Evidence of IAF jamming Syrian air defense systems?

Two links here. First one has a 30sec video, and at second link there is a (better) minute long video.

I find it a bit hard to work out what is happening, just looks like dots of light (missiles) going up then coming down… But I am no expert.

Go to the links to see the videos.

And just on the comment at first link about inaction of Russian S-400 missiles, I have read elsewhere that this is because of a deliberate decision by the Russians, as a favour to Israel (in return for something else from Israel, I think maybe Ukraine related? Can’t quite remember exactly).


There is a logical explanation for the Syrian anti-air defense systems’ failure to repel the Israeli airstrikes earlier this week, and for the complete inaction of the Russian S-400 Triumph missile systems. A key reason is radar jamming by Israel, which has been confirmed by video footage showing Pantsir guided missiles simply self-detonating without hitting their targets. The video has been published by the Russian Telegram channel Gallifreyan Technology.

Israel’s Defense Ministry has not made an official comment on the matter. However, it is noteworthy that the Israeli Air Force used Delilah cruise missiles, which are designed for combat against radar systems and contain radar jamming devices, which lends credibility to the theory.

According to data from several sources, at least eight cruise missiles were fired against targets in the region of the Syrian capital. Of these, only two were shot down, which demonstrated the extremely poor effectiveness of the anti-air defense systems.



Here is video of Syrian anti-missile systems being launched against Israeli missiles on targets in Damascus.

You can see that the Syrian missiles often crash into the ground seconds after launch. It appears that Israeli countermeasures include ruining the Syrian missile guidance systems.

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