‘Next Time in Jerusalem’: Islamic State Supporters Celebrate Baghdad Deadly Suicide Bombings

EXCLUSIVE – ‘Next Time in Jerusalem’: Islamic State Supporters Celebrate Deadly Baghdad Suicide Bombings

by Aaron Klein and Ali Waked

1 Mar 2016

Source: ‘Next Time in Jerusalem’: Islamic State Supporters Celebrate Baghdad Deadly Suicide Bombings


TEL AVIV – Internal messages obtained by Breitbart Jerusalem show Islamic State supporters celebrated the deadly suicide attacks carried out by the organization’s operatives in a Shi’ite part of Baghdad on Sunday, rejoicing in the death and injury of “more than 100 infidels.”

The string of suicide attacks in the Iraqi capital’s Abu Ghraib and al-Sadr districts left at least 70 people dead and many more wounded.

IS released a somewhat laconic statement claiming responsibility, but its supporters were jubilant in messages exchanged in a private encrypted chat utilized by IS and its supporters, vowing that the next such operation would be in Jerusalem.

حفيد“Allah is great, my brothers, our jihadi fighters surprised the enemy infidels at the gates of Baghdad,” wrote Abu Jaafar Albagdadi, a high-profile IS operative. “We hurt them and the American officers who fled in panic from our fighters. Today in Baghdad, tomorrow in Jerusalem and Palestine with Allah’s help.”

جعفر 11“Our Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made it clear, and repeated the words of our [military] commander Abu Mohammed al-Adnani: Today in Baghdad, tomorrow in Jerusalem,” wrote Eladnani the Grandson, an Iraqi IS member. “Look at Iran and the Jews’ cronies bearing a humiliating defeat. Tomorrow, with Allah’s help, we’ll be in Palestine. Allah promised it and it will happen.”

بكرIn the closed chat group, which utilizes the encrypted Telegram messaging service, top IS operative Abu Bakr Almuhager added: “My brothers, we’ve made a vow to Allah that the Jews will not take pleasure in occupying the holy land of Palestine. … Our brothers hit the infidels in the safety of their quarters in Baghdad, despite the ongoing war against us, and chased away the American officers. Our next meeting will be in Palestine, or Washington, or wherever, until the sacred caliphate rules the world.”

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  1. joopklepzeiker Says:

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