Iran news: Forget Merkel and EU – team up with Trump to curb aggression

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THE UK has been urged by readers to turn its back on Angela Merkel and the EU to instead team up with Donald Trump in the fight to crack down on dangerous aggression from Iran.

In the latest poll, readers were asked: “Should the UK side with Angela Merkelor Donald Trump against Iran?” The poll, which ran from 4.20pm on Tuesday July 29 until 9.30am on Wednesday, July 31, saw 5,290 votes cast, with readers overwhelmingly urging Britain to side with with US President. More than three quarters (81.44 percent or 4,308 people) voted for the UK to team up with the US, while just 7.79 percent (412 readers) said Britain should join forced with Ms Merkel the rest of Europe.

Nearly one in ten of those who voted (9.3 percent or 492 readers) urged Britain to ignore both sides, while 1.47 percent (78 readers) opted for the ‘don’t know’ option.

Readers reacted with fury over the idea of the UK joining forces with the EU in the fight against Iran, especially as Germany has so far rejected an offer from the US to participate in a joint military operation.

One said: “Like we can count on the EU for anything other than trying to shaft us?

“The UK and the US have been allies since WWI – that’s over 100 years. I’d take the US over any other country any day.”

iran trump merkel boris

Iran news: The UK has been urged to turn its back on the EU and join forces with the US (Image: GETTY)

tena impero

Iran news: The Stena Impero oil tanker was seized by Iranian troops on July 19 (Image: PA)

Another commented: “We have learned that the EU is not our friend. We need allies that will have our back.

“We cannot let Iranian aggression go uncontrolled. How many ships will they confiscate?”

A third reader added: The US is our natural ally, twice they have proved that.

“The EU is a cabal of former foes who will NEVER look to OUR interests other than spend our money to the EU.”

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iran oil tanker

Iran news: British troops were warned not to interfere in the military operation (Image: PA)

But one reader warned the UK should not have to find itself in a position to look for allies to help fight a conflict it is now central in.

They advised Britain should significantly ramp up spending in the country’s defence operations, using the £39billion from the Brexit divorce bill that could potentially be saved in a no deal exit from the EU.

The reader said: “It might help if successive UK Governments hadn’t stripped our defences to the pathetic state they are in today. They need to sort that out ASAP.

“Take the £39billion and hire more soldiers and build some ships. How can we be a world player if we can’t protect our interests?”

iran oil tanker stena impero

Iran news: Iranian troops abseiling onto the deck of the Stena Impero (Image: PA)

iran oil tanker

Iran news: Tensions have been escalating in the Strait of Hormuz (Image: PA)

Germany has so far rejected offers to get involved in the escalating row between the UK and Iran following the seizure of the British-flagged Stena Impero oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz on July 19.

On Monday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called for a European-led task force in the fight against Tehran, but warned it is also important to have support from the US to make it “viable and effective”.

He added the issue should not become “a geopolitical dispute between the EU and the US”.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Berlin said: “We have formally asked Germany to help along with France and the UK to secure the Strait of Hormuz and to fight Iranian aggression.”

stena impero

Iran news: The Stena Impero is a British-flagged oil tanker (Image: PA)

But Germany is refusing to take part, with Chancellor Angela Merkel thought to be deeply uncomfortable involving the US in any military mission because it was Mr Trump who pulled the country out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement aimed at preventing Iran developing nuclear weapons.

Nils Schmid, who serves on the Committee of Foreign Affairs where he is the SPD parliamentary group’s spokesperson, told radio station Bayerischer Rundfunk: “As Europeans, we have attached great importance to setting ourselves apart from the military confrontational logic of the Americans in the region and to focusing on diplomacy.

“That’s why any European mission only makes sense if it keeps that distance to the very robust US action.”

He warned the British Government wants to “go the American way, which is full of dangers,” adding the more military present in the Persian Gulf, the greater the risk of errors being made.

iran uk military power

Iran news: Tehran and London’s military power compared (Image: EXPRESS)

Mr Schmid said: “A shot can then trigger a big conflict. And then you are at the side of the US in a war against Iran, and nobody wants that.”

Rolf Mützenich, acting parliamentary leader of the SPD, told German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung involving the US in any military mission could create an “enormous escalation risk”.

He warned: “After the takeover by Boris Johnson, it remains to be seen whether the announced initiatives by the old Government are still resilient.

“Britain is now returning to a robust American-flagged military mission.”


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5 Comments on “Iran news: Forget Merkel and EU – team up with Trump to curb aggression”

  1. wingate Says:

    “He who doesnt learn from history has to repeat it !”

    When studying the german nazi mass murder system (deathcamps)
    it seemed to me that Israel has at least partially forgotten the history of the german nazi monsters who murdered 6 +mio jewish men,women and children only 70yrs
    How else is it possible that Israel has not long ago eliminated the medieval nazi dictators/ the spiritual successors of hitler in teheran ?
    Instead, Israels gov. is talking a lot ,
    from time to time blowing up an arms shipment from teheran to its puppets in lebanon or gaza for keeping up appearences…
    Looking at the horrors of the shoa / the passivity of todays israeli gov. vis-a-vis teherans hitlers, I start fearing of shoah #2…

  2. wingate Says:

    For Israels survival sake :
    Wake up Israel – its 1939 again and
    the nazis are back again to finish the work hitler has started !
    This time the nazis live in teheran and instead of gas, they wanna use

    Dont be so foolish to expect someone else to fight for you, e.g. the insane jew-haters of the eu!

    Israels ONLY hope + help is her God, the Almighty !

    With HIS help – do what you should have done 15yrs ago !

    HE is more than able to destroy the enemies of HIS FIRSTBORN ISRAEL!

  3. wingate Says:

    Seeing israeli politicians fighting each other like nasty 5yr old kids instead of focusing on the hitlers in teheran makes me fearing for a sudden attack from the iranian nazis..Look at how they prepared everything in a diabolically smart way
    by setting up their proxies around Israel, arming them with 100 of thousands of missiles…
    Are you blind, Israel? Cant you see it?
    In addition, its a remake of 1973 :
    Israel was just watching the egyptians to prepare for the assault…
    Its unbelievable – what is Israel waiting for? That Knesset is invited to teheran for tea with hitler, himmler + eichmann ?
    WAKE UP !

  4. wingate Says:

    “Attack is best defense!”
    When did Israel forget that?
    Why you sittin still, starin at the
    iranian snake waitin to byte you?

  5. New Yirk Tomes Says:

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