The lunatics run the show

Women’s movement: Put ‘Mother and Father’ back on IDF forms

Shovrot Shivyon women’s movement slams surrender to LGBT pressure, says there was ‘no public discussion,’ conservatives are ‘silenced.’

Arutz Sheva Staff, 21/05/19 15:02

IDF soldiers (illustrative)Hadas Parush, Flash 90

The Shovrot Shivyon (Breaking Equality) women’s movement on Tuesday called on the IDF “to return ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ to the induction forms and immediately remove the categories of ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2,’ recently instituted by the IDF.”

The new categories were instituted in response to continuous pressure from LGBT groups and in order to avoid embarrassment during the recruitment process.

According to Shovrot Shivyon, “Identity politics have penetrated the IDF. The minority is forcing its opinion on the majority who believe in the values ​​of the natural family. The IDF Spokesperson stated that the goal was to prevent embarrassment during induction stages. The silent and conservative majority was the one who felt embarrassed by such a form. Progressive values ​​are assimilated by left-extreme groups without any public discussion, with the other side being silenced and modernized.”

“As women and mothers, we call on the army to return to a consensus and avoid political disagreements that shape society at the expense of our children.”

Earlier on Tuesday, an IDF spokesperson explained: “The IDF updates and changes the questionnaires from time to time in accordance with the comments received and the needs that arise during the screening process.”

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One Comment on “The lunatics run the show”

  1. Peter Hofman Says:

    The same signals as in the rest of the western world!
    The signals of ruin, the demolition of our societies.

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