Europe’s insistence to preserve the Iran nuclear deal – Jerusalem Studio 473



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One Comment on “Europe’s insistence to preserve the Iran nuclear deal – Jerusalem Studio 473”

  1. wingate Says:

    Europe :
    FUBAR – beyond any repair and any hope !
    Those who industrially murdered millions of Jews just some 60yrs ago :
    up to this day they hate the Jews, they murder the Jews, they fight the Jews + the jewish state, they support those who hate + murder the Jews around the globe, they support those who fight the jewish state ! And they are not at all ashamed of it ! They didnt learn a thing from their horrible past !

    I never understood why Japan was nuked in WW2 – it should have been Germany instead !
    Maybe now the medieval nazi uranians or the north korean mad man will do what the US failed to do !

    One thing is for sure : Europe WILL pay the price – justice will be fulfilled !

    He who curses Israel, the living God will cut him down !
    Thats what will happen to all of the Jew haters / killers of europe / globally !

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