Take Me Out to the Raul Game

Take Me Out to the Raul Game, Hope n’ Change, March 23, 2016

Take Me Out to the Raul GameHe really did this. Also, he did “the wave” with Raul Castro.

Yesterday was the sort of horrible news day in which all of the seemingly unrelated jigsaw pieces end up belonging to one big depressing picture.

In Belgium, a number of terrorist bombs killed dozens of innocents and wounded hundreds more, including Americans. To the surprise of absolutely no one who isn’t in the Obama administration, Isis is taking credit for the explosive deaths, giving further proof that Islam is overdue to either clean house or change their slogan to “The Religion of Pieces.”

Of course, with American casualties (including a U.S. serviceman and his family) did Barack Hussein Obama turn his laser-like focus to strong anti-terrorist rhetoric and actions? He did not. He simply threw a few seconds of “thoughts and prayers, blah, blah, blah, we’ll stand with Belgium, blah, blah, blah” into his previously scripted speech to the desperately poor people of Cuba. Seriously, it’s a miracle he didn’t actually say the words “insert city name here” into his generic Hallmark sentiments.

And his actual speech in Cuba was one that Isis would have found hugely agreeable. Confirming their every assertion of American evil and imperialism, the “New Camelot” president took a long, splashy leak on the grave of the “Old Camelot” president by bringing up the Bay of Pigs invasion.  He also declared “the blue waters beneath Air Force One once carried American battleships to this island — to liberate, but also to exert control over Cuba.” Hey, are we rotten bastards or what?!

Obama also gave Cuba and the United States moral equivalency of the lowest kind by sneering that both were colonized by Europeans (those despicable infidels) and “Cuba, like the United States, was built in part by slaves brought here from Africa. Like the United States, the Cuban people can trace their heritage to both slaves and slave-owners.” A simplistic, inaccurate, and belittling view of our people, history, and culture which explains his clear distaste for white Americans.

But despite the degree to which we suck, Obama said that at least our nation can take credit for accepting a seemingly unending flood of immigrants.

Because that’s worked out so frigging well for Belgium.

Cuban Submissive CrisisOh, come one – you KNEW we were going to do something with this pathetic picture.


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