Hezbollah: IDF Stole Our Drone – We Were Shooting a Music Video

The “WTF?” news article for the day.

Hezbollah: IDF Stole Our Drone – We Were Shooting a Music Video

A Hezbollah spokesman on Sunday claimed the IDF had taken control of a drone that was part of a music video of a Lebanese orchestra that was recorded near the border with Israel.

The IDF reported on Sunday that one of its units identified and downed a drone that had apparently penetrated from Lebanese territory into Israeli airspace, which apparently happens up north every few months (IDF Downs Lebanese Drone).

So this is what Hezbollah had to say about the same event (courtesy of Google Translate):

“The enemy’s army hijacked a photo drone belonging to a singing squad that was carrying out a hymn for Nasrallah near the borders with occupied Palestine, before it controlled it electronically and withdrew it 3 kilometers inside the occupied territories. One of the photos taken by the drone while it was being towed showed it flying inside the occupied territories.”

We think the IDF should offer to return the drone, but only directly to Hassan Nasrallah, the terror group’s leader, the one from the hymn, who has been hiding from the IDF in a bunker in south Beirut since 2006. Come out, come out and claim your drone, dear sheikh.

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2 Comments on “Hezbollah: IDF Stole Our Drone – We Were Shooting a Music Video”

  1. ari Berkowitz Says:

    yes, sheikh habibi. please step forward and accept the return of your drone!

  2. Bob Sargeant Says:

    Let ’em rot in his entombment.

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