Report: Iran planning to arm Palestinians in Judea and Samaria

Source: Report: Iran planning to arm Palestinians in Judea and Samaria –

Former Revolutionary Guards commander Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi “blesses” process of supplying the Palestinians with upgraded weapons, says Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei predicts “Zionist regime will disappear.”

Iran is working to arm the various terrorist organizations active in Judea and Samaria with the aim of sparking fresh hostilities against Israel, recent remarks by senior officials in Tehran reveal.

A report published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on Wednesday exposed a series of comments from officials showing that the Iranian regime has not abandoned its hopes of instigating a bloody uprising in Judea and Samaria.

Former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi, who now serves as security adviser to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, spoke on Quds Day – marked last Friday – and said that support for the Palestinians was a fundamental principle of the Islamic Revolution, and would continue until the “Zionist regime” was eliminated.

Safavi praised the upgraded weapons the Palestinians have been using and stressed that the “blessed” process of procuring advanced weaponry was still underway. Safavi said that in contrast to the past, when Palestinians had waged war against Israel using rocks and sticks; they were now supplied with an arsenal of rockets that would allow them to respond to “any Israeli attack.”

Safavi also referred to recent statements by Khamenei, who has explicitly called to arm the West Bank in the same manner as the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are armed, and said that the strategy of supplying weapons to the West Bank was currently being implemented.

“Armed holy jihad is more popular now, both in Gaza and in the West Bank,” Khamenei has noted.

“There are growing signs that the Zionist regime will disappear from the region,” Safavi said, adding that Khamenei had declared that Israel “would not see the next 25 years.”

As early as 2014, Khamenei said that “the West Bank will be armed with rockets, like Gaza, and the security of the Zionist regime will decline from day to day.”


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4 Comments on “Report: Iran planning to arm Palestinians in Judea and Samaria”

  1. wingate Says:

    Option 1 :
    Israeli gov. is whining about bad, bad iranian nazi dictators…

    Option 2 :
    Israeli gov. does what it should have been done 10yrs ago :
    Blow the uranian demon posessed nazi dictators / deciples of hitler into 1 million pieces….

    Of course option 2 is no option for Bibi’s gov. – so we waiting for another round of whining…

  2. wingate Says:

    The burden to defend itself against all her enemies is very heavy for Israel.

    But :
    The burden that comes on all her enemies is so heavy that they all will be destroyed !

    Why ?
    Because Israel is the living Gods apple of HIS eye :
    You touch Israel – Israels God crushes you !
    E.G. Syria :done + gone…

    The foolish/insane Jew-haters hate themselves…

    “HE who watches over Israel doesnt sleep nor slumbers…!

    HE is fighting / crushing Israels enemies /
    HE knows how to deal with them.
    HIS name is God of the armies…

    So – dont you fear, Jacob – HE does not sleep nor slumber / HE is in total control !

  3. wingate Says:

    Fact :
    The uranian nazi dictators have de facto declared numerous times war on Israel
    by saying that Israel has to be wiped out.

    On the ground in Syria, Lebanon + Gaza the uranian nazi terror dictators are waging war against Israel, killing Israelis through terror gangs payed + controlled by iran.

    Fact :
    Every sane goverment on this broken planet would hit back at those medieval, demon posessed monsters and destroy them before they can do further harm to Israel.

    Fact :
    The present Bibi gov. is acting insane/suicidal/irresponsible by letting the uranians aquire nukes / arming terror gangs on Israels borders with 100 thousands of missiles pointed at Israel without fighting/destroying them !

    Bibi always has been a brilliant talker, but
    he is known as fearful, afraid of acting according to his words.

    In this crucial time Israel cannot afford a fearful talker as its leader – this is suicidal !

  4. wingate Says:

    The question is :
    To be or not to be ?
    Israel , you want to live or you want to die ?
    Israel – if you want to live, you have to wake up and fight + destroy the uranian nazi monsters before they whipe you out !
    Wouldnt you go and destroy hitler if he would threaten Israel with annihilation today?
    The present gov. probably wouldnt – but hopefully fearless, brave leadership is coming very soon…

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