When Will Iran’s Regime Finally Cave In?

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2 Comments on “When Will Iran’s Regime Finally Cave In?”

  1. Kavan Says:

    My answer to the question of the closing paragraph is ” NEVER'”.
    The question, with reference to the Soviet analogy, is based on western rationalism which is by no means applicable to the mullahs’ regime.
    It is an apocalyptic regime that believes in a nihilistic armageddon.
    Its rationalism( cost- benefit/ loss-reward assessment) is utterly dreadful: finite cost/loss ( the destruction of the world) for the infinite benefit/reward of eternal life.
    The only leader whom I know who is well aware of the existential threats of this ideology is PM Netanyahu. If he is not elected ( god forbids), the next PM should ask him to for a crash course on this dangerous regime.

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