Netanyahu: We have no better friends than Christian



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One Comment on “Netanyahu: We have no better friends than Christian”

  1. Zachary Smith Says:

    Netanyu speaks at the Christian Media Center. In the US of A those are commonly called “churches”, but I have heard rumors that teaching the sayings and deeds of “Christ” is illegal in the holy land.

    President George may be a born-again Christian and on talking terms with God, as he claims, but there is one thing he cannot do while he’s in Israel. and that is preach his faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ, because in Israel preaching Christianity is banned by law.

    That was written by a Desert Dog, and is therefore defiinitely suspect. Tales of Christians getting spit upon while walking down the street are surely also fabrications.

    It’s strange Netanyahu uses that publicity place to snuggle up to an American sect which dearly loves his nation, yet hates his guts, and those of all his co-religionists. But then, I hear he’s a pretty strange fellow himself. Besides, Netanyahu doesn’t live in the US of A where those co-religionists would be within reach of the heavily armed End Timers.

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