The Details of the Alleged Israeli Strike Attempt on Syria

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3 Comments on “The Details of the Alleged Israeli Strike Attempt on Syria”

  1. Mr. Cohen Says:

    Somali-born Miss Hirsi Ali, age 45, said:

    “…Muslims equate compromise with shame…”


    Hirsi Ali floats conversion to Judaism by JTA 2015 March 20,

    PS: How does this effect
    Israel’s ability to negotiate with Muslims?

  2. Mr. Cohen Says:

    Mr. Steven Emerson said:

    “BDS — which seeks to isolate Israel economically and culturally — is considered anti-Semitic because it singles out the world’s only Jewish state and ignores countries with far worse human rights records.”

    CAIR Anti-Semites Fight ‘Anti-Semitism Awareness’ Bill

  3. Mr. Cohen Says:

    Mr. Charlie Kirk (a Conservative activist) said:

    “They [the political Leftists] hate the idea
    that certain countries can be better than others,
    and Israel is one of the greatest success stories
    in history of the world.

    The [political] Left does not want those success stories to exist.”

    SOURCE: Conservative activist Charlie Kirk
    speaks of ‘eye-opening’ stint in Israel:

    by Josh Hasten, 2019 March 20

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