My beloved father, Herman Wouk ז”ל

May 27, 1915 – May 17, 2019

I am sitting shiva at my home in Eilat at Chaverim Balaguna.

If you wish to visit, please PM first.

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16 Comments on “My beloved father, Herman Wouk ז”ל”

  1. Jay Says:

    May Peace be upon you during your mourning!

  2. Peter Hofman Says:

    We are in shock , what a loss !

    We are wishing you and your loved ones all the strength needed to overcome this loss.

  3. Norm Says:

    His love will be with forever. Very sorry for your loss. His words are meaningful to me

  4. NEO Says:

    My condolences to you and your family, and Godspeed to him.

  5. New Yirk Tomes Says:

    A great, great writer. When I read The Caine Mutiny many years ago, I wondered in the back of my mind if life on a small warship could be so crazy. Fourteen years later I was on a small warship in waters sailed by Wouk. Wouk nailed shipboard life: “I learned about machinery, I learned how men behaved under pressure, and I learned about Americans.” Wouk was a consummate Zionist. Z”L

  6. Neal Says:

    I recall Herman Wouk attending Kesher Israel synagogue when he was spending shabbat in Georgetown. You could always tell when he was in shul because he left his dog, Barcus tied to the radiator on the first floor — the sanctuary was on the second floor. I looked forward to the too few times that he would speak at the Kiddush after davening, always beginning with an amusing anecdote, which was followed by a thoughtful dvar torah. Its been a long time since I left DC but recalling him still brings a smile to my face. Hamkom yinachem etchem betoch shaar aveilei tzion.

  7. JW, I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Please accept my condolences.

    May God comfort you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

  8. Joy Says:

    Hi Joseph… I wish you my condolences for your loss today of your Dad. He sure led a full and professionally fulfilling life. May his soul rest in peace. ז”ל and may all the good memories be a comfort to you. My very best for your good health and happiness. I thank you for all the good op-eds I receive from you in my inbox.

  9. Joseph,
    Your father Herman Wouk has served as a personal inspiration for me for a long time. In the last three years, our book club here in Phoenix has read and discussed The Will to Live On, The Winds of War, War and Remembrance, and just last week The Language God Talks. He left a very fruitful and meaningful legacy which remains fully relevant in 2019. He will be sorely missed.
    Hamakom yinachem etchem.

  10. Shaku Says:

    Dear Joseph. We are sorry to hear of your dad’s passing.
    We pray you get thru this sad event.
    May G-d bless your father, you and family.
    Lots of Love Shaku Zolt.

  11. wingate Says:

    Dear Jo – may the father in heaven comfort you and give you HIS peace in your heart – HE knows best how to meet our needs !

  12. anneinpt Says:

    Baruch dayan emet. So sorry to hear. My father had the pleasure of meeting your father one Shabbat when they were both stuck in Berlin (I think). May you know no more sorrow
    . שיהיה מליץ יושר לנו ולכל ישראל. משמים תנוחמו

  13. Randall (Randy)Eaton Says:

    Dear Joe, You probably will not remember me. We learned at Shappels in Jerusalem, back in 1978 together with Shalom Bronstein, Naftal Flink, et al. I also heard your father, z”l, speak in the Georgetown shul, many years ago, in the 1970s. I would like to be in touch with you personally, if you would not mind. May HaShem comfort you among all the mourners for Tzion and Yerushalayim. May we share besorot tovot. Randy Eaton

  14. Joseph Finkelstein Says:

    Joseph, so sorry for the loss of your amazing Father. May God’s peace be upon you.

  15. PETER K. Says:

    Dear Joe, I am so sorry for loss of your dad. The hole in the Universe has just gotten a little bit bit bigger with his passing, and it is up to us to try to repair it.

    Of all is great writings, none stand out to me more than his special gift to generations of Americans whose Jewish flame has dwindled to an ember: “This is My God”, and “The Will To Live On.” Tens of thousands of American Jews have used these works as a start to reclaim their Yiddishkeit and countless converts have found in them a friendly bridge to what might otherwise seem a foreign world.

    Some of his most wonderful words were…”Jewish learning undertaken in good heart has magic in it”.

    Again, my condolences.

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