Health Ministry deepens lockdown, issues strict new rules nationwide – DEBKAfile

Source: Health Ministry deepens lockdown, issues strict new rules nationwide – DEBKAfile

On Tuesday, March 17, the health ministry issued new rules that bring Israel closer to a nationwide lockdown, as 20 new coronavirus cases ramped up the total to 324, 5 in serious condition. Plans are ready to exercise full lockdowns at specific locales with high concentrations of the disease. The first two in line are Avnei Hen (Kaiser) in Modi’in and Kiryat Yaarim outside Jerusalem.

The IDF Home Defense Command is getting dozens of hotels set up as recovery centers for the intake of mild covid-19 cases. The Magen David Medical Aid Service has opened a mass testing station at the Ganei Yehushua Park in Tel Aviv, and plans to take thousands of tests per day across the country mostly at “drive through” centers from drivers who stay in their vehicles.

President Reuven Rivlin appealed to the public to comply with the regulationsm which he said, still fell short of a total shutdown.
The new health ministry instructions are as follows:-

  1. Stay home except when necessary to buy food and medicines, receive medical treatment or meet any other essential needs.
  2. Stay out of parks, playgrounds, beaches, pools, libraries, museums, nature reserves and all other public places, except for small family outings with children and walking a pet.
  3. No club activities are permitted – even in small numbers – including sports and fitness sessions, whether public or private. Groups of 5 may organize sporting activity provided the participants stay well apart.
  4. Social ties will be maintained by remote communication. No visits, even by relatives, unless they are members of the same household.
  5. Groups at risk are the elderly, people with chronic ailments of any age, especially those affecting the respiratory system, such as asthma, as well as autoimmune illnesses, heart and blood disorders, diabetes and cancer. Members of these groups should refrain from leaving home or receiving visitors except for providers of essential services. Close relatives will be asked to take care of necessary supplies.
  6. When medical treatment is required, there are four recommendations:
  7. Try and obtain treatment without leaving home or attending a clinic. Keep track of the directives published by the relevant sick fund on internet of public or the media.
  8. Set up a direct line of communication with your sick fund and keep abreast, either directly or with the help of a family member, of the directives designed to help people needing medical help.
  9. If you run a high temperature or breathing difficulty, self-quarantine at home and break off contact with relatives. Take your temperature twice a day. If your condition deteriorates and causes concern, contact your doctor or the contact center established bv your sick fund.
  10. You will stay in quarantine for 48 hours after your temperature returns to normal. The rest of the family will be quarantined only if you test positive for coronavirus.


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