One who believes is not afraid



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2 Comments on “One who believes is not afraid”

  1. New Yirk Tomes Says:

    “Israel is laid waste, it’s seed is scattered.” The oldest extant fake news about Israel, Merneptah Stele (Egypt), 3,200 years ago.

  2. wingate Says:

    Dear Jo and all those who support this great site :
    Happy and sweet new year !
    May the Almighty bless + protect you !
    Keep in mind:
    “HE who watches over Israel, HE never slumbers nor sleeps!”
    HE is Israels hope + strenght – HE will deliver Israel from all its enemies !
    The curses which iranian medieval nazi dictators put on Israel – thats what is going to cut them down :
    Israels God will destroy the iranian
    agressors and turn them into dust !
    Thats what the holy scriptures tell us.

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