Israeli jets hit 8 Iranian assets from Golan to Damascus. Five Iranian deaths reported – DEBKAfile

GolanIranian targetsIsraeli air strike

The IDF said that air strikes ranging across a line of Iranian and Syrian targets from the Golan to Damascus early Wednesday, Nov. 18, responded to the bombs planted on Israeli Golan from Syria that were defused a day earlier. The fighters struck Iranian Al Qods weapons depots, command posts, military posts and anti-air missile batteries. The targets also included an Iranian military compound used by high officials, a Syrian army Division 7 command post and mobile surface-to-air missiles.  Syrian opposition sources reported at least 10 killed, including 5 members of Iran’s al Qods Force, three Syrian officers and air defense operators, two Iraqi or Lebanese troops and several seriously wounded.
The Syrian state SANA news agency earlier reported three military personnel dead. Syrian air defenses were said to have intercepted the “Israeli aggression” in the south of the country and downed a number of missiles. 

Israel rarely confirms its air strikes over Syria. The last such episode occurred 58 days ago. However, the IDF spokesman this time issued a detailed statement early Wednesday. He said that the bombs disarmed on the Israeli Golan on Tuesday were placed near the Syrian border fence some weeks ago by a local Syrian team acting under the orders of the Iranian al Qods command. The operation had been followed closely by Israeli patrols and reconnaissance drones.

“Iranian weapons continue to enter into Syria and Iranian forces continue to act on the Golan which is not acceptable,” he added.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz, who was inspecting the Northern Command on Tuesday, held Syria responsible for any aggression emanating from its territory. “We have long been prepared for the possibility of terror attacks in the northern sector,” he said. “The IDF has the capabilities and the determination to respond severely to any incident both on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts.”

Iron Dome batteries are deployed to the northern borders and ground units are on elevated alert for any further escalation.

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