “The teacher told her students that the IS destroyed all Christian symbols and threatened everyone who was not willing to convert to Islam with death. She also did not conceal that many Christians were killed, exiled or enslaved because of their faith by IS.”

If the teacher intended this news to make the students resolute in the defense of their ancestral religion and culture, however, it had the opposite effect: all but the two devout Catholic students agreed that if the Islamic State confronted them, they would surrender rather than fight, and would convert to Islam.

Yes, it was just one classroom in one school. But there is no reason to assume that the answer would be significantly different in most schools all over continental Europe, as well as in Britain and even in the United States. Schools where students are taught to value their own cultural heritage, and to be ready to fight to defend it, are rare indeed – in publicly-funded schools all over the West, curricula that taught such a thing would be denounced as “racist” and “xenophobic,” and wouldn’t last long if they were implemented at all.

These children in this Italian classroom are the products of a relativistic, materialistic, hedonistic culture that has relentlessly indoctrinated them with the ideas that all belief systems and cultures are of equal value and are essentially interchangeable, and that it is wrong and “racist” to oppose even an authoritarian and violent ideology, and that defense of one’s homeland and culture is likewise “racist,” and that Judeo-Christian Western civilization is itself uniquely “racist” and responsible for the great majority of the evil in the world.

So what does anyone expect? Does anyone really think that these children and others like them all over the West will grow up to love their countries and their culture and be willing to fight to save them from hostile invaders who mean to conquer and subjugate them? It is much more likely that they will be glad to be subjugated, so as to assuage their guilt over being the children and heirs of the world’s colonialists and enslavers. They have never been taught, and will not be taught, that their new Muslim overlords are in fact the exponents of a culture that has been far more imperialist and more deeply involved in slavery than the West ever was.

As they get used to the dehumanization of women and institutionalized discrimination against non-Muslims, these young denizens of Islamizing Europe will console themselves with the lessons they learned in school about how Islam inspired a great and tolerant civilization in al-Andalus and led numerous people to glorious innovations in science, philosophy and more. It will likely never occur to them, since they have never been taught how to think critically, that the Islamic civilization that is asserting control over their homeland and all of Europe is nothing like what they were taught in school to expect, as it is not really either great or tolerant, and is quite hostile to intellectual endeavors that are deemed un-Islamic – which happens all too often.

Even if that subversive thought does cross some of their minds, by then it will be far too late, as most of their classmates will indeed have converted and joined the religion of the overlords, and the rest are rapidly learning to make the necessary adjustments to get along. The Christian remnant in Egypt, and Syria, and Pakistan learned how to do that, adjusting to a precarious existence in which one’s life could be forfeit if one did not show the requisite “respect” to Muslims whenever and wherever and however that respect was demanded. The Christians and post-Christians of Europe will learn how to do so as well. And many will discover, to their surprise and relief, that it is actually quite easy to live as a slave. Once one accepts the fact that freedom is gone, one can savor that responsibility is as well. What could be sweeter?

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One Comment on “90% of 13-Year-Olds at Italian School Would Convert to Islam if ISIS Came to their Home”

  1. By this number, we now know how many will have to be eliminated. While the death of a child is reprehensible, remember always, one cannot un-ring a bell.
    Once taught, not suggested but taught, especially to a child, it becomes ingrained and can never be removed.

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